Paula Meadows Part 6

“I was asked by the Janus interviewer, ‘Do you feel pain as pleasure?’ ‘Certainly not,’ I answered. ‘Pain is pain. It hurts like hell and that’s all it does.’ ‘Then why do you do it?’ the interviewer pursued. ‘I need it. I need the after-effect. I’m not a doctor so I can’t diagnose or prescribe, but it may be that a woman like me, and masochistic men too, although I’m only talking about females, have a low-adrenalin count, or whatever you want to call it. I used to get very depressed and miserable and moody in my younger days. But, any sharp pain, like a pinch, a burn, a slap, always makes the adrenalin spurt, I believe, and energy flows. Once I started this I found that my moods vanished almost completely and that’s why I have no need for drugs, for example, and I don’t drink very much. I like a little tot of whisky now and then, but never compulsively. On the other hand, if I start to feel low, and lacklustre and tired, I simply bend over and have a good old paddling and I cheer up at once! But the spanking, the caning, the whipping, as such, merely hurts, just as it does for anybody.'” – Excerpt from The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology by Paula Meadows.

M/F spanking illustrations by Paula Meadows.

Smiles and Spanks,

A first time meeting.

Interrupting my Paula Meadows blogging marathon with this lovely spankable bottom that I had the pleasure to have over my knee.

“Thank you so much for the spanking yesterday. I really needed it. It was a lot more intense than I expected, but you were right. I am glad I took it now.  I feel those hard ones like you’re still giving them to me…”

Smiles and Spanks,

Paula Meadows Part 4

“I recognised my friends in some of the characters depicted; caught a glimpse of myself in some of those female faces, reminding me of my own delight and trepidation at that time as I leapt enthusiastically from one erotic experience to the next. I had wanted to live out my fantasy world to the full!” – Excerpt from The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology by Paula Meadows.

Illustrations capturing the moments before a spanking by Paula Meadows.  

Smiles and Spanks,

Paula Meadows Part 3

“How lucky I have been! I was in the satisfying and enviable position of being able to explore and express my own fascinating journey of self discovery, as well as having the opportunities to find out more and more about the complicated world of spanking. But hold on! I am leaping ahead of myself…”Excerpt from The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology by Paula Meadows. Read the rest below.

Smiles and Spanks,

Paula Meadows Part 2

“I had already discovered my interest in the riding crop, the strap and the martinet, but now I found that I was not alone in my interest. In hindsight I would say that I was desperately trying to rid myself of all my sexual hangups which seemed to have a strong hold on me, no matter how hard I tried to fight them.” – Excerpt from the interview “Paula Meadows: First Lady of Spanking” by Februs.

F/F spanking illustrations by Paula Meadows.

Smiles and Spanks,