A Happy Couple and My 200th Blog Post!

Long time no post – sorry! I’ve been super busy working and spanking and being spanked too. 😉

Below is a message and photo I received from a spankee that I saw over this past weekend. In the photo you will notice a few lines, the spankee’s girlfriend just needed a better visual for where she should and should not spank.

Hi Miss Gin,
I wanted to thank you again for an incredible session. You’ve always pushed my limits, but this time you definitely hit the sweet spot. I remember reading the testimonials on your website, which all indicate that you know your spankee’s limits better than they know themselves, and I must say that I cannot agree more. Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and drawing out my tears. I haven’t had a good cry in a very long time, and this was the emotional release that I craved. Thank you for the TLC afterwards, and for allowing me to calm back down before I left. Thank you for remembering tiny details about me (ex: chastity), which immediately put me at ease. Ignoring my plea for “mercy” was definitely the cherry on top.
Not only did you put me at ease, you created such a safe environment for my girlfriend, that she actually ended up participating, which I never thought would happen! The highlight of my day was when the two of you spanked me together with the wooden spoons, and spoke about me as if I wasn’t in the room! 
Wanted to share a photo of the aftermath this morning. I am SO happy with the results :)


Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

NaturallyHelpful – goal completed!

UPDATE – Wonderful walk, beautiful day, good energy and I finally got to see the Golden Gate Park bison. 🙂

I have reached my goal and “Star Walker Status”!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who sponsored NaturallyHelpful (that’s me!) as an individual walker. The event benefited ACRIA, Project Open Hand, Positive Resource Center, and dozens of other Bay Area AIDS service organizations.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Silly Friday Post

Andy from the blog Someone’s Gonna Get It suggested that The Purple Seat Cushion should be used as a spanking aftercare cushion 😂 and I guess one could use it after a good spanking, but I certainly wouldn’t allow it! Plus, if you’re anything like me you will want to feel the lingering soreness of hard spanking, haha. Oh Andy, thanks for the laugh.

Also, I am slightly impressed by how many synonyms they used for “buttocks” on their website. Booty, butt, patootie, bottom, haunches, keister, derrière, rump, tushy, tushie and tush.


Life doesn’t have to be a pain in the butt” …… Unless you are a spanko and enjoy that sort of thing!

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Just a few things…

First, Happy 4th of July to everyone! 🎆🎆🎆

Second, thank you again to those who have sponsored NaturallyHelpful (that’s me!) as an individual walker for this year’s AIDS Walk San Francisco on July 14th. I am only $150.00 away from my goal! You can still donate HERE.

Third, I am very happily sore and currently a beautiful shade of purple after a fantastic evening of spanking with two of my spanko friends. The most memorable moment was being spanked with the very mean Redecker Bath Brush on a rooftop deck while the sun was setting over the city.

Fourth, I finally booked my hotel, airline tickets and party ticket for the Shadow Lane Spanking Party in Las Vegas over Labor Day Weekend, yay! I will be available for private appointments Thursday August 29th, Friday August 30th and Saturday August 31st. I am only going to be holding three private sessions while I am there and the rest of the time I plan to just flutter around and meet new spankos!

And finally, thank you to everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes, birthday gifts and birthday spanks last month to celebrate my 33rd year! My favorite was of course the gifted one-on-one spanking session with Josephine Drake. As many of you know, Ms. Drake is relocating to San Francisco and begins taking appointments at La Maison starting July 21st. I already booked my session and can’t wait to be over her knee again!

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

P.S. Here is just a random bottom photo, just because. 🙃