C of Sweden Part 7, Bare Bottom Birching

“C of Sweden is an early master of male spanking art, which appeared in virtually every publication in the 80’s and 90’s. His earliest work was in black and white line work. Later he produced more richly shaded renderings and colorized some of them. He was quite skilled in capturing very expressive faces with just a few strokes. He frequently drew historical scenes, military and judicial punishments, and some domestic discipline placed in detailed, often elaborate, settings. His work is not usually sexualized and almost exclusively depicts beefy adult men.  His bottoms are often restrained and punished in public.”GaySpankArt

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Christmastime at The Girls Boarding School

At first I was actually a bit apprehensive about joining The Girls Boarding School Christmastime event, simply because as most of you know role play isn’t really my jam.

However, after speaking with StrictAndCaring on the phone it turned out that we had a lot in common in terms of spanking and more importantly in terms of discipline. So I am happy to say that I will be joining the GBS Christmastime weekend in the UK this coming December as a disciplinarian.

You can follow The Girls Boarding School on FetLife as well as read more about their previous events on Miss Iceni’s blog.

“The Girls Boarding School is a safe and friendly, no nonsense institution for young ladies. It is normally set in UK or Scandinavia. Here, the girls have a chance to grow in character and self-discipline while being instructed on the proper way to behave, think and live. And GBS is a place you get friends for life. The staff at the Girls Boarding School will instruct the girls in different topics, however this instruction comes with high expectations, strict rules and good old-fashioned spanking. GBS is an exclusive institution which accepts students and staff by invitation only. It is a private, non commercial initiative. Only for genuine enthusiasts.”

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Randomness Part 10

Hello spanko world! 👋 It’s up to you if that emoji hand is waving or spanking! (I think it is spanking.)

I’m not leaving for my San Francisco spanking adventure until the 13th, but I have already picked out my travel implements. See below. Of course Mr. Bendy is coming with me!

Also, people keep asking me if I am moving back home to San Francisco. I will occasionally travel there for sessions, but I have no plans to move back. Please stop asking me if I do.

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P.S. Here are links to some of the implements: Redecker Beechwood Bath Brush, Nasty Lil’ Rubber Paddle, The London Tanners Boudoir Paddle, Cherrywood Oval Kent Hair Brush and The Enforcer (Ms. N wrote a story about this one.), Nasty Rubber Stick (Mr. Bendy!), Roger Patterson Rawhide Twitcher from Miss Chris Texas Toys on Etsy (Although I don’t think they make this one anymore.) and I will probably add The Macassar Ebony Discipline Stick by Miss Rose Paddles.

P.P.S That is my green chair from San Francisco! Yep, I had it shipped here. I can’t even tell you how many spankos have sat in that chair for a pre/post spanking chat. 🙃