Gesperax, “Yellowstone National Park” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Yellowstone National Park by Gesperax

Spending her vacation in USA, Belinda thought that she surely should make a visit to famous Yellowstone National Park. The weather was pretty fine, and the wild nature really impressed the city girl. Belinda walked around the park for some time and felt herself a bit tired. So she decided to take a break and smoke a cigarette.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” someone said worryingly. The German turned around and saw an American girl in a girl scout uniform. “Put your cigarette out!” she commanded. She was younger and thinner then Belinda.

“Why should I?” Belinda asked haughty and draw in on her cigarette.

“Using open fire is strictly forbidden here!” the girl scout said. “Miss, please, put your cigarette out!”

“Get lost!” Belinda said and started walking away.

The girl scout quickly caught her arm and made the fat German fall on the ground. Before Belinda even realized what had happened, the girl scout sat on her back and pulled up her dress.

“Miss, I think you really need a lesson! If you don’t know, how important is to prevent the forest fires, I’ll explain it to you!” girl scout pulled down Belinda’s white panties, revealing a pair of plump milky-white buttocks.

“How dare you! Get away from me!” Belinda shouted “AUA!!!!” she screamed when a tennis racquet powerfully fall down over her bottom, leaving a fishnet-alike print.

Girl scout made herself sure, that this nasty German tourist would got her message. She went to town on her ass, tanning it mercilessly. Belinda bawled and howled in pain. Her cigarette put out, but she still hold it. And the racquet was stinging her sore bottom again and again. Finally the girl scout stopped and stand up from bawling German’s back.

“I hope you got my message!” she said strictly “Now you can continue your walk, but if I’ll see you smoking somewhere around again, this spanking’ll be just a massage!”

“I am sorry, Frau!” Belinda respond. standing up and very carefully rubbing her burning bottom. The girl scout turned around and walked away, leaving the German in tears.

Belinda walked through the forest, rubbing her tender bottom and sobbing. She was terrible humiliated by her spanking. She surely will smoke another cigarette if she wasn’t so much scared to take another punishment. She didn’t see the girl scout and was almost sure that she’s not anywhere around, but the fear and the stinging sensation in her tanned buttocks were too powerful.

Finally Belinda made a break at a riverbank. She looked around and saw nobody. She rubbed her bottom again and looked at a waterfall. Rubbing her bottom, the German took all her clothes off and came into cool water. It was making her shivering with cold, but it brings the relief to her spanked behind.

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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Gesperax, “Beau Monde” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Beau Monde by Gesperax

Lord and Lady Hawthorne, one of the wealthiest couples in Warwickshire, England, one night threw a party for exchange students from the United States, Germany, and France, and one of the guests happened to be young Belinda, who had been a German exchange student to the United States, but because she wrecked her exchange sister’s car through her own fault, the US family was angry with her and sent her back home. But Belinda was too curious, too adventurous to remain in the country she already knew so well, the country of her birth, where she could meet on students who were just like her, as she saw it. So six weeks after her return to Germany she was accepted as an exchange student to a small British college in Warwickshire, where Lord Hawthorne was dean-at-large. Lord Hawthorne was a tall, elegant man in his early 40’s. He was very handsome, with a medium complexion with auburn hair and a very fine, slender mustache. His weight was perfect: he was the quintessential British gentleman.

The party that Lord and Lady Hawthorne gave for the exchange students was a house-warming party. All of the professors who taught these students were there with their wives, and the exchange students were invited to bring their dates. For the most part the gathering was cordial but rather low-keyed. Wine and expensive champagne was served to all the guests, and expensive hors d’oeuvres likewise were provided for the guests. Most people had no more than one or two glasses of the two classic wines, and almost all of them were subdued; the Hawthorne’s stood hospitably at the door to greet all the guests in the most informal and friendly manner possible; however, the dress required was rather formal. Men were asked to wear black tie and tails; women in formal, black gowns.

But Belinda was not like the other guests. She was a very attractive girl, and she thought that would count a good deal to her appearance. However, though the dress she wore was expensive, it was not really appropriate for a formal affair. There was a rather noticeable slit on the left bottom side of the dress, and the young lady was not wearing hose, only heels. As far as the top of the dress was concerned, there were no straps holding it up, which itself was all right, but other ladies had long, zipped up backs that kept their dresses secure at the top; young Belinda, on the other hand, wore a dress that she could just slip over her head; there wasn’t much back to speak of, and in fact the top part of her dress was held up only by the healthy size of hers breasts. Both Lord and Lady Hawthorne greeted the girl politely when she arrived, alone, and kindly welcomed her to the gathering; but both the husband and wife looked rather askance at the girl when she arrived, Lord Hawthorne a little uncomfortable, Lady Hawthorne whispering to herself “Slut!”

As soon as Belinda had arrived at the house warming and been welcomed in by Lord and Lady Hawthorne, she dived immediately into the champagne, which she loved but had so rarely. After only fifteen minutes she was finishing her third glass; to ensure that there would be plenty more for her, she held on to the half–empty bottle she was using, and took possession of a second, uncorked bottle but full bottle for future use. A number of the professors and students noticed this, and though no one took her to task for it, from their rather stern, even disgusted looks from them, it was clear that they did not like it, and thought of her as a “lush.”

While she was drinking, almost glass after glass of the expensive wine, Belinda looked time and again in the direction of Dr. Prof. Lord Hawthorne. From the beginning of her attendance at the small British college, Belinda had a crush on this handsome dean-at-large of this small college, the College of the Holy Virgin, which was a branch of the much larger Cambridge University in London. “Virgin,” as the college was known for short, was one of the highest-ranking colleges in Great Britain and Northern Ireland and usually its doors were only opened to the top rank of students. Belinda herself was only an average student, but because of her proficiency in German and English grammar, there was only one other German exchange student at Virgin, and her English was poor, and because Belinda agreed to act as a tutor of German to all British students who were studying German as their foreign language requirement (not to mention that her father was himself a little on the wealthy side), she was admitted to Virgin. Belinda made a number of British friends at the college; she was pretty, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a very fair complexion. She wasn’t real tall, which made her look younger than her 24 years – she believed that keeping her hair in braids like a German Mädchen, contributed to this, to her, undesirable feature, so she went to a stylist and had her hair cut and styled in a smart, cute short look. Notwithstanding that she was a tiny plump, most boys agreed she had a good figure, and with the sexy, barely-regulation dress she had, was a very desirable woman. But the only male Belinda was interested in was tall, handsome Lord Hawthorne who, though more than twenty years her senior, saw the young girl looking at not in the way a good girl looks at her teacher, but in the way a woman looks at the man with whom she was in love; on several occasions she even fluttered her real but mascara treated lashes at him, even surreptitiously winking at him. The dean was totally embarrassed and pretended not to notice – but other students did, and her reputation was sagging, one by one her friends were finding excuses not to spend time with her, boys were turned off, and girls thought of her as a “whore”.

And so we return to the party, where Belinda had finished her fourth glass of this rather strong champagne and poured herself a fifth: the girl decided it was time to show her hand to Herr Professor. She headed toward him; he was stationed at the front door with Lady Hawthorne. “Good evening, Lord Professor Hawthorne!” She greeted him voluptuously; Lord Hawthorne’s face blushed, and Lady Hawthorne was visibly annoyed.

“Good… Good evening, Fräulein Belinda,” the dean returned, “I know I have previously introduced you to my WIFE!” But Belinda ignored this last part, downed the remainder of her champagne, and as sexily as she could, considering she was intoxicated and her eyes were half closed but were still fixed on the dean, extended her left side, the side of the slit in her dress, and lifted it a little, showing pretty much the entire side of her leg – even exposing a little of the thong she wore in lieu of panties, and her very-lower bottom, all part of her plan of seducing the professor – in the presence of his own wife! – and the “come-on” look in Belinda’s face – contributed to the fury of Lord Hawthorne’s wife, herself a stately lady of 40 with red hair and blue eyes, noticeably taller than Belinda, and she took hold of Belinda’s shoulder, saying, at first evenly, “You’ve had perhaps a little too much champagne, my dear. Why don’t you come with me to the guest room and lie down for a bit?” As Lady Hawthorne led Belinda away, gently, but only at first, by the shoulder, the girl blew a kiss at the dean, who quickly looked away, never having been so embarrassed in his life.

Lady Hawthorne’s concerned treatment of Belinda changed suddenly when the two reached the foray of the rooms, out of sight of the other guests. She grabbed the girl by the hair and hauled her to the farthest room down the hall. “You little trollop! Do you think I am a fool? Do you think I haven’t been noticing you drinking glass after glass of champagne, making eyes at every chance at my husband, coming to us in a drunken state walking like a slut or a casino girl, acting like a common stripper in front of my husband, while at the same time making a spectacle of yourself in front of our guests – your classmates and professors? You are the fool, little Fräulein! I assure you, I won’t rest until I see you expelled from Virgin, with nowhere else to go but back to Germany!”

When they reached the room Lady Hawthorne, still holding on tightly to Belinda’s hair, opened the bedroom closet and retrieved a rug-beater. Belinda caught sight of it, and her eyes and mouth flew wide open: she knew what it was for.

Then Lady Hawthorn forced young Belinda on the bed and get on all fours. There was the briefest of scuffles between Belinda and Lady Hawthorne, which the girl lost easily, the older woman reclasping Belinda’s hair and twisting her right arm behind her back. In the conflict the top part of the German girl’s dress fell, leaving completely bare both of her breasts; likewise, the girls foot was handled rougly to station it precisely where Lady Hawthorne wanted it, and her shoe fell off, leaving one of her feet bare. Once Lady Hawthorne had forced the girl on al fours, she hiked up Belinda’s dress, exposing an already-near bare bottom, but Lady Hawthorne completely humiliated Belinda by pulling he very-naughty thong half-way down between her upper leg and knees. With Belinda now almost completely bare except for one shoe and a rather-naughty dress buched up well under her breasts but over her belly button, Lady Hawthorne began scolding the girl. “How DARE you, you worthless harlot, tramp! How dare you humiliate my husband and myself, even my our guests, with your wanton, drunken behavior! MY husband and I have been married more than twenty years – happily married, I might add! – and we have a grown daughter, about your age. But SHE behaves like a lady! YOU behave like a prostitute! And the most proper punishment for a trollop is a fine, bare-arsed whipping! You are very, very lucky, young whore! That I am not inviting my husband and your classmates to witness your chastisement! Really, a PUBLIC whipping should be what a BITCH like you earns!” Belinda, sobered by her treatment, scolding, and up-coming whipping by Lady Hawthorne, was about to say something, but before she could form words: WHAM! The first blow from Lady Hawthorne’s rug-beater fell on Belinda’s ever-so-bare, rather plump bottom. Belinda looked back pathetically, pleadingly, at Lady Hawthorne as she had landed the first, hard smack of the rugbeater on the naughty young German college student’s bottom, but the girl’s disciplinarian ignored this, and continued her young truant’s punishment apace.

WHAP!. . . . SMACK!. . . . WHAM!. . . . THWACK!. . . . WHOP!. . . . CRACK!. . . . BAM!. . . . WHACK!. . . .

“AHHHHHHHH!” Belinda screamed, begging Lady Hawthorne, “Bitte Sie, Meine Frau! AU!!! I BEG you, My Lady! AUTSCH!!! Bitte sie… AUA!!! PLEASE! I am too old for such treatment AU!!! by at least two years! Ich habe AUA!!!! I have been in college for two years now! AUTSCH!!!! I don’t deserve a spanking! PLEASE! Just toss me out of your house ignominiously! But PLEASE! AUA!!!! Please don’t spank me!” Her embarrassed, pained eyes looked directly behind her at her disciplinarian.

But even as Belinda was speaking, Lady Hawthorn branded the girl’s butt painfully and humiliatingly with welts and redness; she had never been spanked with a rug-beater before, and the unfortunate girl, chronically naughty and, perhaps, lacking in common sense, found that it hurt even more than a belt she felt in Russia sometime ago – Lady Hawthorne thrashed the blushing girl’s rear almost unmercifully, eliciting pleas, yells, screams, even squeals from the would-be “lover” of her husband, and as the thrashing proceeded, the girl’s rather fat bottom wiggled and jiggled at each swat; this affected her entire voice, and when she was pleading with her hostess her voice shook rather violently with each stroke of the highly-effective rug-beater.

Not even slowing the hard swats she was awarding Belinda for daring to flirt with her husband – that in company with the fact that Belinde did it right in front of her – Mrs. Hawthorne resumed her scold-lambaste of Belinda. “Young woman! – I REFUSE to call you lady because you are definitely not one! – the only thing you can hope for in the future is marriage to a man who does not have a trollop for a wife, who works to support you, while you go through a string of lovers! And then, when you grow older and are tied down with children, most of them probably not his!You’ll get your hard-working husband to hire a girl to take care of them for you and you will laze around in bed all day or dozing off on the sofa, watching TV, making no effort either to mother your children or keep up the house, leaving all this to the underpaid girl your husband has hired; and at all times you will be eating and drinking! Believe me, you whore, you strumpet! THAT’S the most you can hope for!”

Belinda began crying, loudly and uncontrollably. Of course, the whipping she was getting, sharper and sharper with each swat, was part of the reason for her outburst of tears. But really the main cause were the unkind – unwarranted and, as it happened later untrue – words of Lady Hawthorne. She had never been scolded so roundly before. Belinda’s thinking-power was weakened, but she knew that Lady Hawthorne’s words were uncalled for, cruel – but later, they had the positive effect of making Belinda a better, more responsible and respectful students – Lady Hawthorne’s vocal beration of the girl, AND the thrashing she got from her dean’s wife. So, the thrashing and the scalding “prediction” of the girl’s life was not only limited to harm Belinde; they also helped her – though Lady Hawthorne acted merely in a punitive, insulting role.


“AUTSCH!” the girl began crying, “AUTSCH!. . . . OOOOOHHHHHH!” she began howling and moaning in pain. However, she made no attempt to struggle or cuffle. She remained on the bed, her hands holding up her fron, her knees, as steadily as she could manage, now obediently upholding her bottom for the walloping it was getting; her feet, on shod, the other bare, were behind her. She decided to “take her punishment like a man!” – an ironic expression she had heard from other schoolgirls when a girl being thrashed cried inordinately and was annoying them.

Lady Hawthorne had been rug-beating Belinda for fifteen minutes. She stopped to see if she had done a thorough job and, satisfied that she had, said simply, “All right, Missy, your done. I don’t need to tell you again to stay away from my husband, except in his capacity as your headmaster, and your own as his student.” Lady Hawthorne made no further mention of working for Belinda’s expulsion from Virgin, in fact never even mentioned it to anyone else again.

“It is late, Miss Belinda,” said Lady Hawthorne a little less sternly than before, “and you may not drive home, in as much as you are intoxicated. To ensure your safety Master Abel, our chauffeur, will take you home. He has the evening off, but I will call him and in about half an hour he will be here to pick you up. One of our young female guests will come here and knock, telling you it is time to go. Make sure that you are decent.”

“Ja, meine Frau!” replied Belinda, “I will be of no further embarrassment to you!”

“You may lie on the bed and remain uncovered until the girl comes to your door.” Before she left Lady Hawthorne watched as young Belinde lay full-length on the bed on her stomach. Belinda’s expensive, “hot” dress was bunched just above her waist; she kicked off her remaining shoe so she could cool off as much as possible. Except for the “belt” of her dress, the girl was naked.

Mrs. Hawthorne did not say anything else, but as is the common practice of parents who have disciplined their children, she left the rug-beater right beside the girl where she lay. Alone now, Belinda buried her face in her arms and cried bitterly. She thought over and over every major event of the evening. She regretted, and cried, over every glass of champaign she had drunk: she KNEW that if she was not drunk she would probably not even tried to “hit on” the dean as she did – certainly not infront of his wife! Belinda said to herself, through tears, “Autsch! I have the intelligence of a cow!” Then she thought about the shocked faces of her classmates and professors as she made her moves around the handsome man, who was yet old enough to be her father AND standing right beside his wife! She went over, what she now believed, was her well-earned bare bottom thrashing from Mrs. Hawthorne, and her rather nasty, unbecoming remarks for a lady of her station to make to a young girl. Belinda decidely said to herself, “I definitely did NOT deserve to be scolded in such a witchly manner by Lady Hawthorne! May she pay for them!” And Belinda began crying a little more loudly; however, this spell did not last long, and she thought of Lady Hawthorne’s concern for her safety, and her decision to send the girl home in comfort. Belinda was seemingly “sobered-up” by Lady Hawthorne’s thrashing, but after it was over the girls head began again to spend, and the thoughts she uttered aloud to herself were slurred; she was indeed still quite tipsy and clearly unfit to drive, and surely too unsteady on her feet to walk, not only from her drunken state but also from the thrashing she had gotten from Lady Hawthorne.

After lying on the bed for some time, her butt and the upper part of her legs burning and throbbing, Belinda decided it was time to get ready to go, to adjust her dress so that she was pesentable and to pull up her thong-panties. So she went to the mirror, but she also wanted to check the damage on her backside, So, her dress still bunched-up at her center, she saw that Lady Hawthorne had done her work well. There was not the slightest sign of blood, but wickedly-red welts covered her bottom, and there were a few marks on the back of her legs. Belinda was not crying now, but she was pained, ashamed and humiliated. She had a very unhappy appearance as she gazed at her afflicted backside.

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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Gesperax, “Undeserved Punishment” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Undeserved Punishment by Gesperax

The sprawling mansion in the heart of Poland was starting to look like a palace. Mrs Blanka Szalinski was a Polish woman who was the CEO of a major clothing company and was to host a large party at her mansion later that afternoon. She had her two maids working very hard to get the house in top shape. The two maids were very different. Oksana was a skinny Ukrainian young woman who looked like a model while in her maid uniform. Mrs Szalinski had unique ideas about fashion standard due to her job in clothing so she demanded her maids wear the formal French maid outfit.

The other maid was Belinda. Where Oksana was skinny and cleaned with a graceful touch, Belinda was a somewhat large woman who was somewhat clumsy. She and Oksana didn’t get along well due to their personality differences. It didn’t help that Belinda was German and Oksana was Ukrainian. The two had bickered about politics and cultural differences until they were seemingly enemies. It didn’t help that whenever Blanka Szalinski had male visitors over, Belinda was always the woman they eyed. She was the exact idea of a German woman. She had long blonde hair, usually braided, rather large breasts, and had a supple bottom that went well with her full figure.

Oksana, on the other hand, had slightly reddish brown hair and was somewhat skinny. She had breasts that would please a man, but she wasn’t anything compared to Belinda. Oksana’s hate towards Belinda finally had came to a head. She knew Mrs Szalinski was very stressed due to her party tonight. She also knew Mrs Szalinski would punish either of them if they embarrassed her. Both the women were live in maids and Mrs Szalinski treated them as if they were her children in some ways. She had even once spanked them because they had been arguing over politics.

“If you two are going to act like children and argue, then I’m going to spank you both like two naughty girls!” She had said as she had both of them lay side by side across a bed.

The sounds of their cries had echoed across the estate and their red bottoms were displayed for the rest of the day as the women were forced to finish their chores without any panties on and their skirts pinned up. Regardless of how brutal Mrs Szalinski had been to them, both the women were more than happy to endure these punishments if it meant they still had a job.

Oksana knew today was the best opportunity to get Belinda properly spanked. Oksana casually started to clean the living room. She saw exactly what she was looking for. She walked over to a large decorative vase that was on a small pedestal. It was a family heirloom that Mrs Szalinski displayed proudly. She had a large bundle of reeds inside of it that hosted an array of beautiful leaves. Oksana hated that such a beautiful piece had to be sacrificed, but she had to see that German cow get humiliated.

Oksana smiled naughtily as she pushed over the vase. It broke into several large pieces and the reeds scattered across the floor. Oksana quickly took cover behind a small room divider that was set in the corner. The decorative piece now served a purpose. Oksana peeked under the divider when she heard rapid footsteps. Belinda came running into the room, her braids swaying and her large breast jiggling. Oksana smiled when she heard the gasp escape Belinda’s lips. Belinda ran over to the vase and quickly started to clean up. She used her hands to try and gather the pieces of the vase into a small stack. She saw all the smaller pieces and ran to get a vacuum cleaner. She soon returned with one and rapidly started to vacuum up the small porcelain shards. Midway through this Mrs Szalinski walked in. Belinda looked up to see her with a look of pure anger on her face.

“I guess I caught you red handed!” Mrs Szalinski said.

“No it was not me. I did not do it. It just fell over.” Belinda pleaded.

“Sure it did.” Mrs Szalinski said. “Of all the days it’s sat there, it chose today to just fall over and break.”

“It was not me, I swear!” Belinda said as Mrs Szalinski picked up one of the decorative reeds.

“If it wasn’t you then who was it?” She asked. “Oksana isn’t anywhere around and we both know you are clumsy.”

Belinda didn’t even have time to argue before Mrs Szalinski pulled down her black lacy panties. With that, Belinda suddenly felt the sting of the wooden stick against her bottom. Mrs Szalinski started to scold Belinda as she swatted away at German’s plump bottom.

Soon the few red marks turned into a solid shade of crimson. What started off a slow progression of spanks between scoldings became a full blown attack of Belinda’s bottom. After what seemed like hours, Belinda was crying while she bent over the chair. Mrs Szalinski looked up at the wall clock and saw it was ten minutes until her guest were supposed to start arriving.

“Get up!” Mrs Szalinski said.

Belinda stood up and started to rub her sore bottom. She was only rewarded with another set from the wooden reed.

“We wouldn’t want your bottom to be pale for our guests, your red bottom will provide an excellent decoration since you broke my vase!”

Mrs Szalinski suddenly walked off to make last minute preparations. Belinda rubbed her throbbing bottom as soon as she left. She heard giggling and turned to see Oksana emerge from behind the room divider. The Ukrainian informed the German she had seen the whole thing. Belinda started to cry in embarrassment, knowing Oksana had probably recorded it or taken pictures. Suddenly there was knocking at the door and Mrs Szalinski yelled: “Belinda be a dear and go greet the guests. And don’t even think about pulling up your panties! You’re gonna be the main decoration tonight!”

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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Gesperax, “Wrath of the Dragon” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Wrath of the Dragon by Gesperax

This story was inspired by Kalidwen’s game Elven Kingdom, which can be found here.

“Finally!” vampiress said. She looked around, feasting her eyes on a gold plates, goblets, coins and jewels. “This is it! The dragon’s treasures!”

“Wow!” her werewolf companion sighed deeply “This is amazing!”

“Yes,” vampiress nodded “Now stay on watch! I need to check one thing!” she bend over a chest “Let me pick this lock…”

“Stay on watch yourself!” she-werewolf said annoyed “I want to get something too!” she stand on her knees, grabbing the gold. “So much! So shiny! And all will be mine!”

Vampiress just sneered and took a book from the chest.

“Yes! An ancient knowledge! Some people are sure, it was lost forever, but now I found it!” she set down and opened the spellbook “Perfect! Perfect!”

While both girls were busy with their trophies, they didn’t notice how a big lizard-alike green head appeared from the depths of the cave. The dragon heard a noise and looked out to find out who had disturb him.

“Who dared to step into my lair?” the dragon asked in thundering voice “Who wants to be burned alive slowly and painfully?” he exhaled some smoke right in scared girls faces, making them coughing.

Vampiress and she-werewolf jumped up and stood in panic. They had no idea what to do and just stand in silence like a two naughty schoolgirls waiting for their punishment.

The dragon looked at them in anger.

“So, you dared to invade into my lair! You dared to try to steal from me! What would you say in your defense?” he exhaled some more smoke.

“Emm…” she-werewolf said “We’re sorry, your mightiness! Maybe we’ll just go away and never disturb you again?” she gulped.

“What?! You tried to steal from me and you’re thinking you can get away with it?!” the dragon roared. “You’re even more foolish, then I thought, if you believe you can! No, hussies! No way!” he pulled down vampiress’s leather pants “At least not without any punishment! And for such a foolish and brassy a human punishment will be the most relevant! On all fourth! Both of you!”

Both girls were too scared even to try to struggle. They stand on all fours obediently. The dragon put his paws over their shoulders and raised his tail. With a loud SWISCH!!! dragon’s tail brought down on a two bare behinds. Vampiress and she-werewolf screamed in pain out loud. Flexible and heavy, the dragon’s tail was worse than any whip. It was bringing an unbearable pain. Both girls were squirming under dragon’s paws and wagging their bottoms desperately, but they could do nothing to get away from their punishment. The dragon roared and raised his tail again and again to bring it down on a two pairs of sore buttocks.

The dragon whipped hard luck girls, like there’ll be no tomorrow. She-werewolf howled so loud that her bawling were heard even outside the cave, while vampiress cried and wept as bitter as possible. Their bottoms became all over dark red and unbearable sore, but the punishment didn’t end. Only when both girls were totally in tears and could only bawl in pain, and vampiress totally loosed her pants and shoes, dragon finally stopped.

The dragon waited for some minutes, until partners in crime finally calmed down a little bit and, still weeping and sobbing, got up, carefully rubbing their sore bottoms.

“We’re very sorry! Thank you for this lesson, your mightiness!” vampiress said, sniffing. She-werewolf only nodded, bleating.

“Good!” the dragon said “And now I will count to five, and if you won’t disappear from my lair before I’ll end, I’ll burn you alive! One!” he exhaled a big cloud of smoke.

Vampiress and she-werewolf gasped and ran away as fast as they could, trying not to pay attention to the pain in their backsides. They soon were almost outside, but the cave entrance was hole-alike, so they had no choice but to climb out

“Give me a lift! Now!” vampiress commanded.

She-werewolf growled, but pushed her friend from behind to help her to climb over a rock.

“OW!!! Be careful, you!” vampiress complained, when she-werewolf’s paw touched her sore behind.

“I try!” she-werewolf excused “Better be hurry!”

Suddenly they both heard “Five!” and dragon’s head appeared from the depths of the cave. He laughed and exhaled a long tongue of flame.

She-werewolf’s desperate howling was heard for a miles around the mountains.

“Boohoo!!! My poor bottom! Damned ancient lizard! I won’t sit down for a week!” she-werewolf wept, soaking her burned bottom in bucket filled with a cold water.

“Shut up, useless animal!” vampiress snapped out, looking at her partner in crime angrily. She was rubbing a healing nostrum in her sore striped buttocks “This is all your fault!”

“My fault?!” she-werewolf half-raised from the bucket, griting her teeth.

“And who’s fault is it? I told you to stay on watch! If you wasn’t that greedy, we didn’t overlooked the dragon!”

“Oh, should I just stand on watch, while you would take all the treasures yourself?! And why didn’t you stand on watch?!”

“Because I was looking for an ancient knowledge not just for gold, you, stupid animal! And shut up if you don’t want to get another whipping from me!”

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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Spanking Poetry

I came across some erotic poetry about spanking on Reddit the other day by AnimeTentaclePenises and with their permission I am sharing it here. The spanking illustrations I have included are by Milo Manara.

Soft, supple ass cheeks – pure like a virgin snow

Patiently waiting to be stricken, and given a rosy glow

A gentle, caring caress soothes and warms your skin

Not knowing when the sharp searing pain might begin

Knee caps on your belly; your butt pressed high in the air

I whisper naughty things to you, and firmly pull your hair

Now you squirm and sigh as the silence broken

Giving in to your secret desire – the animal within you has awoken

Here is also a haiku about spanking by AnimeTentaclePenises.

My pupils dilate

Watching you jiggle and turn

Glowing shades of pink

When AnimeTentaclePenises isn’t writing spanking related poetry he is preforming and creating music. 🎶

Smiles and Spanks,

Rebecca Part 3, “Housewives At Play: Hanky Spanky” Spanking Illustrations

Spanking illustrations from the graphic novel Housewives At Play: Hanky Spanky by Rebecca, also known as Rebecca Hap.

“Rebecca opens a can of whup-ass! It’s bottoms-up as your favorite portrayer of perfect perversion takes her lineup of lovely lesbian ladies over her knee and delivers her most hard-hitting gallery of pin-ups yet! These raw, rosy-cheeked women have been very, very bad and are getting the punishment they deserve! See them paddled – and poked, pinched and prodded – by their female friends and neighbors using belts, brushes, spoons, strap-ons, and the good old-fashioned open hand. Discipline has never been so delightful! This wham-bam collection will leave you saying…Thank you Ma’am! May I have another?”

Smiles and Spanks,

Franco Part 9, Interview from Jock Spank

Spanking Artist: Franco

Jock Spank explores the spanking artist Franco.

August 4th, 2009

Franco, you rank amongst the most famous and prolific of the so called “Gay Spanking Artists”, what is it about this particular subject which most attracts you?

Well, I don’t think or ever thought about being a famous “gay” spanking artist, or even a prolific artist. It wasn’t until my early forties I realized fully what fetish art was. Truth is, I started drawing spankings as a result of erotic effects childhood spanking had on me. Kids can get erotic feelings and sensations, but I think puberty internalizes these feelings into more usual, adult sexual triggers and actions. So, to answer these childhood feelings, I began to draw spankings. As I kid I liked to draw the usual, houses, cars, etc, but in finding an excellent and realistic drawing of “The Old Woman In The Shoe”, I used that drawing as my template, and from that began drawing and thus explaining to myself, my initial spanking fascination, which at that time was, F/M, bare bottom OTK hand spankings. So began the compulsion to relive my boyhood spankings and understand them.

“There was an old woman who lived in a shoe. She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do. She gave them some broth without any bread, and spanked them all soundly and sent them to bed.”

Sometimes our erotic “triggers and fetishes” make better servants than masters, which probably explains the number of drawings I’ve done. I never wanted to be “prolific”. What always fascinated me was the sensual nature of the over the knee spanking. I guess I brought to my pencil, what I experienced; detailed ritual, exposure, embarrassment, and little pain, but great sexual tension, in a pure electric manner, believe it or not, delivered in a loving manner. So, I did not have to adapt any erotic feelings in coping with pain, the pleasures were build in, and that’s what I enjoyed depicting in the drawings. It was important to express an appearance of indignation and high moral duty on part of the spanker, but in reality all were having a great time, playing rolls of administrator, and receiver, with the male posterior the center of the universe, both in action and visually. So while I’m drawing a spanking, I seek to depict it is pure eroticism, via the caress of an articulated slap, delivered in a brisk, unbroken cadence, which affirms control, and the depiction of a good position of reception. I hope I made sense here.

Are you an artist in “real life” or does your artistic talent only reveal itself when dealing with this subject?

No, while I did some “mechanical art”, I am not a professional artist, especially not an illustrator, nor designer. There are many other artists who have brought some excellent talents to this field. I do think that the difference between myself and some of the great commissioned spanking art I’ve seen is again, because of my experience. What I lacked in technical expertise, I had in the windmills of my mind. That was a joke.

Are you a member of what might be called the “Spanking Community” in the wider sense?

Not now no. When I was a young adult, I had no idea there was anything like that. Maybe in the mid/late seventies there weren’t. But I was a bottom then and sought old or older men to redden my bottom, and I had some wonderful experiences. As I got older I started to give more than receive. I did go to a few spanking clubs in my forties and enjoyed the encounter. But I have to be honest. I appreciated spanking first and spanking as a complete act in itself. The disappointment I had with spanking clubs is that they seemed to be more of extensions of gay sex rather than a pure exploration of spanking. In fact, if there is any criticism I have of “gay spanking” is that the gay seems to overshadow the spanking. Believe me, secure men into spanking will cross all the usual lines, meaning I’ve found the best tops and bottoms were actually straight.

Your work falls largely into two categories, scenes of young men being spanked, and what one might call images involving “man and machine” where your subjects are probed and punished by progressively more imaginative contraptions, do you see these as a separate genres or an extension of the same theme?

Well, I think that they are an extension. In fact, in my mind, I see similar components at work in both. With the lengthy, erotic, spanking as in prolonged edging sessions, both have dominant and submissive partners, as well as a bondage aspect at work in both scenes. In spanking the bondage may more be one of emotional, and sexual reactions aided by good OKT positioning, the other a combination of positioning with restraints. Both, if done right are (hopefully), sexually charged, and in the apex of both, less stimulation, and even indirect stimulation is key. In both, the journey is more important than the arrival. Again, keep in mind, my take on spanking is erotic, so the sting is sweet, bittersweet, actually being more on the sweet side. It is the duration of the spanking and all the tactile trappings that work, for the unique individuals who respond to this interplay. It is a specific take on spanking, and not just having your “ass” beaten by someone who thinks they’re tenderizing a steak.

So the neophyte riding out his first erotic spanking with wide eyed wonder, thrown into a battle of sensations, and yearning for a climax, because he’s being stimulated so powerfully yet indirectly, giving him the hope and need of an orgasm, may be traveling the same road as the young man who has been tied up, and edged lovingly with various methods.

Where in your art do you draw the line between punishment and pleasure (or spanking and sex)?

I have drawn more severe spanking, meaning the usual thing you’d expect to see in school paddlings and domestic styled spanking. Thats as “severe” as I’ve gone to. Spanking is so erotic to me, that the sexual component is built in. In other words, guys can come from being spanked, actually ejaculate and orgasm, others don’t but some have come, inside, which brings a release. Sex is more than intercourse, masturbation, or felatio. While all that’s nice, we have needs to control and be controlled in a loving assuring manner. So, I guess you can say, in spanking art, I’ve only dabbled in depictions of real punishments.

You are one of a group of spanking artists, others being Spryte, Copper and sometimes Jonathan who often include and element of humor in your work, is this incidental or do you find that humor, at the expense of your young men has its own erotic impact.

I think it can have an impact, but I think it just happens in my drawings. I want to show the characters being overwhelmed, embarrassed, or dazzled by sensations. If humor happens in my pieces that’s fine. I’m not into making dark drawings. While some of the bondage, monk, mad scientist stuff I’ve drawn may be more intense, I wanted to get powerful, overwhelming pleasure across, not darkness or heaviness. Humor is wonderful and part of life, and I’ve enjoyed it in the works of these great artists you mentioned. Finally for me depicting some form of embarrassment or humiliation never goes into a grinding degrading of a human being, even in a fictional depiction, I don’t believe that that is a healthy thing to dwell upon.

How important is “humiliation” to your art and to your spanking fantasies in general?

Humiliation, or embarrassment is part of life, and like most people who had childhood spanking experiences being embarrassed or humiliated is part of it. However, what was the tone of the embarrassment, how did the humiliation occur? Red ears and a red bum seem to go together, again, as I said earlier, being humiliated through being degraded or beraded is an entirely different ball game.

Although, as I understand it, you are a gay man, a significant amount of your work involves a Fem Dom theme, usually older women punishing fit young men. What is it about this area which so attracts you?

It’s unusual. It’s straight from my childhood. I don’t flatly embrace “Fem Dom”. My interest lies in the domestic style setting of spanking which is usually, bare hand to bare bottom. The contrast of older woman, to young man, or even old man to young man is very pleasing to me, and seeing a fit young man, positioned, embarrassed, and slapped by a jaded old woman or man is in essence a formula that I’ve always found fascinating. It could go like this: Maturity in age, expertise from experience Vs Youthful energy, beauty and inexperience. Again, this could be in both the spanking and edging arena.

In F/M spanking I see the matronly lap a place of more deliberate positioning, which adds to the humiliation, exposure and sexual tension. I see the female spanking much longer than severely. I see the jaded matron, getting sexual jollies out of this unlikely coupling, as her expertise in years is applied to his bared and pinioned posterior as she claims to be slapping the wickedness out of that perfect male bottom, but actually in her own way and from such a hidden safe vantage she is sexualizing him. So, as a homosexual, I can enjoy the display of the fit young male in a vulnerable venue.

Do you have a favourite spanking scenario, or series of particular scenarios which you would like to share with us?

Mine, usually are jack off fantasies, regarding old, or older mature and high moral adults catching young men in the act of masturbation, then spanking them for it. Now, I really don’t believe in the practice of punishment for masturbation, but this is fantasy, the trick is that the spanking actually helps the boys along, and becomes a vehicle of slow, pleasurable agonizing torture, where they are spanked to an intense orgasm. Anytime stimulation, powerful stimulation is hindered, focused, minimialized, or given in carefully measured fashion, and/or applied through the concepts of “yin and yang”, the end result is powerful. Theres my favorite scenario.

Do you enjoy the work of other spanking artists?

Oh Yes, theres a lot of experiences from those artists, as well as concepts, ideas, technique. I’ve always enjoyed the works of Jonathan, Copper, Spryte, and others, I can think of right now. I love Lord Iron’s works, but he’s not into spanking…I wish he’d do one just the same.

Do you watch many spanking videos/DVDs, and do you have particular views on the various studios past and present?

In the past I have, but I don’t keep tapes or CDs around much anymore. I remember when AIDS first arrived on the scene and fetish films came into their own, by fetish, I mean spanking. Theres been lots of great work out there, and yet, I sometimes feel that quality has been sacrificed for quality. Another aspect which I think is a negative is that the fetish of spanking depicted on video, seems to take a backseat to sexual orientation. Male/male spanking is usually depicted to gay for me. I’ve often talked to those who do straight spanking, usually M/F and suggested that they get a straight top to spank young men, same with F/M spanking videos, suggesting that they drop the MTV vixens spanking overweight middle aged men, and get some matrons, who don’t look like professional doms, to spank young, fit men. I think this is going to happen because there are studios that seem to be delving into this expression, and their work reflects not only good technical execution and angles, but good spanking technique executed by more mature spankers. But then again, I speak from my niche.

The spanking might be over, but the pain continues in Franco Part 10, The Afterburn.

Smiles and Spanks,