Birching (and Mr. Bendy!) at Shadow Lane

I’ve wanted to experience a birching for the longest time (20+ years!) and I am happy to report that it finally happened at Shadow Lane! So, thank you Keith Jones for the wonderful birching. And, thank you Josephine Drake for being present while I was being birched – for the first time anyway ;)


Smiles and Spanks,

P.S. Calm down people! I like marks and bruises! Plus, I was 100% healed within eight days…

NaturallyHelpful – SF AIDS Walk 2018

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who helped me reach my $1,500 goalThe efforts of AIDS Walk 2018 SF participants raised $1,814,307 for Project Open Hand, PRC, ACRIA and so many more Bay Area HIV/AIDS service organizations.

Since 1987, AIDS Walk San Francisco has raised more than $90 million for HIV programs and services in the Bay Area and has grown into the largest and most visible AIDS Fundraising event in Northern California. This year, AIDS Walk San Francisco will continue to benefit dozens of AIDS service, research, and education organizations in the Bay Area. The primary beneficiaries are ACRIA, the world’s leading research organization on HIV and aging; Positive Resource Center; and Project Open Hand,” – AIDS Walk San Francisco

Smiles and Spanks,