Hardcastle Part 9, Slipper, Belt & Strap

“She was now in a familiar position, staring at the maroon carpet. Her jeans lay on the top of Boris’ enormous desk and her knickers – an untidy scrap of white – were on the chair in front of it. It was the black strap again…” – Excerpt from “Boris in Wonderland,” Janus 57 Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Red Tails: The Male Spanking Magazine – Volume 27, December 1996

I enjoyed reading the different perspectives on spanking scenes in the “Ask C.P. Justice” column. There was even a mention of Lady Green aka Janet W. Hardy and her book, The Compleat Spanker. The Academy written and illustrated by Copper was a very good read. The left column is written from the point of view […]