Ian Hamilton Part 3, Spanking Scenes from Various E-Magazines

Ian Hamilton is a professional free-lance illustrator, of British origin, now living in France. Below are spanking scenes from his various e-magazines, which can be purchased in full here. Mr. Hamilton produces an e-magazine of his own spanking artwork. It costs £12/$20/€15 for a yearly subscription. Each subscriber receives throughout the year 60 pages of original […]

Hardcastle Part 9, Slipper, Belt & Strap

“She was now in a familiar position, staring at the maroon carpet. Her jeans lay on the top of Boris’ enormous desk and her knickers – an untidy scrap of white – were on the chair in front of it. It was the black strap again…” – Excerpt from “Boris in Wonderland,” Janus 57 Explore more in Hardcastle […]

Hardcastle Part 2, The Janus Collection: The Hardcastle Selection

“Mere words cannot, of course, hope to do justice to Hardcastle’s art, for it is more than capable of speaking for itself in all its exciting immediacy. In the pages that follow lies a veritable cornucopia of CP activity spanning all the years this remarkable craftsman has contributed his imaginative and stimulating work to Janus. […]

Red Tails: The Male Spanking Magazine – Volume 27, December 1996

I enjoyed reading the different perspectives on spanking scenes in the “Ask C.P. Justice” column. There was even a mention of Lady Green aka Janet W. Hardy and her book, The Compleat Spanker. The Academy written and illustrated by Copper was a very good read. The left column is written from the point of view […]

Paula Meadows Part 3, The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology

“How lucky I have been! I was in the satisfying and enviable position of being able to explore and express my own fascinating journey of self discovery, as well as having the opportunities to find out more and more about the complicated world of spanking. But hold on! I am leaping ahead of myself…” – […]