RedRump Part 11, Woodshed Time

Woodshed Time written and illustrated by RedRump. Josh loved summer. He loved the thick, sultry twilight that lingered over Guthrie’s Pond, the high-pitched cicada song that lulled the long afternoons into drowsy indolence, the shining golden mornings when the fields of wheat murmured their welcome to the sun. This Saturday morning in early July was […]

M. del Giglio, “Mémoires d’une Fouettée” Spanking Illustrations

Little is known about M. del Giglio, except that he created art for various spanking novels in the early 1900s. Below are his illustrations from the 1908 novel Mémoires d’une Fouettée (Memories of a Whipped) by Aimé Van Rod. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate much of the artwork from this edition, but what I did find is below. Mémoires d’une […]

RedRump Part 9, “Scribblings”

“Whether it’s an angry 1950’s housewife, an outraged babysitter, a stern teacher, a professional disciplinarian, or a vixenish girlfriend, those are the iconic female images that never cease to awe, and perpetually wield sovereign power over whatever corner of the male psyche that resists the inevitable progress of aging.” – RedRump Explore more in RedRump […]

RedRump Part 8, Wooden Spoons and Paddles

“Illustrating boyhood fantasies about womanly laps and deliciously stinging backsides keeps the inner child alive and the imagination active and healthy. Nobody has ever said it better than Jean-Luc Godard: ‘Art attracts us only by what it reveals about our most secret self.’” – RedRump Explore more in RedRump Part 9, “Scribblings”. Smiles and Spanks,

Leon Roze, “Le Fouet au Moyen-âge” Spanking Illustrations

Leon Roze was a French spanking artist who worked in the 1900s and 1910s. Below are his illustrations from the 1908 novel Le Fouet au Moyen-âge (The Whip in the Middle Ages) by Aimé Van Rod. “It is worse, it is on the clothing, to warn them of the kind of punishment, that the first slap was given. But the authoritative voice […]

Roscoe, Spanking Illustrations

“After a twenty-five year career as a commercial artist in Hollywood, California, specializing in the design & illustration of various projects related to the music, film and television industry, I decided to get a lot more nasty with my art…” – Roscoe Roscoe is currently accepting commissioned art requests. His 8.5”x 11” Prismacolor sketches start […]