EndArt Comic, “Carrot and Bev, Vacationing Across the Pond”

EndArt Comic, “Carrot and Bev, Vacationing Across the Pond.” Carrot and Bev are back! Some of you might remember these two ladies from the comics, “Carrot and Bev, The Hairbrush” and “Carrot and Bev, Snowball Fight.” I will be posting more of their spanking adventures soon. :-) Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Red Tails, The Male Spanking Magazine: Volume 27, December 1996

Red Tails, The Male Spanking Magazine. Volume 27, December 1996. I enjoyed reading the different perspectives on spanking scenes in the “Ask C.P. Justice” column. There was even a mention of Lady Green aka Janet W. Hardy and her book, The Compleat Spanker. “The Academy” written and illustrated by Copper was a very good read. […]

EndArt Comic, “Hello, Mister EndArt”

EndArt Comic, “Hello, Mister EndArt.” This my favorite comic, I love the interaction between EndArt and the characters. Yesterday concluded Part 1 to Part 32 of EndArt’s spanking drawings! Direct links to these posts are on my Spanking Artists page. There will be more multi-page spanking comics and holiday scenes by EndArt, which will be posted […]