Sardax, Interview from Wellred Weekly

You can follow Sardax on Twitter as well as support him as an artist on Ko-fi. Spanking Artist: Sardax Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of celebrated femdom artist, Sardax. Volume 1, Number 7 : April 27, 2012 How long have you been drawing femdom art? Well over 20 years and I think that’s quite long enough! Where can your spanking […]

Ludovic Riezer, “La Comtesse au Fouet, Belle et Terrible” Spanking Illustrations

From the 1911 novel La Comtesse au Fouet, Belle et Terrible (The Countess of the Whip) by Pierre Dumarchey with illustrations by Ludovic Riezer, a pseudonym of Dumarchey. La Comtesse au Fouet was republished in 1926 with illustrations by Martin van Maële. La Comtesse au Fouet, Belle et Terrible is available for trade here. Smiles and Spanks,

Mister Morris Commissions

For anyone interested, Mister Morris aka Miracle Spoonhunter does offer commissions and is open to art trades. Feel free to message them on FetLife or DeviantArt for more information about rates and ideas. ;-) Explore more Mister Morris aka Miracle Spoonhunter artwork in the posts below. Mister Morris Part 1, F/F Hand SpankingsMister Morris Part 2, F/M SpankingsMister Morris […]

Underling Part 4, Interview from Wellred Weekly

Spanking Artist: Underling Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of Underling. Volume 1, Number 2 : November 22, 2011 How long have you been drawing spanking art? I really can’t recall a time when I wasn’t, on and off. I was an ‘arty’ child, encouraged in my drawing from a young age, and I’ve had these kinky […]

Underling Part 3, OSIRIS Techworks

Artwork and OSIRIS Techworks (aka OSIRIS Technologies) storyline by British spanking artist and author Underling. Medical Mischief! I hope we understand each other now, Mr. Phillips, although that really shouldn’t have been necessary. The company procedure for male medicals is clearly laid out in your employee pack, and yet you chose to be a baby about it. […]

RedRump Part 11, Woodshed Time

Woodshed Time written and illustrated by RedRump. Josh loved summer. He loved the thick, sultry twilight that lingered over Guthrie’s Pond, the high-pitched cicada song that lulled the long afternoons into drowsy indolence, the shining golden mornings when the fields of wheat murmured their welcome to the sun. This Saturday morning in early July was […]

M. del Giglio, “Mémoires d’une Fouettée” Spanking Illustrations

Little is known about M. del Giglio, except that he created art for various spanking novels in the early 1900s. Below are his illustrations from the 1908 novel Mémoires d’une Fouettée (Memories of a Whipped) by Aimé Van Rod. Unfortunately I couldn’t locate much of the artwork from this edition, but what I did find is below. Mémoires d’une […]

RedRump Part 9, “Scribblings”

“Whether it’s an angry 1950’s housewife, an outraged babysitter, a stern teacher, a professional disciplinarian, or a vixenish girlfriend, those are the iconic female images that never cease to awe, and perpetually wield sovereign power over whatever corner of the male psyche that resists the inevitable progress of aging.” – RedRump Explore more in RedRump […]