Miss Rose Paddles

The Macassar Ebony discipline stick that I ordered arrived today! I can’t wait to use it on all the naughty bottoms out there! 😃 To see more of Miss Rose’s creations, you can visit her Etsy store – Compassrose Creations. Miss Rose is also on Twitter and FetLife. “Compassrose Creations features stunning and sensuous exotic […]

Patty Part 3, Implements

You can visit Patty’s blog, A Creative Spanko Wench as well as read her stories that surround “the themes of spanking, domination and submission” on Satin and Leather. Paddles featuring the Patty’s artwork can also be purchased on Cane-iac. Implements below include the hair brush, belt, slipper, whip, wooden paddle, cane, ruler and leather strap. […]

New Paddle Buddy

The new paddle has been nicknamed “The Color Cabbage.” It packs quite the wallop and covers the whole bottom – I love it! Thank you again to the spankee who gave it to me. 😃 Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Spanking Playtime

Personal playtime with long time spanker. Was wonderful to be back at Sacred Muse. In the audio below we were using the Nasty Lil’ Rubber Paddle from Mr. S Leather, one of my favorites! As I said in my previous audio post: I am laughing because I laugh when I am in pain. Yes, I […]

A note from Mr. S

“I have seen Gin a number of times, and words cannot describe the inherently satisfying and authentic spanking experiences I have had with her. A session with Gin is never cluttered with staged scenes or scripted scenarios. She is a natural spanker with a playful, yet maternal demeanor. As for the actual session, Gin will […]

Favorite Things

From Mike, who is pictured below: “Paddles and hairbrushes, plastic or leather, Used on my bottom when we get together, Wood is the best though –  oh, my how that stings! These are few of my favorite things…” Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

Mulberry Spoon

“Dear Miss Gin, I hope you like your spoon. It is made from mulberry. It can be used for cooking or spanking.” Homemade wooden (spanking) spoon was a gift from Sid, a woodworker and lifelong spanking enthusiast. Thank you Sid! Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

“Absolutely carried away…”

“You always try to talk yourself out of being spanked. Even after seven years. Silly boy.” “It is really hard to describe, why is that? It’s a weirdness. Because there are moments during the spanking where I really don’t enjoy it followed by moments where I am absolutely carried away…” Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com

The Awakening of a Spanking Enthusiast

A note from my friend and spankee – The awakening of a spanking enthusiast: what happened and what it’s like today. Spanko seeds germinated throughout my childhood beginning with an infatuation with my bottom  blossoming to imagining my bottom being spanked.  In the late 40s through the 50’s, the bottom was hidden and not easily […]