Randomness Part 9

Even though my queue for Smiles and Spanks is full I will be pausing it and taking a blogging break for the rest of the month. I have enjoyed keeping this posting streak going – can you believe this is the 500th day?! Seems like just yesterday I was celebrating my 50-day posting streak! Just […]

Laughter and Spanks Audio

It was a spanking good time with my longtime spanker, a bench and the implements below. Can you guess which implement was being used in this recording? As I said in a previous audio post: I am laughing because I laugh when I am in pain. Yes, I know I am vocal. “Okay, okay, okay” means […]

Special Spanking Treat

Just a few aftermath photos from my spanking play with Josephine Drake over the weekend. Drake used my bath brush, ebony clothes brush and rubber paddle as well as her wooden spoon, leather paddle from The London Tanners and hand. Of course, she still holds the Best Hand Spanking Award 🏆 from me. ;-) Smiles and […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Valentine’s Day art, my bruised bottom and audio of me getting 50 swats (maybe a few more…) with the Redecker bath brush to celebrate my 50-day posting streak on Smiles and Spanks. This was at the end of a pretty long spanking, I was already very sore and really feeling these last 50! Beautiful linocut […]

Spanking Playtime

Personal playtime with long time spanker. Was wonderful to be back at Sacred Muse. In the audio below we were using the Nasty Lil’ Rubber Paddle from Mr. S Leather, one of my favorites! As I said in my previous audio post: I am laughing because I laugh when I am in pain. Yes, I […]

Birthday Time

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes this month! I did end up getting a (belated!) birthday spanking from my longtime play partner which made me very happy. Of course because I hadn’t played on the receiving end in a while my tolerance was incredibly low. Although there might not be many marks […]

Thank you!!

I received this beautiful Geometric Vulva Infinity Scarf made by Linolicious in the mail. Thank you to the spankee who sent it to me! And yes, I am doing well. 😊 A one-on-one session was also recently gifted to me with Josephine Drake. Ms. Drake is currently not holding sessions, but I do hope to […]

Mystery Solved!

Finally figured out where these spanking implements came from after randomly seeing a photo of one on FetLife! “Saba’s Bane” and “Master Bob’s Best Flogger” from Ms. Domina’s website The Frugal Domme…just in case anyone out there wants to purchase one too. 😊 For years I have saved the Aircraft Cable or “Saba’s Bane” for the […]

Just a few things…

First, Happy 4th of July to everyone! 🎆🎆🎆 Second, thank you again to those who have sponsored NaturallyHelpful (that’s me!) as an individual walker for this year’s AIDS Walk San Francisco on July 14th. I am only $150.00 away from my goal! You can still donate HERE. Third, I am very happily sore and currently a beautiful […]