Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️

Valentine’s Day art, my bruised bottom and audio of me getting 50 swats (maybe a few more…) with the Redecker bath brush to celebrate my 50-day posting streak on Smiles and Spanks. This was at the end of a pretty long spanking, I was already very sore and really feeling these last 50! Beautiful linocut […]

Spanking Playtime

Personal playtime with long time spanker. Was wonderful to be back at Sacred Muse. In the audio below we were using the Nasty Lil’ Rubber Paddle from Mr. S Leather, one of my favorites! As I said in my previous audio post: I am laughing because I laugh when I am in pain. Yes, I […]

Birthday Time

Thank you to everyone for all the birthday wishes this month! I did end up getting a (belated!) birthday spanking from my longtime play partner which made me very happy. Of course because I hadn’t played on the receiving end in a while my tolerance was incredibly low. Although there might not be many marks […]

Thank you!!

I received this beautiful Geometric Vulva Infinity Scarf made by Linolicious in the mail. Thank you to the spankee who sent it to me! And yes, I am doing well. 😊 A one-on-one session was also recently gifted to me with Josephine Drake. Ms. Drake is currently not holding sessions, but I do hope to […]

Mystery Solved!

Finally figured out where these spanking implements came from after randomly seeing a photo of one on FetLife! “Saba’s Bane” and “Master Bob’s Best Flogger” from Ms. Domina’s website The Frugal Domme…just in case anyone out there wants to purchase one too. 😊 For years I have saved the Aircraft Cable or “Saba’s Bane” for the […]