Cabin By The River Again

I took a break. Left the Bay Area for the first time since lockdown. Went back to the isolated cabin by the river, this time with my spanko friend. He is shy, so his red bottom will not be in any of the photos below. Many spankings were given, many relaxing moments were enjoyed and […]

Mulberry Spoon

‚ÄúDear Miss Gin, I hope you like your spoon. It is made from mulberry. It can be used for cooking or spanking.‚ÄĚ Homemade wooden (spanking) spoon was a gift from Sid, a woodworker and lifelong spanking enthusiast. Thank you Sid! Smiles and Spanks,¬†

Gin’s Spanking Chair

I was randomly thinking today about how much I absolutely love my spanking chair. Which I know sounds a bit silly, but I don’t care. I just really like my chair. I saw my spanking chair in a shop window after I had picked up some canes from Mr. S Leather, this was also the […]