The Buttress Pillow

Hmmmmm…..🤔 Not exactly sure what to think about this. “Since the beginning of time, Butts have been watched, admired and respectfully claimed. They were a source of joy when there was no other joy to be found. Butts are universal, the source of life, comfort, and a natural source of warmth and love. Our mission is […]

Ms. Josephine Drake Announcement

Josephine Drake is accepting appointments at Corner Time until May 30th… after which she is relocating to San Francisco!! So exciting! If you have been putting off a visit to LA’s only nursery and domestic space, now’s the time! Smiles and Spanks,

A Spanko Poem For Me By “Mike”

In appreciation of Gin . . .who is an expert at skills that narrow-minded people do not understand . . . An hour with Gin Is not a sin, Though some folks seem to think There is no way  That it’s OK That those who have our kink Should spank, or should Be spanked (and […]