Christmastime at The Girls Boarding School

At first I was actually a bit apprehensive about joining The Girls Boarding School Christmastime event, simply because as most of you know role play isn’t really my jam.

However, after speaking with StrictAndCaring on the phone it turned out that we had a lot in common in terms of spanking and more importantly in terms of discipline. So I am happy to say that I will be joining the GBS Christmastime weekend in the UK this coming December as a disciplinarian.

You can follow The Girls Boarding School on FetLife as well as read more about their previous events on Miss Iceni’s blog.

“The Girls Boarding School is a safe and friendly, no nonsense institution for young ladies. It is normally set in UK or Scandinavia. Here, the girls have a chance to grow in character and self-discipline while being instructed on the proper way to behave, think and live. And GBS is a place you get friends for life. The staff at the Girls Boarding School will instruct the girls in different topics, however this instruction comes with high expectations, strict rules and good old-fashioned spanking. GBS is an exclusive institution which accepts students and staff by invitation only. It is a private, non commercial initiative. Only for genuine enthusiasts.”

Smiles and Spanks,