Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale – Continued!

I was browsing Lynn Paula Russell aka Paula Meadows artwork again and found a few spanking related originals, the ones linked were for sale when I posted this. The illustration “Tea Party” is my favorite. ;-) Explore more in my previous post, Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale. Lynn Paula Russell ‘Behind to the Future’ original […]

Gesperax, “Overdue Rent” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy. Overdue Rent by Gesperax Belinda and her French friend Alicia were renting an […]

Bubbles by Ero Kai 🛁

Ero Kai is a poet and short story writer who decided to explore his identity as a submissive in the form of Shakespeare’s immortal sonnets. Just as Shakespeare’s sonnets were sensual love letters to no doubt forbidden loves, these sonnets are dedicated to his love of kink, female domination, spanking, sexuality and taboo. You can follow […]