Gesperax, “Defying Olympus” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Defying Olympus by Gesperax

Belinda was spending her vacation in Greece. She wanted to visit this country with an interesting history and really great mythology for a long time, so she decided to go on some hikes by herself. She was walking in a countryside near Olympus. The weather was quite hot, so Belinda opened a can of beer. She drank the beer and threw the can away.

Suddenly she heard a thunder. But the weather was still sunny.

“Was zum Teufel?” the German girl asked.

“How dare you to litter the holy land?” a mighty voice asked.

Belinda turned around and saw a tall man in an ancient clothes. He hold a staff with an eagle and a bunch of lightnings.

“Who the hell are you?” Belinda asked.

“Don’t you know, who I am, dirty barbarian?” the man asked back with an anger in his thunder-alike voice “I am Zeus, Mighty and Powerful!”

“Zeus? It can not be! Zeus is just a myth!” Belinda said.

“Am I a myth?” Zeus asked “I will show you that some myths are more than just an ancient legend!” He grabbed the girl by the scruff, placed her over his knee and bared her bottom “Feel my righteous anger!” He said and raised the lightnings like they were birches.

The first stroke burned Belinda’s bottom like a fire. She felt herself like a lightning stoke right in her buttocks. The second was even worse. And every stroke resounded like a thunder. Zeus birched Belinda mercilessly, making her buttocks twitching in electrocution with every stroke. Her helpless bawling was totally drowned out by the thunder.

When Belinda was able only to moan faintly, Zeus stopped the punishment and threw her from his lap.

“Now run for your life, barbarian!” he laughed.

Belinda stood up and ran away, feeling the electric sparks painfully flying out from her sore buttocks.

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

Smiles and Spanks,