Ian Hamilton Part 1, Pencil Collection

Ian Hamilton is a professional free-lance illustrator, of British origin, now living in France. You can visit his blog, GraphicSpanking, here. Below are some of Mr. Hamilton’s artwork from his pencil collection.

“There is nothing more beautiful than a shapely bared bottom being presented willingly for punishment.  The look of apprehension and restrained excitement on the face of the person about to be punished, and the steady, concentrated glare of the punisher on that delicately vulnerable flesh.  It always inspires me to picture the scene anew, whatever the scenario I am given to illustrate.  I think the psychological aspect is the most important element, and I try to render that as fully as possible in my artwork.” – Ian Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton produces an e-magazine of his own spanking artwork. It costs £12/$20/€15 for a yearly subscription. Each subscriber receives throughout the year 60 pages of original graphic spanking stories and illustrations. Mr. Hamilton is also available for private commissions. Email him at ianhamilton96@hotmail.com for more details.

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