Gesperax, “Bar in Amsterdam” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Bar in Amsterdam by Gesperax

A week passed after her thrashing at Hippodrome, and Belinda, still sore a bit, visited Amsterdam. In the famous Dutch city she walked into a local bar. The German was quite surprised to found there Molly – her British rival, who also was surprised to met “German thief once again”. The British noticed that the German still can’t sit down comfortable and could do nothing but teased her, remaining how she used a riding crop on the German buttocks. Of course Belinda wasn’t very happy to be humiliated again and started insulting her rival. Girls’s conflict quickly became loud enough to make the bar employees to interrupt it or even to try that.

Since Molly and Belinda didn’t listen, the waitress and the bartender quickly made them bend over the bar counter and bared their naughty bottoms.

“How dare you! You can’t do this to me!” Molly protested.

“Wow! Looks like someone already took some care about this naughty German girl!” – the waitress laughed – “Well, then worse for her!”

Molly was quite happy that Belinda will receive a new thrashing over still sore bottom, but her happiness was ruined right after the first stroke of the switch landed over her own buttocks. Dutch girls showed no mercy to mean customers, giving them both a proper switching. Yes, it was much more painful for poor Belinda, but also painful enough for Molly to made her unable to gloat about her rival’s misfortune.

When their punishment was finally over, Belinda and Molly were kicked out from the bar bottomless and very very sore, still arguing and hating each other.

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

Smiles and Spanks,