Happy Pride Month 🌈

As a proud bisexual woman I wish you all a Happy Pride Month! And that’s me with Gilbert Baker’s original 1978 rainbow flag at the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender (GLBT) Historical Society.

“Gilbert Baker arrived in San Francisco in 1972 during the early years of the Gay Liberation movement. He quickly became well known for his sewing skills and flamboyant creations, such as drag costumes and political banners for street demonstrations. In 1978, while preparing for that year’s Gay Freedom Day celebration, City Supervisor Harvey Milk (1930–1978) and other local activists appealed to Baker, the co-chair of the Decorations Committee, to create a new symbol for the LGBTQ community to be unveiled at the event in June. Using color to establish meaning, Baker conceived a flag that would empower his “tribe” and a “rainbow of humanity” motif to represent the community’s diversity.” – GLBT Historical Society

Smiles and Spanks, Gin