Gesperax, “Undeserved Punishment” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Undeserved Punishment by Gesperax

The sprawling mansion in the heart of Poland was starting to look like a palace. Mrs Blanka Szalinski was a Polish woman who was the CEO of a major clothing company and was to host a large party at her mansion later that afternoon. She had her two maids working very hard to get the house in top shape. The two maids were very different. Oksana was a skinny Ukrainian young woman who looked like a model while in her maid uniform. Mrs Szalinski had unique ideas about fashion standard due to her job in clothing so she demanded her maids wear the formal French maid outfit.

The other maid was Belinda. Where Oksana was skinny and cleaned with a graceful touch, Belinda was a somewhat large woman who was somewhat clumsy. She and Oksana didn’t get along well due to their personality differences. It didn’t help that Belinda was German and Oksana was Ukrainian. The two had bickered about politics and cultural differences until they were seemingly enemies. It didn’t help that whenever Blanka Szalinski had male visitors over, Belinda was always the woman they eyed. She was the exact idea of a German woman. She had long blonde hair, usually braided, rather large breasts, and had a supple bottom that went well with her full figure.

Oksana, on the other hand, had slightly reddish brown hair and was somewhat skinny. She had breasts that would please a man, but she wasn’t anything compared to Belinda. Oksana’s hate towards Belinda finally had came to a head. She knew Mrs Szalinski was very stressed due to her party tonight. She also knew Mrs Szalinski would punish either of them if they embarrassed her. Both the women were live in maids and Mrs Szalinski treated them as if they were her children in some ways. She had even once spanked them because they had been arguing over politics.

“If you two are going to act like children and argue, then I’m going to spank you both like two naughty girls!” She had said as she had both of them lay side by side across a bed.

The sounds of their cries had echoed across the estate and their red bottoms were displayed for the rest of the day as the women were forced to finish their chores without any panties on and their skirts pinned up. Regardless of how brutal Mrs Szalinski had been to them, both the women were more than happy to endure these punishments if it meant they still had a job.

Oksana knew today was the best opportunity to get Belinda properly spanked. Oksana casually started to clean the living room. She saw exactly what she was looking for. She walked over to a large decorative vase that was on a small pedestal. It was a family heirloom that Mrs Szalinski displayed proudly. She had a large bundle of reeds inside of it that hosted an array of beautiful leaves. Oksana hated that such a beautiful piece had to be sacrificed, but she had to see that German cow get humiliated.

Oksana smiled naughtily as she pushed over the vase. It broke into several large pieces and the reeds scattered across the floor. Oksana quickly took cover behind a small room divider that was set in the corner. The decorative piece now served a purpose. Oksana peeked under the divider when she heard rapid footsteps. Belinda came running into the room, her braids swaying and her large breast jiggling. Oksana smiled when she heard the gasp escape Belinda’s lips. Belinda ran over to the vase and quickly started to clean up. She used her hands to try and gather the pieces of the vase into a small stack. She saw all the smaller pieces and ran to get a vacuum cleaner. She soon returned with one and rapidly started to vacuum up the small porcelain shards. Midway through this Mrs Szalinski walked in. Belinda looked up to see her with a look of pure anger on her face.

“I guess I caught you red handed!” Mrs Szalinski said.

“No it was not me. I did not do it. It just fell over.” Belinda pleaded.

“Sure it did.” Mrs Szalinski said. “Of all the days it’s sat there, it chose today to just fall over and break.”

“It was not me, I swear!” Belinda said as Mrs Szalinski picked up one of the decorative reeds.

“If it wasn’t you then who was it?” She asked. “Oksana isn’t anywhere around and we both know you are clumsy.”

Belinda didn’t even have time to argue before Mrs Szalinski pulled down her black lacy panties. With that, Belinda suddenly felt the sting of the wooden stick against her bottom. Mrs Szalinski started to scold Belinda as she swatted away at German’s plump bottom.

Soon the few red marks turned into a solid shade of crimson. What started off a slow progression of spanks between scoldings became a full blown attack of Belinda’s bottom. After what seemed like hours, Belinda was crying while she bent over the chair. Mrs Szalinski looked up at the wall clock and saw it was ten minutes until her guest were supposed to start arriving.

“Get up!” Mrs Szalinski said.

Belinda stood up and started to rub her sore bottom. She was only rewarded with another set from the wooden reed.

“We wouldn’t want your bottom to be pale for our guests, your red bottom will provide an excellent decoration since you broke my vase!”

Mrs Szalinski suddenly walked off to make last minute preparations. Belinda rubbed her throbbing bottom as soon as she left. She heard giggling and turned to see Oksana emerge from behind the room divider. The Ukrainian informed the German she had seen the whole thing. Belinda started to cry in embarrassment, knowing Oksana had probably recorded it or taken pictures. Suddenly there was knocking at the door and Mrs Szalinski yelled: “Belinda be a dear and go greet the guests. And don’t even think about pulling up your panties! You’re gonna be the main decoration tonight!”

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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