Gesperax, “Wrath of the Dragon” Spanking Story and Illustrations

Gesperax is a German spanking artist who enjoys telling stories through her art. Her main characters are Belinda Krüger – a full of mischief troublemaker from Germany, and Livonna and Dame Athanasia – quite unlucky she-werewolf and vampiress from a medieval fantasy.

Wrath of the Dragon by Gesperax

This story was inspired by Kalidwen’s game Elven Kingdom, which can be found here.

“Finally!” vampiress said. She looked around, feasting her eyes on a gold plates, goblets, coins and jewels. “This is it! The dragon’s treasures!”

“Wow!” her werewolf companion sighed deeply “This is amazing!”

“Yes,” vampiress nodded “Now stay on watch! I need to check one thing!” she bend over a chest “Let me pick this lock…”

“Stay on watch yourself!” she-werewolf said annoyed “I want to get something too!” she stand on her knees, grabbing the gold. “So much! So shiny! And all will be mine!”

Vampiress just sneered and took a book from the chest.

“Yes! An ancient knowledge! Some people are sure, it was lost forever, but now I found it!” she set down and opened the spellbook “Perfect! Perfect!”

While both girls were busy with their trophies, they didn’t notice how a big lizard-alike green head appeared from the depths of the cave. The dragon heard a noise and looked out to find out who had disturb him.

“Who dared to step into my lair?” the dragon asked in thundering voice “Who wants to be burned alive slowly and painfully?” he exhaled some smoke right in scared girls faces, making them coughing.

Vampiress and she-werewolf jumped up and stood in panic. They had no idea what to do and just stand in silence like a two naughty schoolgirls waiting for their punishment.

The dragon looked at them in anger.

“So, you dared to invade into my lair! You dared to try to steal from me! What would you say in your defense?” he exhaled some more smoke.

“Emm…” she-werewolf said “We’re sorry, your mightiness! Maybe we’ll just go away and never disturb you again?” she gulped.

“What?! You tried to steal from me and you’re thinking you can get away with it?!” the dragon roared. “You’re even more foolish, then I thought, if you believe you can! No, hussies! No way!” he pulled down vampiress’s leather pants “At least not without any punishment! And for such a foolish and brassy a human punishment will be the most relevant! On all fourth! Both of you!”

Both girls were too scared even to try to struggle. They stand on all fours obediently. The dragon put his paws over their shoulders and raised his tail. With a loud SWISCH!!! dragon’s tail brought down on a two bare behinds. Vampiress and she-werewolf screamed in pain out loud. Flexible and heavy, the dragon’s tail was worse than any whip. It was bringing an unbearable pain. Both girls were squirming under dragon’s paws and wagging their bottoms desperately, but they could do nothing to get away from their punishment. The dragon roared and raised his tail again and again to bring it down on a two pairs of sore buttocks.

The dragon whipped hard luck girls, like there’ll be no tomorrow. She-werewolf howled so loud that her bawling were heard even outside the cave, while vampiress cried and wept as bitter as possible. Their bottoms became all over dark red and unbearable sore, but the punishment didn’t end. Only when both girls were totally in tears and could only bawl in pain, and vampiress totally loosed her pants and shoes, dragon finally stopped.

The dragon waited for some minutes, until partners in crime finally calmed down a little bit and, still weeping and sobbing, got up, carefully rubbing their sore bottoms.

“We’re very sorry! Thank you for this lesson, your mightiness!” vampiress said, sniffing. She-werewolf only nodded, bleating.

“Good!” the dragon said “And now I will count to five, and if you won’t disappear from my lair before I’ll end, I’ll burn you alive! One!” he exhaled a big cloud of smoke.

Vampiress and she-werewolf gasped and ran away as fast as they could, trying not to pay attention to the pain in their backsides. They soon were almost outside, but the cave entrance was hole-alike, so they had no choice but to climb out

“Give me a lift! Now!” vampiress commanded.

She-werewolf growled, but pushed her friend from behind to help her to climb over a rock.

“OW!!! Be careful, you!” vampiress complained, when she-werewolf’s paw touched her sore behind.

“I try!” she-werewolf excused “Better be hurry!”

Suddenly they both heard “Five!” and dragon’s head appeared from the depths of the cave. He laughed and exhaled a long tongue of flame.

She-werewolf’s desperate howling was heard for a miles around the mountains.

“Boohoo!!! My poor bottom! Damned ancient lizard! I won’t sit down for a week!” she-werewolf wept, soaking her burned bottom in bucket filled with a cold water.

“Shut up, useless animal!” vampiress snapped out, looking at her partner in crime angrily. She was rubbing a healing nostrum in her sore striped buttocks “This is all your fault!”

“My fault?!” she-werewolf half-raised from the bucket, griting her teeth.

“And who’s fault is it? I told you to stay on watch! If you wasn’t that greedy, we didn’t overlooked the dragon!”

“Oh, should I just stand on watch, while you would take all the treasures yourself?! And why didn’t you stand on watch?!”

“Because I was looking for an ancient knowledge not just for gold, you, stupid animal! And shut up if you don’t want to get another whipping from me!”

More of Gesperax’s artwork can be viewed on SpankingSlumberParty, AnimeOTK and DeviantArt.

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