Spanking Poetry

I came across some erotic poetry about spanking on Reddit the other day by AnimeTentaclePenises and with their permission I am sharing it here. The spanking illustrations I have included are by Milo Manara.

Soft, supple ass cheeks – pure like a virgin snow

Patiently waiting to be stricken, and given a rosy glow

A gentle, caring caress soothes and warms your skin

Not knowing when the sharp searing pain might begin

Knee caps on your belly; your butt pressed high in the air

I whisper naughty things to you, and firmly pull your hair

Now you squirm and sigh as the silence broken

Giving in to your secret desire – the animal within you has awoken

Here is also a haiku about spanking by AnimeTentaclePenises.

My pupils dilate

Watching you jiggle and turn

Glowing shades of pink

When AnimeTentaclePenises isn’t writing spanking related poetry he is preforming and creating music. 🎶

Smiles and Spanks,