Rebecca Part 3, “Housewives At Play: Hanky Spanky” Spanking Illustrations

Spanking illustrations from the graphic novel Housewives At Play: Hanky Spanky by Rebecca, also known as Rebecca Hap.

“Rebecca opens a can of whup-ass! It’s bottoms-up as your favorite portrayer of perfect perversion takes her lineup of lovely lesbian ladies over her knee and delivers her most hard-hitting gallery of pin-ups yet! These raw, rosy-cheeked women have been very, very bad and are getting the punishment they deserve! See them paddled – and poked, pinched and prodded – by their female friends and neighbors using belts, brushes, spoons, strap-ons, and the good old-fashioned open hand. Discipline has never been so delightful! This wham-bam collection will leave you saying…Thank you Ma’am! May I have another?”

Smiles and Spanks,