Franco Part 3, Women In Charge

It’s time for some Women In Charge by Franco. Nuns, Mothers, Teachers, Aunts, Governesses and Nurses…oh my!

I love the “Daily Spankings” illustration below. The amused look on the nuns’ faces as they observe the scene, the two freshly spanked young man watching the third over the knee of the determined disciplinarian, his sock beginning to slide off as he squirms around. The hour glass labeled “SPANK TIME” (I need one of these…) with a waiting implement next to it. And I can imagine that the rhythmic slaps and the yelps of the spankee in this stonewall dungeon produces a delightful sound – you can almost hear it!

More tears to come in Franco Part 4, Spanking Patrol, because as Franco says – “Big boys do cry!”

Smiles and Spanks,