Franco Part 1, Holy Spanks!

I’ve been meaning to put the Franco posts together ever since he messaged me months ago and it’s finally happened, yay! We are starting things off with Holy Spanks! and also a note from the man himself:

“I have always had a spanking fetish, as long as I can remember. My initial interest was, and still leans towards F/M spanking, but, in a particular venue, where a much older woman, fitting the role of a Nanny or Governess, Teacher, or even a Nun spanks a much younger and very fit, young man. Spanking art, it is fantasy, the stuff of erotic imaginations, and for the creator of such images, it is comprised of with what we may have been told, read about or even experienced.” – Franco

Poor boy! How can we stop now? With your round bottom so full of wickedness!

Explore more wickedness in Franco Part 2, Naughty Boy Color Illustrations.

Smiles and Spanks,