“If I Were Mrs. Taylor’s Daughter” by Ms. N

One of my San Francisco spankees, Ms. N, wrote several short spanking stories during our virtual sessions and asked if I would post one on my blog. Here it is, enjoy!

“If I Were Mrs. Taylor’s Daughter” by Ms. N

I love my boyfriend, but I have a crush on Mrs.Taylor.  My mom calls the Taylors the “power couple” of the neighborhood.  She said they decided to forgo a family in favor of their careers, both successful corporate attorneys.  The Taylors moved next door when I was in 5th grade and I’ve always been fascinated by Mrs. Taylor. I sometimes catch myself staring at her during our regular neighborhood block parties or at their annual Christmas party, and I try to imitate the way she speaks, laughs or gestures with her hands.  I often wonder what it would be like to be her daughter.

“Madi!” my mom yells from the bottom of the stairs, “I need you to go to the store.”

Now that I’m 18 and have my driver’s license, my mom takes full advantage of sending me on errands she doesn’t want to run.  Driving is still a novelty for me, so I don’t mind taking the car out, plus I’ll get to stop at T-Pumps for my favorite honey boba tea.  I walk down the stairs and into the kitchen.  My mom hands me a grocery list, her debit card and her car keys.

“Don’t stop at your boyfriend’s house. I need these items for dinner tonight,” she instructs.

“Fine,” I say as I toss everything into my pack and head out the front door.

I press the keyless entry button to unlock the car, and I think I hear a faint “yelp” coming from the Taylor’s house.  I pause for a second and listen, thinking maybe I’m just hearing things, then I hear it again.  It sounds like a man, and I wonder if Mr. Taylor has maybe injured himself.  I decide to walk over just to make sure I don’t need to call 911.  

I cross their front lawn and over to the opposite side of the house.  The home next to theirs has been for sale for several months and no one is living there, so I don’t worry about someone stopping me to ask what I’m doing.  I start walking towards the back of the house and I hear what sounds like slapping along with Mrs. Taylor’s voice.  I can’t hear what she’s saying, but I can tell by her tone she’s not happy.

I slow my pace and start to sneak quietly towards the back window that I can see is slightly open.  As I move closer, the slapping noise is quite audible, and I can now hear Mrs. Taylor speaking very sternly about checking with her before making large expenditures.  I can also hear Mr. Taylor saying how sorry he is and promising to do better.  

“Is Mr. Taylor crying?” I think to myself.

As I come fully up to the back window, I have to crouch slightly so I’m not seen.  I know I shouldn’t be sneaking around like this, but my nervous energy and insatiable curiosity are getting the better of me.  I slowly come out of my crouch and peer into the window.  I can see from the dressers and closet that it’s their bedroom.  I turn my head slightly and I can see Mrs. Taylor sitting on the bed, her back to the window where I’m staring in.  I can also see Mr. Taylor, who appears to be completely naked, over her lap and she’s spanking him with a black paddle.

I continue to stare, transfixed, as she smacks his bare bottom over and over with the paddle while he writhes and pleads with her to stop.  I have a tight feeling in my stomach and my legs start to feel a bit shaky, but I don’t move from that spot.  As I’m watching, I suddenly realize the spanking has abruptly stopped. I continue to stand there for a beat before looking up and noticing Mrs. Taylor has turned around and is staring right at me.

 I quickly duck down. “Oh shit,” I say to myself with a sinking feeling.

“Madi, is that you?” comes Mrs. Taylor’s voice calmly from the open window.

I know I am so busted, but I cannot move or say anything. “Madilynn Sims, is that you?” she says quite firmly this time.

I finally relent knowing I’ve been caught. “Yes, Mrs. Taylor.”

“Meet me at the back door this instant, young lady!” she orders.

I stand up fully so we can see each other. “Ye…yes, Mrs. Taylor,” I stammer as I start to head towards their back gate.

I can hear her telling Mr. Taylor to put his nose in the corner and that she is not done with him.  I open the back gate and walk to the back door, my heart pounding like crazy and wishing I was in line at T-Pumps instead of here.  Mrs. Taylor is waiting for me, holding the screen door open. “Get in here now, Madi,” she says sternly as I start walking up the short flight of stairs.

I walk past her and into the kitchen as she closes the door behind us.  She immediately grabs my upper arm with her left hand pulling me further into the kitchen, and gives me five fast hard swats with her right hand squarely on my bottom. “What were you doing sneaking around outside our house?” she asks in a very firm tone.

I stand stupidly unable to say anything, shocked that I just received swats from our neighbor like I was a five year old.  She turns me around again and delivers six more hard spanks. “Don’t make me ask you again, young lady!  What were you doing sneaking around by our bedroom window?”

“I..I thought I heard Mr. Taylor yelp and I came over to make sure he wasn’t hurt,” I stammer.

“Well, when you hear something like that, you go to the front door and ring the doorbell.  You don’t creep around the side of someone’s private residence and peer into their bedroom window,” she admonishes.

“I’m really sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” I say shakily.

“Well, I’m going to have to teach you a lesson in proper behavior, miss, and I expect you to keep what you’ve seen here to yourself. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mrs. Taylor,” I barely eke out.

She leaves my side for a moment and walks over to the kitchen counter where she has an assortment of wooden spoons in a ceramic container.  She selects one and walks over to the kitchen table and pulls out a chair.  Instead of grabbing my arm, this time she grabs my ear harshly and pulls me over to her right side as she sits down.  Before I know it, she has unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my panties down below my knees. She then grabs my ear again and forcibly pulls me over her lap.

I’m shaking pretty strongly at this point as I realize I’m about to get a spanking.  She begins to harshly and rhythmically deliver multiple stinging spanks over my bottom, sit spot and thighs with the wooden spoon.  I immediately start to squirm helplessly in pain over her lap, my bottom warming quickly.  I try to say how sorry I am, but it only comes out as ridiculous squeaks as a small sob escapes.

As she continues with the increasingly painful spanks, she begins to scold me,”This is what happens to nosy little girls who behave in such a sneaky way.  You should be ashamed of yourself!  You are an 18 year old young woman acting like a five year old and you’re going to be punished!”

Tears are flowing freely at this point and I stop trying to hold them back knowing I have no control.  I reach my hand back to cover my bottom, and take a stinging rap on the knuckles with the spoon.  “I guess you won’t be trying that again!” Mrs. Taylor scolds.

She continues with the relentless spanks with the spoon covering my sit spot and thighs thoroughly.  I know my bottom must be bright red at this point leading to further feelings of embarrassment and shame. After what feels like an eternity, she finally slows her strokes, then stops; I can hear her place the spoon on the table.  I’m in full heaving sobs and feel acutely humiliated being over her lap with my panties and jeans pulled down.

She starts speaking in a calm and firm tone, “I hope you’ve learned your lesson, and will think twice before skulking around outside someone’s house rather than minding your own business.”

I can only nod my head through the continued flow of tears. “Now, I’m going to help you up, and you can pull up your panties and jeans,” she directs.

She helps me stand up on shaky legs and I turn around overcome by embarrassment as I pull up my panties and jeans and button the front.  I can see she’s staring at me, but I keep my eyes down. “Remember what I said about keeping what you’ve seen here today to yourself.  I think you have a good appreciation of the consequences if you don’t.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Mrs. Taylor.”

She puts her hand on my shoulder as she guides me to the back door.  She opens the door and holds the screen for me as I gingerly make my way down the back steps. “Goodbye, Madi,” she says as I reach the bottom of the stairs.

“Goodbye, Mrs. Taylor,” I say quietly, still unable to make eye contact.

I walk slowly and painfully along the side of their house taking extra care to not look in their bedroom window.  I walk through their front yard and back over to my mom’s car, again pressing the keyless entry which has relocked.  I carefully lower myself into the driver’s seat wincing, my bottom still on fire.  As I start the car, I think to myself that this is what it would be like to be Mrs Taylor’s daughter.

The End

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