Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 10

Spanking illustrations and story, “Auntie Deirdre and the Broken Ruler” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen and a few notes from Funbun. ;-)

“NaturallyGin asked me if I could add a ‘Note’, so here it is: For many of us who are attracted to spanking, it’s a lifelong fascination; as it is with me. Hated and cherished. Rejected and accepted. A struggle and a love affair… Most of us don’t know where it comes from; this ‘obsession’. But we are aware it’s there and will only seldom go or disappear. That counts for me as well. I learned to accept it and after many years (I’m 76 now) I finally understood it’s an expression of love..! However odd it may sound. Spanking is an ‘ACT OF LOVE’ to me; an act between two people that have a trustful, respectful and deep understanding of each other. It can be compared to love. Softer or harder it all depends on the moment and the relationship. Both spanker and spankee have to know…Trust their hearts…I try to depict that love aspect in my drawings and feel very happy when followers recognize it. My heart literally jumps with joy when they let me know! It inspires me to create more and more artwork over the years. It can never be ‘bad’ when you spank or get spanked as long as it is in a loving way…” – Funbun

A note about PurleyPennyGreen from Funbun: “She asked me if I could ‘redo’ some of her drawings; thinking they were not good enough. As an amateur artist myself, I assured her that her drawings had a lot of expression and character. But she convinced me that I could enhance her sketches. So I did…Who can ignore a fellow artist’s request?”

“Auntie Deirdre and the Broken Ruler” by Funbun

Auntie Deirdre had a no-nonsense approach to discipline. To her, young girls in their late teens needed frequent, good and hard spankings!

Rosaleen knew Auntie Deirdre spanked her cousins and with this in her mind she realized she wouldn’t be free from punishments during her stay at Aunties.

Spankings were brisk and short. You had to undress completely before turning yourself over her knee. A few caresses and then…Whack Whack! Whack! Smack…! Slapping her hand full force into your naked  buttocks! For the older girls she used a wooden ruler that left angry lines on the soft surfaces. And it was with Rosaleen that, after a few hard whacks, the ruler broke!

“Lucky me! I’m getting off easy!” Rosaleen thought, but the incident made Auntie Deirdre even angrier and within minutes she returned with a sturdy hairbrush! Rosaleen went over her knee again and Auntie Deirdre started from scratch! The brush was hurting way more than the ruler and Rosaleen yelled at the top of her lungs! The ruler was never replaced as the brush was highly satisfactory….!

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Smiles and Spanks,