Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 9

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Rosaleen’s Spankable Buttock” & “Spanked By Grandma” by artist Funbun.

“Rosaleen’s Spankable Buttock” by Funbun

Lady M decided to rent the empty rooms in her house to young female students. As there was a huge storage of student accommodation she could set a strict set of rules and threaten to punish them properly when they flouted these rules.

As these young girls lived their freedom to the max, away from home and parents, they pretty often became the culprits of Lady M. when she threatened: “You’re out of this house tomorrow!” Most girls asked if she would reconsider and were prepared to do whatever she wanted…

“I might reconsider, but only after I have punished you properly! That is, over my knee for a good old-fashioned spanking!” Most agreed and in her own living room she ordered the naughty girl to take off her overclothes.

“Mmmm…it’s a pity that young students aren’t spanked anymore, as they have the most suitable buttocks for it!” Then she took the unfortunate girl over her knee and spanked her. Long and hard. The thin material of their panties offering no protection, apart from some modesty. She loved to see the tender cheeks bouncing over her lap, to see them redden and to hear the crisp loud smacks and the squeals of the girls! And this new girl, Rosaleen, had an extraordinary spankable buttocks!

“Spanked By Grandma” by Funbun

Rosaleen had one of those cozy, very personal ‘get-togethers’ with her Granny. It was about spanking…

“So, you took mom over your knee for a spanking?” Grandma nodded.

“I always had to bend over when mom spanked me. She whacked my bum with a wooden spoon.”

“To me that is not intimate enough. I like the body to body contact, to feel the naughty girl over my lap and caress and smack her bare buttocks. You inherited your gorgeous buttocks from your mum and her sister, I believe. I made sure they were completely naked before I turned them over my knee. Their upturned naked buttocks offer a splendid target, but admittedly, I always had difficulty not to kiss the lovely orbs instead of spanking them! I loved my girls. Still do. And as long as my girls were home they got spanked when naughty.”

All of a sudden Rosaleen couldn’t resist. She dropped her dress, took off her panties and flipped herself over Grandma’s knees. She felt Grandma’s hand caressing the velvety cheeks for a while and all of the sudden….Smack!

“Have you been naughty?” Rosaleen nodded. Smack! Smack! “Very naughty?” Rosaleen nodded again and Grandma started for real. Rosaleen twisted and turned over her lap as Grandma spanked her. Much harder than mom ever did…! Tears were falling and when it was over her Grandma held her lovingly in her arms…

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Smiles and Spanks,