Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 8

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Opera Diva Takes Charge” & “Another Spankee!” by artist Funbun.

“Opera Diva Takes Charge” by Funbun

Many Opera singers have a voluminous chest. As was the case with Diva Carmione. She was World famous and happened to live close to my parents. My mom befriended her and after a year of close relationships, Carmione offered to assist with my sister Kathy’s singing lessons, which was a real privilege!

I tried to join my sister as I love classical music and – being her brother – was allowed to share the many privileges…

But one day there was an argument between Carmione and my sister that really upset the Diva. She ordered Kathy to her private quarters after her performance and I went with my sister.

Little words were exchanged, but Carmione took Kathy’s dress completely off. In her underwear she was standing before her teacher and second later she was upended across her lap. Her white panties went down and a good spanking followed..! Kathy clearly knew she had gone too far as she underwent the spanking relatively easily.

I will never forget the big bosom of Carmione hovering above Kathy’s naked bottom…Her big breasts almost popped out of her strapless dress.

She didn’t spank my sister very hard, but she took her time. I don’t know why, but I knew that this was going to happen more often and I was right. During her singing lessons Carmione took Kathy more and more over her knee to spank her lovely and well-rounded bottom.

Later I learned that both loved it. Carmione to spank and Kathy to get spanked…

“Another Spankee!” by Funbun

Mrs. D was in charge of the student lodging house. With the many girls she saw come and go, she could read their minds like no one else; ask Rosaleen!

“I saw you reading Love & Passion. Great book isn’t it; particularly the spanking scenes!”

Rosaleen blushed and admitted, “Yes I like them, but it is hard to believe that a young woman can derive so much pleasure from her spankings…!”

“Well, I know quite a few girls who do and it’s easy to find out.” Mrs. D realized she had the lead and continued: “Which passage in the book did you like best, Rosaleen?”

“Where the girl is spanked in her pajamas…”

“Okay, go to your room, change into pajamas and I will come up to re-enact the scene with you.”

Rosaleen looked Mrs. D deep in the eyes and went up…Only minutes later we find her over Mrs. D’s lap, at the side of her bed with her pajamas at half mast! Her well-rounded buttocks bare in the air and firmly slapped!

“Ohh…Ouch! Ouch…Ohhh..It…it….”

“Feels good doesn’t it?!” Mrs. D Asked. She watched every reaction and realized: “Here I have another spankee!”

She gave Rosaleen a good spanking and continued to do so during the years she stayed at the lodge…

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Smiles and Spanks,