Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 7

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Female Flatmates” & “A Dedicated Psychologist” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

“Female Flatmates” by Funbun

During summertime, female students would walk around in rather flimsy mini-dresses. We lived in an apartment specifically built for the housing of students. Each apartment accommodates five to six students. Girls with girls and boys with boys, but all in the same building, so a continuous flow of traffic between those apartments was guaranteed.

Most student groups have set certain rules and specifically in the female apartments those rules were strictly enforced.

So it was no exception to hear one girl telling the other, she broke the rules and would be punished…

It always amazed me how accepting the culprits were. Of course they realized they had broken the rules and without making much fuss they allowed the other student to take her across her lap, flip up her mini-dress and lower her panties…Often witnessed by fellow students and visitors too.

A brisk short spanking followed. Firm slaps on the bare buttocks that made them red in no time. A spanking lasted one or two minutes, I guess and was over quickly. Leaving the culprit pouting and rubbing her glowing buttocks…

It was in the sixties and most students had been spanked at home. So they were used to this kind of punishment. But it always amazed me how easy they took the spankings from their fellow flatmates.

“A Dedicated Psychologist” by Funbun

This is a story with a twist…

“I want you to report to my office, right after class,” the new Professor had said in a stern voice. She had just arrived to teach psychology at Moynihan University. The students agreed that she was stunning! A still young, powerful and very bright woman that attracted all kinds of attention. Male students were fantasizing about a date with her and many females had a feel of competition. Like Marisa who challenged and teased the new Professor in no uncertain ways! It went on for a while, until she heard these words: “I want you to report to my office, right after class!”

As soon as she had entered, the Professor closed and locked the door behind her: “Sit down, Marisa. I believe there is a need to discuss a few items. First of all, I am no competitor to you or any of the other students, as I do not engage in relationships with students. It might be of interest to you to know that I am happily married and have two young daughters. Therefore, the disruptions in my class caused by you, are childish and little ‘grown up’. You may try to ridicule me, but I believe that the ridicule is all yours, as most students tell me that they are annoyed by your attitude towards me. As a psychologist I can clearly see the underlying problem, which we could discuss at length, but I am not prepared to do that, as I want you to find out for yourself after you have finished your studies. What I want to do however is punish you..!”

Marisa had only half listened to the monologue of her Professor, but after the word “punish” she was all attention! “What..!?”

“As I said, I believe that you have earned yourself a severe punishment!” Marisa’s body tensed and she became all aggressive: “So what kind of punishment are you thinking of? Making me do lines…’I shall not give my new Professor a hard time?'” The words came out rather sarcastically.

“No, I was thinking more of the kind of punishment I would give my daughters when they behaved like you. I am going to give you a spanking!”

Marisa couldn’t believe her ears! “You.. You.. What..!!? You think you can give me a spanking..!?”

The Professor went to her desk and took a letter from a drawer. She passed it onto the girl: “Please read!”

It was in the handwriting of her mom. Marisa recognized it immediately! There were only a few lines, but that made it clear that the Professor had been communicating with her. The final lines were such that Marisa read them with big eyes:

“I wholeheartedly agree with your thesis about my daughter and endorse your approach. A good old-fashioned spanking will probably do her a world of good! You have our full approval to go ahead..!”

Marisa read the lines again and again. It was upsetting her and at the same time it reduced her fighting spirit and rebellion completely…!

She noticed that the Professor had planted a straight-backed chair in the center of her room. The two women looked each other in the eye for a long time and all of a sudden Marisa was across the Professor’s lap! She didn’t resist. She totally surrendered and felt the hem of her skirt being lifted! This woman, this Professor knew what she needed. Marisa’s brains were racing: “How come that she knew? That Marisa always had dreamed of a strict person, that would take her in hand…?”

Her panties were rolled down and she felt the cool air of the room striking over the pale trembling skin of her bare buttock’s!

“Ouch..! Ouch..! Ouch..!!” She yelled from the very first slaps as the Professor laid it on pretty hard right from the beginning! She used a rather dedicated method, alternating between both cheeks for a while and then, all of a sudden, landed a series of hard spanks on exactly the same spot. That hurt a lot and Marisa was yelling and screaming! Her poor buttocks glowing like mad! She started to cry and beg: “Please stop! I’ll never do it agaaiiinnn..! Please.!! Pleeeease..!!!”

When it was finally over she felt like she could never sit again! Big tears were rolling down her face and she only heard the voice of the Professor from a distance: “We will repeat this every week, Marisa, until you have found your balance again..!”

Two years and many spankings later, she dated Carl. She trusted him and told him about the many spankings she received from her Professor. He just laughed: “Oh, that woman! She’s known in the whole academic world for her spanking addiction! I don’t know how many students have ended up across her knee! She just loves to spank the lush bottoms of her female students..! Married with children?” He laughed even more: “Do you know her latest book? It’s called ‘How to cheat yourself into the situation you want..!’ She is a really good psychologist and a nice liar too….!”

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