Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 6

Spanking illustrations and stories, “It Just Happened” & “First Thing In the Morning” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

“First Thing In the Morning” by Funbun

Jack loved his young wife dearly. Maybe even more so as she had an addiction to spanking. At their second date already she had suggested he should spank her when he felt she needed one.

Playfully he had given her a few light swats over her skirt. Reason for her to tease and seduce him by being constantly ‘naughty’..
And so they enrolled into a loving relationship that was full of spanking.

They married and the first thing he did when he sat up in bed was pull his pretty wife across his lap; almost every morning…To slap her lush, well-curved buttocks to his heart’s content..! 

Always in a hurry to go to work, he knew that the glow generated in her buttocks would last a couple of hours and make her randy. Ready for frantic love-making as soon as he came home again.

“It Just Happened” by Funbun

It just happened. He had threatened her several times with a spanking and all the times she had reacted with that special sparkle in her eye. Both knew it shouldn’t happen in an office environment, but it did..!

James read the sparkle and all of a sudden he had grabbed her and pulled her across his knees. As if he was perfectly entitled to do so, he pulled up her dress and lowered her black panties. Her buttocks were mature and excellent..! Great for spanking!

Not a word was exchanged. Not even when James’ hand explored the soft cheeks. He felt the little tremblings that went through her body and understood she wanted this as badly as he wanted to spank her.

The first smacks were not overly hard and she hardly responded. He understood he had to be more strict…Way more..! And soon the sounds of a real bare bottom spanking were reverberating through the room.

This time she reacted and her body twisted and rocked over his lap. Ouches escaped her mouth and her buttocks were rapidly coloring now. He spanked her for some five minutes, creating a deep hot glow into her magnificent buttocks before he pulled her panties back up again.

She rose from her position, straightened her dress and said: “I have to dash, I need to finish some minutes.” She walked away as if nothing had happened!

But within a week she was back. Challenging and teasing him. And only minutes later the room was filled with the crisp sharp sounds of another firm spanking taking place..! James pondered about the why, as she didn’t explain anything. She just came regularly and always got what she wanted: A firm spanking on her bare behind..!!

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Smiles and Spanks,