Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 5

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Spanking the Maid” & “Full of Lust” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

Spanking the Maid by Funbun

Georgina was a bit tipsy after returning home from a nice party. She had been dancing the Charleston and the swing was still in her mind.

The maid opened the door. Georgina saw the gorgeous young French maid in her black and white uniform and couldn’t stop herself…

“I still feel the ‘swing’ and really have to spank you..!” she said, disposing of her lovely evening gown.

She sat on a stool and took the pretty maid over her knee. “Ohhh… Non..! Madame..!!” Nadine squealed.

But Georgina had lifted her short dress already and lowered her panties. “You have such a beautiful behind..! Just ‘magnifique’..! I have to spank those lovely buttocks.. Just because I feel like it…!”

Soon the room filled with the slapping and smacking sounds of a firm hand onto very bare buttocks of the maid. Accompanied by her yells and squeals. Georgina reddened the soft cheeks and enjoyed every second of the spanking. She loved to spank her French maid and did so frequently.

The maid who had been spanked by her mom and aunties many times before was well-accustomed to spankings and didn’t really mind. She knew that, when she complained to Georgina about spanking her for no reason half an hour later, Georgina would come up with five pounds…Half a week’s pay!

Full of Lust by Funbun

Her best friend was a lovely, frivolous lady in her mid thirties. She could overdo it easily and sometimes she dressed as a tart.
This evening they were supposed to go to the theatre, but when Livia rang the doorbell, nobody opened. She checked her bag and luckily there was a spare key.
Cynthia was home as Livia found her still in bed, dressed in her tight green gym suit.
‘”Hey we were supposed to go out..!'” Livia yelled. “I’m all dressed up and you are still in your sports gear…”

“I was tired and fell asleep. Don’t make such a fuss! It’s only a concert..!”

“Yeah, but I paid for the tickets and they are over $100 each..!” Cynthia turned over in her bed; on her belly… Livia looked at the gorgeous buttocks under the tight material of her gym suit and all of a sudden she felt a great lust rising in her. The lust to really give her friend a good spanking..!

“I’m going to do something better than going to a concert,” she said, pulling Cynthia from her bed and over her knee..!

Only when Cynthia felt her pants being pulled down she reacted. But Livia held her down and lifted her hand. Smack..!! Smack..!! ‘Ohh.. Ouch..! Ouch..!!’
Smack..!! Smack..!!

“Oh yes, this feels really good,” Livia yelled, smacking her friend forcefully on her lucious bare buttocks. “But it hurts..!” Cynthia protested.

“Could be, but it is MUSIC to my ears. A first class concert..!” She continued smacking Cynthia on her bare buttocks till both cheeks were beet red..!

“Pfff…That was heavy work, but what MUSIC! What a concert..!! I think I’m going to do this regularly. Spanking you on your magnificent bottom!”

Cynthia aired a deep sigh. She loved Livia’s compliment about her “magnificent” buttocks and slowly turned and twisted under Livia’s caressing hand. “Your buttocks look red and hot. It’s great to stroke them. They have such a nice glow…”

It felt so good that Cynthia promised herself to give Livia another reason to spank her…

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Smiles and Spanks,