Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 4

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Tennis Pro’s” & “In the Dunes” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

“Tennis Pro’s” by Funbun

They played hard and serious in the knowledge that losing the game meant a good sound spanking..!
Both girls were playing national and international tennis matches at the highest level and to keep their standards high they had agreed to be strict with each other.
After the match the winner was allowed to take the loser across her lap, lift her tennis-skirt and deliver a firm spanking..!
The panties remained up as an unexpected person might show up, attracted by the sharp, ringing sounds of a slapping hand on a pair of half naked female buttocks and the yells and screams of the culprit.
Luckily for both girls they were evenly matched and therefore shared the spankings more or less equally. With four training sessions every week that meant they had to endure at least two good spankings..!

“In the Dunes” by Funbun

It was the first time they were really together. In the dunes, in total privacy…Deeply in love as only late teens can be. “You really want me to do it..?” he asked. She nodded.

They had often talked about it. She had opened up more and more and over time he had given her more and more slaps on her bottom…
After a few months he knew she craved a real spanking, but circumstances were difficult. In those days moms or sisters and brothers were often at home as well and privacy was difficult to obtain.

They were over the moon when allowed to go to the sea alone. He had been amazed to see how sexy her bathing suit was. It was made from modern lycra and easily slipped up her well-rounded buttocks..

They swam and rested on the beach to warm up again. Him glancing at her perfect bum. “Shall we go into the dunes, so that nobody can see us..!?”

Enthusiast she jumped up and ran. He chased her and she ended up where she wanted to be…Over his knee…!

“You really want me to do it?”

She looked him in the eye and he knew.

And he spanked her! For real…Reddening her bottom…Her reactions were genuine and he could feel that she loved the spanking, despite the pain. He spanked her pretty long and her buttocks were fiery red when he finally stopped.

A few tears were sliding down her cheeks. He sat her on his lap and comforted her…Gosh did he love this girl..!! They made themselves comfortable and she lay next to him on a big towel, her red buttocks up and he caressed and kissed; caressed and kissed the lovely orbs…

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Smiles and Spanks,