Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 3

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Exchanging Educational Aspects” & “Lying About Her Birthday” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

“Exchanging Educational Aspects” by Funbun

“Why don’t you come over? I’m really upset Simone has lied to you..! I will show you how I deal with her..!” Mrs. Delat put down the phone.

“Simone..!” she yelled. Her daughter came downstairs and Mrs. Delat said in a stern voice: “I just got a phone call from Mrs. Grady, telling me that you lied to her..”

“I had to, mom. Otherwise I had to betray her daughter..”

The whole story came out and deep in her heart, Mrs. Delat was proud of her daughter. But she said, “Well I asked Mrs. Grady to come over as I will show her how I deal with lying daughters…!”

About half an hour later Mrs. Grady is seated in an easy chair opposite Mrs. Delat. Her eyes glued to the scene. Simone had to take off her dress and was laying across her mother’s lap in her white underwear. Her well-rounded buttocks up, under the stretched cotton material…

“When my daughters lie, they get spanked,” Mrs. Delat said. Simone expected her panties to be removed as mom always did, but she was spared that embarrassment…

Mom smacked her buttocks hard for five minutes and Simone cried. When Mrs. Delat looked up she saw a hairbrush in Mrs. Grady’s hand…

“I believe you have to finish the spanking with a series of extra smacks with this brush.” She rose from her seat and came over to Mrs. Delat.

“Or do you want me to do it?”

Mrs. Delat, secretly proud of her daughter, had tried to save her the embarrassment of a bare bottom spanking and didn’t want to be too severe on her, but she felt she had to be taken serious and took over the hairbrush. To her dismay, Mrs. Grady lowered the panties of Simone, saying: “I always spank my daughters on the bare..! Simone is eighteen already, so I believe she should experience the same. The impact of the brush is better felt on the bare skin…”

Anger rose in Mrs. Delat. To be told how to handle her daughter infuriated her, in particular as she normally did spank her daughter on the bare..!

“Ohhh..! Ouch…!!Ouch..! Mom…!!” wailed Simone when mom aired her anger on her poor daughter instead of Mrs. Grady.

Mom stopped, threw the brush away, pushed her daughter off her lap and walked out. Simone pulled her panties up in a rapid movement and ran upstairs. Mom was waiting for her. They cuddled and hugged and minutes later mom was carefully applying some soothing cream upon her daughters burning buttocks.

“But Mrs. Grady…” Simone said.

“Ignore her, that bitch…”

“Ohh! Mom…!!”

A big smile ran over Simone’s face as she knew her mom loved her…

Lying About Her Birthday by Funbun

This picture is of a real life experience also.

I lived in a small village and a new family moved in nearby. Nothing special, but the family had a gorgeous eighteen years old ‘classical’ dark-haired daughter. I was immensely impressed with her as she was the kind of girl I dreamed about…

We befriended and both of us enrolled as ‘stage-players’ for a small production that was about all kinds of happenings at our school.
Rehearsals were not only at school but we met many times at my house as well.

One afternoon she needed something typical female and I advised her to look for it in my parents room as my mom might have it.
As she didn’t return I went to investigate and found her slightly bent over in front of my mothers dressing table. She had lifted her dress and gently smacked her panty clad buttocks with my mother’s hairbrush…
She hadn’t heard me coming and silently I watched her. After seeing her doing her best I suddenly coughed. She stopped immediately and let her dress drop back over her well-rounded buttocks. Red-faced she looked at me; not saying a word.

“I see you found what you needed,” I said with a big smile and all of a sudden she burst out: “My mom used to spank me when I was a small girl and the setting of your mothers dressing table reminded me so much that I had to spank myself, as mom always used to spank me in front of her dressing table…I could see her hand landing on my buttocks and that fascinated me…”

I acted as a ‘professional actor’ and said. “Well, I think I can assist you in re-enacting those scenes…” She smiled and said in a soft voice; “It’s my Birthday today…”
I sat down on the chair in front of the dressing table and took her over my knee. She laughed and when I lifted her dress, she sighed.

“You are a little liar! It is NOT your Birthday, but I will spank you for both. Eighteen smacks over your panties to start with. For your Birthday!” I pulled the white cotton panties tight over her gorgeous buttocks and spanked her. She craned her neck not to miss one single smack and got clearly excited…

“And now, as you have been lying, you get a much firmer spanking! On your BARE buttocks.” She sighed, clenched her bum cheeks tight together, but allowed me to lower her panties…

I spanked her for rather a long time with increasing force, but not as hard as a normal spanking would have been. I didn’t want to really hurt her. Just wanted to keep her as long as possible across my lap. Watching her magnificent buttocks slowly redden.

When I finally stopped she ran to the bathroom, to return half an hour later. Both cheeks flushed and excited.

“Well that was very kind of you to give me such a much needed spanking,” she said, planting a big kiss on my cheek. “We might add some discipline into our rehearsals, as I believe that will do me a world of good..!”

It was a lucky start and I spanked her a few times more, but that’s another story.

This really happened and many, many years later we are still friends.

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Smiles and Spanks,