Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 2

Spanking illustrations and stories, “Really Angry” & “The Farmer’s Wife” by artist Funbun.

Really Angry” by Funbun

Susan was so angry that she could hardly wait..!​ ​They had been at a concert and Nikki had done nothing but flirting, even during the performances. Teasing the musicians by flaunting her legs in a very provocative way. Susan had noticed that one violinist at the front of the stage almost lost his music, distracted as he was by Nikki’s movements…

​”​I’ll get you..!​”​ Susan hissed. ‘As soon as we are back home, I’ll get you for this..!!’​ ​​And she did! She pulled Nikki with her straight to the bedroom and plonked her unceremoniously over her knee!

​”​I will do what that poor musician should have done! But he isn’t here, so I will do it on his behalf..!​” ​She pulled Nikki’s dress up and immediately lowered her panties…

​”​I’m sure that musician would have loved to witness this scene, with your bare butt up in the air! That’s certainly a different view! I will act as if he’s present… I’m going to give you the hardest spanking ever..!!​”​

Susan raised her hand high in the air and with a loud “Smack” it landed on one of Nikki’s gorgeous buttocks… “Ouch…!”

Many Ouches, Oooohhh’s and Aaahhh’s were following as Susan really spanked at full force and at a high pace. Colouring Nikki’s buttocks a vivid red all over…

​”​Ohhh.. pleeeease..! Stop..!! I’ll never do it again..!​”​ Nikki wailed. ​”​The neighbours can hear us..!!​”​

​”​I don’t care..! If they can hear us they only can hear that JUSTICE is done. That naughty seductive tramps get their bottoms spanked..! And firmly too..!!!​”

The smacks kept raining down and Nikki was yelling and screaming like the naughty girl she was…

“The Farmer’s Wife” by Funbun

​”​Let me handle that little trollop from the City!​”​ his wife had said a couple of times.​

Lianne stayed at the farm for a student exchange program, but little came off her hands. The farmer enjoyed her youthful beauty and accepted her laziness, as he simply loved to have such a gorgeous girl around him. Much to the jealousy of his wife.​

His wife, no nonsense woman as she was, waited for the right moment and after having a late morning shower, Lianne found her waiting.​..​

She pulled the lovely smelling, but terribly naked girl with her to a straight backed chair and took her over the knee.

​”​I’ll teach you a lesson!​”​ the farmer’s wife yelled and within seconds her work-hardened hand smacked down onto the white, unblemished buttocks of the girl..!

Lianne, who had never been spanked before, yelled and screamed her head off, attracting the attention of the farmer.​ ​He raced up the stairs to see a gorgeous young woman over his wife’s lap, getting a very firm spanking.

At first he felt he should stop the spanking, but his eyes were already caught by the well-rounded bare buttocks of Lianne and he stood just watching.​ ​Lianne’s body rocked and jerked over his wife’s lap, trying to avoid the ongoing series of smacks. But the farmer’s wife was a strong woman and she had no other choice than to accept the first spanking of her life…

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