Funbun, Spanking Illustrations Part 1

Spanking illustrations and story, “Mom Spanks!” by artist Funbun along with some contributions from PurleyPennyGreen.

“Funbun describes himself as a ‘spanking purist’ and this love of the topic is reflected in both his art and his writing. Many writers in this genre seem to feel obligated to include a wider range of fetishes or overt sexual activity. It is refreshing to find an author that devotes himself wholly to traditional spanking. There is an innocent fun about his work, a sense of playfulness. Although not explicit, there is a deep sexual undercurrent that runs through the scenes and hooks the audience. The drawings have a delightful simplicity, almost cartoon-like. The soft colourings add to their warmth and are giving them the sense of capturing bygone era. This is a delight for the spanking enthusiast, a man sharing his passion…” Rosaleen Young

“Mom Spanks!” by Funbun

She had never done it before..! Not even one single smack..! But now, Gaby being eighteen, she decided to change her attitude towards spanking…

“I never believed in spanking as a way of discipline, certainly not for children. But I read a very motivating story in an educational magazine. It was about how to deal with adult daughters…”

Gaby was wriggling impatiently across her mom’s lap. Her skirt was pushed up and her mother’s hand rested on her bum. She listened…

“When grown daughters are still living under their mother’s roof, they tend to argue as if they are on their way to live by themselves. It makes no use arguing back as they don’t listen anymore. But it might be the right time to start spanking..!”

Mom’s hand was stroking the well-rounded buttocks; bare for the major part as the tiny white cotton panties had crept up, leaving Gaby’s buttocks very vulnerable…

“And that’s what I’m going to do..!! Giving you a good spanking..!!!”

She lifted her hand and brought it down with a hefty smack. “Ouch..!! Mom..!!! Ouch.. Ouch..!!!”

Mrs. Davids felt a sudden feeling of power rising in her. She had never expected that spanking her daughter would give her pleasure..! But it did..!! It felt good, really good to firmly spank the well-rounded buttocks of the naughty girl. Each time her hand impacted on the soft cheeks she felt a new sensation. It felt like a tremendous relief to spank the soft orbs across her lap. The wails and yells adding to the experience, as did the reddening of the velvety skin…

When Gaby started to really cry, she slowed down, to finish the spanking with a volley of really firm smacks.

“Gosh, Gaby, that felt good..!! I never felt such a relief in my life before…” Gaby didn’t answer and remained, softly sobbing over her mom’s lap.

Both women knew that spanking would be part of their lives as long as Gaby lived with her mom and probably way beyond…!

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Smiles and Spanks,