Underling Part 3, OSIRIS Techworks

Artwork and OSIRIS Techworks (aka OSIRIS Technologies) storyline by British spanking artist and author Underling.

Medical Mischief! I hope we understand each other now, Mr. Phillips, although that really shouldn’t have been necessary. The company procedure for male medicals is clearly laid out in your employee pack, and yet you chose to be a baby about it. I’m going to be adding a note to your file about your difficult behaviour, which I’m sure will be dealt with thoroughly back at work. They have whole days set aside for that sort of thing. For now, if you give me any more trouble then you’ll simply be paddled again, even harder – after which you’ll be getting your internal exam, AND providing your sperm sample, out there in the waiting room in full view of everybody.

Working at OSIRIS! OSIRIS recruitment notices. The paper advertises jobs at firms where all the managers are female, and motivate their male staff through the routine use of corporal punishment.

Discipline Fridays! The vast majority of OSIRIS employees loved Discipline Fridays. But then the vast majority of employees were female, and thus exempt. For the unfortunate men of the company, never promoted beyond the junior grades, these monthly occurrences were a time of dread. While underperforming women were invited to better themselves via training courses, their male counterparts were motivated through public humiliation and corporal punishment. On each third Friday of the month, they queued naked in the busy corridor outside the interview room and awaited their turn with the paddle. The CEO insisted on conducting these sessions herself: while all her girls were familiar to her through the many corporate events organised for female staff, this was almost the only contact she had with their male colleagues. Unfortunately her busy schedule often forced her to keep the men waiting and on display, sometimes for hours at a time. Never mind – they had only themselves to blame, and would have to come in over the weekend to catch up with their work. No matter the delay, the interviews themselves were never hurried, and the agenda was always the same. The trembling employee stood hands-on-head in front of the desk while the report on his failings was read out by Janine, the CEO’s dedicated PA. He was then subjected to a lengthy verbal dressing-down that could be heard several offices away, and that the smirking Janine enthusiastically minuted for his file. Finally, he bent over the desk and presented his bare bottom for the long, hard application of the paddle. Although now into her sixties, the CEO was a keen squash player and had a powerful arm. A satisfied smile played across her lips as she provided the necessary incentive to these backsliding underlings. As the sounds of wood on skin and muffled cries echoed up and down the corridor, the same women who had enjoyed the spectacle on their arrival that morning now found excuses to run new errands. It was a fresh delight to see those who had already been dealt with facing the wall to display the livid hues of their well beaten behinds, and those still awaiting their fate squirming at the sounds within. No doubt about it – OSIRIS was a great place for a woman to work.

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