Leon Roze, “Le Fouet au Moyen-âge” Spanking Illustrations

Leon Roze was a French spanking artist who worked in the 1900s and 1910s. Below are his illustrations from the 1908 novel Le Fouet au Moyen-âge (The Whip in the Middle Ages) by Aimé Van Rod.

“It is worse, it is on the clothing, to warn them of the kind of punishment, that the first slap was given. But the authoritative voice of the fat nun is heard. ‘Let’s take down pants, my sisters.’ The gray canvas pants are lowered which enclose the large moons of their neighbors pleasantly pink at the same time as strongly plump, even copious. And on the four bare moons the four manual beaters rise and Geraldine thus receives, side by side with Colette who wriggles and sighs like her, the most ignominious humiliation of corrections.” – Excerpt from Le Fouet au Moyen-âge

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