RedRump Part 2, Interview from Wellred Weekly

Spanking Artist: RedRump

Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of RedRump.

Volume 1, Number 1 : November 1, 2011

How long have you been drawing spanking art?

As long as I can remember. As a kid, I would hide them deep in the pile of unrelated drawings I kept in an old shirt box, so my parents would not stumble on them. They were pretty poor drawings, often based on women I’d see on tv, or teachers I had. I remember Miss Newland in 5th grade used to threaten to spank misbehavers, though she never did – except in my imagination and my sketches, of course.

Where can your spanking art be seen?

Exclusively on my blog, Red Rump Spanking Art.

What inspires you to draw?

At the risk of pseudo-intellectualizing, I think art offers a glimpse into the human psyche that photos rarely capture. It’s iconic imagery that, when motivated by sincerity, reveals something of the artist’s emotions and desires in a way that can spark an immediate response of connection in a viewer. Through any piece of art, artist and viewer meet and hopefully smile in recognition of a kindred soul.

Where do you get your ideas from?

My own imagination, mostly. There has to be something about the image that captures my interest – a particular, signature moment or a nuance of emotion in one of the subjects, or even a sense of humor. It’s remarkable the range of possibilities available with spanking as the core subject. The scenario can be sensual and erotic, or daunting, or quirky, or harsh, or lighthearted and tongue-in-cheek. I want to explore the multiplicity of emotional tones the subject has to offer.

Are there other artists that interest or inspire you?

God, yes! Too many to mention by name. but I am very drawn to the work of the great American illustrators (Rockwell and Leyendecker, the two most prominent of them, each did the odd spanking painting for national household magazines!), and all the great advertising art from the 50’s and 60’s that depicted female archetypes of the era so beautifully.

Do you have a particular technique or way that you go about drawing?

Nothing very fancy or sophisticated. I usually just sketch loosely on bond paper (my scanner only takes letter size paper), and then run the scan through photoshop to clean it up a bit, or add color if the drawing grabs my interest. However, there are certain compositional principles I try to adhere to in seeking a sense of liveliness and visual impact. I find that if a drawing turns out flat and lifeless, it’s usually because I ignored those technical rules.

Do you prefer to draw in colour or black & white/greyscale?

Color is wonderful, but consumes a lot of time – a commodity I am in short supply of. I usually have a couple of color pieces on the go, which I slowly pick away at while I try to chug out a black and white drawing or two for my blog, but even those take me awhile.

Is there a target audience that you specifically aim at?

Not really – to be sincere in my work, I have to please myself first. Those who are of similar mind will respond. I see no purpose in trying to reach out to an audience I have no kinship with. I think it would be impossible to try to appeal to a wide base of spanking art fans, in any case. Many spanking enthusiasts have very specific tastes, right down to particular pieces of clothing the spanker might wear, or a pose which might make or break a picture for them. It’s a visceral, gut reaction that either works or doesn’t work.

Does your artwork represent your own spanking preferences?

Always. I love the whole retro theme, ‘retro’ in my case meaning the era from roughly the late 40’s through to the mid 60’s. Even though I was not around in the 50’s, I saw a lot of that era through reruns, and garnered an appreciation for the feminine styles of the period, an attraction which seems to be fairly common in the spankoverse. It’s not surprising, really – there was an elegance to the look of women’s fashions, hairstyles, etc. that was lost once the mod, hippie era appeared on the scene.

Do you produce artwork which is not related to spanking as well?

Absolutely. I usually go on binges where I will do only one thing for a while, and then get tired of it, and focus on something entirely different. Right now, spanking is on the mind. A few months from now? – who knows – but I suspect I will never stop doing spanking art entirely. I’ve never tossed it aside yet, anyway…

Do you draw just for personal pleasure or for profit?

It’s just one of several hobbies, really.

Have you considered using your artwork in spanking publications/books?

I haven’t, but I’m not opposed to it, necessarily. I guess it would depend on whether any publisher was even interested, and whether the specific subject appealed to me. I’m not interested in doing comic work as I don’t have the time, but individual illustrations are a different beast.

Do you have any plans for future artwork?

You’ll likely see more and more of the retro thing on my blog. I’d like to do more color, if I can find a way of speeding up the process. I just finished a color portrait for the lovely Dana Kane, which will appear on the blog in November, but it took me a month to do.

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