Bottoms, Bottoms, Bottoms

Thank you to everyone who has sent encouraging messages about my move to the Netherlands. I haven’t been able to reply to all of the emails and FetLife messages just yet, but I am getting there! The moving process has been going well. A bit difficult at times, especially since my SO isn’t here and I’ve been tackling everything solo.

At this moment I am on track to leave at the end of the month – yay! I am still holding sessions, having my own personal play time (See below!) and trying to enjoy the best parts of San Francisco before I leave. And I think I am getting better at taking bottom selfies…the pink panties photo is the aftermath of the 365 days of posting spanking art playtime, I just forgot to include it with the audio. 🙃

I also thought I would share some recent photos of a few spankees, with their permission of course. One photo is a bit blurry, sorry about that!

Smiles and Spanks,