Anonymous, “Nell in Bridewell” Spanking Illustrations

Anonymous spanking illustrations from the 1900 novel Nell in Bridewell by Wilhelm Reinhard. Nell in Bridewell was translated in French as La Flagellation des femmes en Allemagne in 1901 with illustrations by Martin van Maële. Nell in Bridewell was reprinted by The Psyche Press in 1932 with illustrations done again by an anonymous artist, which you can view […]

Martin van Maële, “La Flagellation des femmes en Allemagne” Spanking Illustrations

Maurice François Alfred Martin van Miële, better known by his pseudonym Martin van Maële, was a French illustrator of early 20th century literature and renowned for his work in the field of erotic literature. Below are his illustrations from the 1901 novel La Flagellation des femmes en Allemagne (The Flagellation of Women in Germany) by Wilhelm […]

Georges Topfer, “Nos Belles Flagellantes” Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1929 novel Nos Belles Flagellantes (Our Beautiful Flagellants) by Aimé Van Rod. Smiles and Spanks,