Maurice de Vindas, “Turbulentes Écolières” Spanking Illustrations

Maurice de Vindas was a French author and illustrator of spanking novels in the 1920s and 1930s. The artwork below is from the 1921 novel Turbulentes Écolières (Turbulent Schoolgirls), which he wrote and illustrated.

“Around eight o’clock she heard furtive footsteps along the corridor. Immediately she began to tremble, not knowing exactly why, but sensing something abnormal nonetheless. The door to her bedroom opened slowly and her aunt appeared smiling, holding a long martinet in her hand. The young woman was simply dressed in a light bathrobe; bare feet in velvet slippers. Without a word she walked over to the bed and with a quick gesture threw back the covers. Dorothy, trembling, dared not protest, her mind lost, her eyes haggard, she kept the most complete stillness, seeming to understand nothing of all these preparations. But when she saw herself thus discovered, she gave a start of modesty and instinctively rolled over on the mattress. Her persecutor asked for no more. Soon the young girl found herself ready to receive the correction…” –  Excerpt from Turbulentes Écolières

Smiles and Spanks,