Dave Wolfe, Turkey Day Spankings

Turkey Day spanking art by Dave Wolfe. 🦃

From the WolfieToons Blog, Larken composed the rest of the song to accompany the illustration above:

“We gather together to watch Rosey’s spanking. He chastens, and hastens his will to make known. Though turkey is waiting, they’ll postpone the thanking; Despite the dust bunnies, his lap o’er she’s thrown. He chides her and guides her, the spanks, they are raining; Ordaining, maintaining his kitchen divine. So from the beginning, our Rosie wasn’t winning; We never, no never on fungus will dine. The spanking is ouchy, but no one is grouchy. Who knows if it’s better to give than receive. Let this congregation observe her elation, As Rosie gives thanks to be over his knee.”

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com