Dave Wolfe Part 10, Interview from Wellred Weekly

Spanking Artist: Dave Wolfe

Wellred Weekly explores the spanking art of Dave Wolfe.

Volume 1, Number 3 : December 10, 2011

How long have you been drawing spanking art?

I’ve been in love with cartoons and cartooning as long as I remember. And I found spanking sexy before I knew what sex was! Well, let me amend that a bit — I found some spankings sexy. On the rare occasions in my youth when Pop had to resort to the belt, it wasn’t quite as entertaining.

However, one of my earliest childhood memories was seeing an old Walter Lantz cartoon on TV, Fox and The Rabbit, the end of which featured a close-up of a bunny’s round white bottom being spanked, with bright red hand-prints appearing! That image spoke to me! It was a boy bunny, but the general idea was good.

As I grew up. there were lots of images of girls lovingly spanked — on TV, in the movies, magazines and comics — and although I wasn’t sure if it was quite normal to enjoy that so much, I did, and included it in the secret stash of my artistic expressions.

When the Internet was invented, I met decent, intelligent, loving and funny people who shared my special interest, and finally had an audience for “WolfieToons!”

Where can your spanking art be seen?

Oh, all over the Web, as a matter of fact, but in particular at Discipline and Desire and my WolfieToons Blog! One of my first cartoons on the Internet was a Disney parody of Jiminy Cricket performing his duty as Tinker Bell’s conscience, which seems to be a big favorite! I’ll have to do a new and better version one of these days!

What inspires you to draw?

I have a weekly deadline! Okay, I really do enjoy the creative process, making something that will amuse and titillate, so I’d still be doing WolfieToons, anyway, but maybe not as often. I do see artwork, in print and on the Web, that excites me to try to do something as good!

Where do you get your ideas from?

I’m a wiseguy by nature and nurture, so that’s a good start. I’m very fond of puns and wordplay in general. Sometimes an appealing image comes to mind, or I do something around one of the holidays.

It’s hard to say exactly how these things evolve, but it is a deliberate process, it’s a type of writing. My dearest friend Springrose helps a lot — I often run an idea by her, and if it gets an honest laugh or an “ooh!” then I run with it. Of course, some cartoons come out better than others, and there have been some real clunkers. Funny thing is, some of the ones I prize often get a collective yawn, and others I think only fit for the shredder can be huge favorites! I do try to blend sex and good-natured humor in each of the WolfieToons. Sex is pretty funny to start with, you know!

Are there other artists that interest or inspire you?

There have been and are a lot; artists of all types, but my real passion is for cartoon art.

To start with, there were animated cartoon directors like Tex Avery, Bob Clampett, and Chuck Jones, plus Disney’s crew, of course. In the newspapers, I enjoyed Al Capp’s Li’l Abner, and Walt Kelly’s Pogo, and, naturally, Charles Schultz’s Peanuts, just to name three.

Probably only older American comic book fans will recognize the names Gil Kane, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, who were special favorites of mine. Marie Severin drew the funniest caricatures and parodies this side of Jack Davis and Mort Drucker, who are two other artists whose work inspires and intimidates me!

There are two guys lately who share my love of Babes and Funny Animals: Dean Yeagle, who did “Mandy” for Playboy as well as TV commercials and a lot of other stuff, and Frank Cho, who had a regular feature called Liberty Meadows! Both of those guys are worth a web search!

Well, I could go on and on, but that would bore the pants off some readers.

Say, that might not be a bad idea in some cases…

Do you have a particular technique or way that you go about drawing?

It’s very sloppy, and probably way too complicated. I do a batch of preliminary sketches, often using photo references for expressions and anatomy. After I’ve noodled together what I like, I do a final drawing, tracing the typing paper sketches onto Bristol board using a homemade ‘light box’, then I ink it, scan it, correct any problems on the computer, add the lettering and borders, and then I color it. To do a whole cartoon can take anywhere from six to twelve hours, but not necessarily all at once. I’m in the process of learning new graphics programs to get a better and more professional look, and — hopefully? — cut down the time a bit.

Do you prefer to draw in colour or black & white/greyscale?

My first love is black and white; I like the line drawings and the various ways of shading. But color adds a lot, and I usually do the WolfieToons in color. (When they’re seen in the UK, they’re in “colour!”)

Is there a target audience that you specifically aim at?

Well, “specifically” it would be my fellow Spankophiles, both women and men.

Does your artwork represent your own spanking preferences?

Pretty much; most WolfieToon women find themselves over the fellas’ laps — I like the intimacy of that best — and most often everyone is having a good time. But sometimes more complex emotions come into play, and I also do implements, too — some belts and straps and canes. Lots of people like that, too.

Do you produce artwork which is not related to spanking as well?

Yes, I do! Under my real name I’ve just finished book covers for a spy thriller and a funny romance, and I have some funny-animal type things that will be put onto coffee mugs, t-shirts, caps, plastic diaper covers and such soon. I’ve done cartoons for print ads, designed a school logo, did some store displays, and even a billboard!

Do you draw just for personal pleasure or for profit?

Yes. Yes, I do.

All right, to give a better answer, I’ve always taken great pleasure in drawing, but only lately dared to charge for it.

Have you considered using your artwork in spanking publications/books?

If you mean “am I taking commissions?” I’m holding off on most of that right now while I order some things in my personal life and acquire the aforementioned graphic improvements. There are some collected WolfieToons in different formats on sale at Lulu, which I have links to on my blog.

Do you have any plans for future artwork?

In fact, I’m doing this week’s WolfieToon for Discipline and Desire right now! Well, okay, I’m typing right now, but the cartoon is over on the table. I have some more ‘G-rated’ book covers planned, and other stuff my folks can show off to their friends.

Smiles and Spanks, NaturallyGin.com