Georges Topfer, “La Villa des Bouleaux” Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1929 novel La Villa des Bouleaux (Birch Tree Villa) by Aimé Van Rod.

“Miss Evelyn was methodically spanking. Her hand, gloved in soft rubber, fell in turn on the plumpest part of each buttock, and as Miss Evelyn was bent, the slaps did not fall vertically but horizontally, and even rather slightly from the bottom up, which, with each stroke, pushed back and made the fleshy mass tremble, thus making me much more sensitive to the correction.”  – Excerpt from La Villa des Bouleaux

“At the first blows, I had madly contracted my flesh, as if, instinctively, I had wanted to reduce the whipping surface, but soon this effort was no longer allowed to me … I let myself go, soft as my nature permitted and Miss Evelyn continued to apply the humiliating and painful retribution.”  – Excerpt from La Villa des Bouleaux

Smiles and Spanks,

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