Martin van Maële, “La Maison de la Verveine” Spanking Illustrations

Maurice François Alfred Martin van Miële, better known by his pseudonym Martin van Maële, was a French illustrator of early 20th century literature and renowned for his work in the field of erotic literature. Below are his illustrations from the novel La Maison de la Verveine (The House of Verbena), which was published under the writer’s pseudonym Jean de Villiot by Charles Carrington in 1904.

La Maison de la Verveine was originally published as two volumes in 1881 and 1882 under the title The Mysteries of Verbena House; or, Miss Bellasis Birched for Thieving with illustrations by an anonymous artist.

The novel was later published again under the title Les Mystères de la Maison de la Verveine ou Miss Bellasis Fouettée pour vol in 1901 under the writer’s pseudonym Jean de Villiot by Charles Carrington. This edition was illustrated by William Adolphe Lambrecht. 

Smiles and Spanks,

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