Georges Topfer, “Les Vacances de Suzy” Spanking Illustrations

Georges Topfer was a French spanking artist from the late 1910s to the mid-1930s. Topfer often used the pseudonyms Gaston Smit, G. Smit, GTS and James Barclay. Below are his illustrations from the 1923 novel Les Vacances de Suzy (Suzy’s Vacation) by Jean Bustarès.

“Then, flat, the palm fell on my contracted buttocks. It made a great slap that echoed in the silence of the boudoir. I uttered a cry of painful astonishment, immediately covered by a second similar slap, applied with even more vigor. A third slap followed, a fourth. The feeling was extraordinary, unheard of; I had never known one like it. Pain or pleasure?”  – Excerpt from Les Vacances de Suzy

“The cord hissed mournfully through the air. Five times, ten times, twenty times it fell on the rump, cracking like a whip. Each stroke left its red mark on it, which quickly turned brown and immediately turned purple. The flesh swelled. Legs apart, overwhelmed by an excruciating and painful agony, Rosemonde was moving in all directions without ceasing to moan.” – Excerpt from Les Vacances de Suzy

Smiles and Spanks,

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