Copper Part 8, Witnessed Scenes

Witnessed spanking scenes by Copper – how delightfully embarrassing!

A bit of background about the Folsom Street Fair drawing above: “Man’s Hand Films first hosted a booth at the Folsom Street Fair in 1992, although that booth was solely to sell products and get our name out into the community. We soon realized that our very specific fetish products didn’t appeal to the majority of the Fair- goers, most of who were there to party and not shop, so this year we decided to give the booth a novelty aspect that was bound to attract some attention – a “Spanking Booth” – designed after the old fashioned “Kissing Booth” that was popular at county fairs. For a dollar-a-swat, people could get spanked or give a spanking, with all of the cash that we raised going to a local charity. We decided that charity would be the AIDS Emergency Fund of San Francisco. They worked tirelessly to raise money and necessity-of-life items for persons living with HIV/AIDS. The AEF graciously accepted our offer to pay for the booth, as well as all of the necessary equipment, insurance and other costs, so that 100% of the money raised at the booth that day would go directly to the charity.”Red Tails: The Male Spanking Magazine, Spring 2015 Issue 94

Explore more of Copper’s artwork in Copper Part 9, Corrected By Coach.

Smiles and Spanks,

One thought on “Copper Part 8, Witnessed Scenes

  1. What a truly delightful Copper collection!

    The “keyhole” illustration, at the moment the wooden paddle impacts the naughty boy’s tight, white briefs, is simply gorgeous!

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