Paula Meadows, Honest Erotica Conversations with Paula Part 1-3

From the Honest Erotica Blog here is an interview with Lynn Paula Russell aka Paula Meadows. Paula created the self-portrait below to accompany the Honest Erotica interview:

Conversations with Paula, Part 1

Conversations with Paula, Part 2

Conversations with Paula, Part 3

Below are links to previous posts of Paula’s spanking illustrations:

Paula Meadows Part 1, Intro

Paula Meadows Part 2, F/F Spankings

Paula Meadows Part 3, The Janus Collection: A Personal Anthology

Paula Meadows Part 4, Before the Spanking

Paula Meadows Part 5, Witnessed Spankings

Paula Meadows Part 6, M/F Spankings

Paula Meadows Part 7, Mirrors

Paula Meadows Part 8, Panties down!

Paula Meadows Part 9, After Spanking

Paula Meadows Part 10, Outdoor Spankings

Paula Meadows Part 11, FM/F Spankings

Paula Meadows Part 12, Waiting Your Turn

Paula Meadows Part 13, Outro

Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale

Paula Meadows, Spanking Originals For Sale – Continued!

Smiles and Spanks,

One thought on “Paula Meadows, Honest Erotica Conversations with Paula Part 1-3

  1. No one ever did a job like this before. This website has reached excellence. My sincerest congratulations. From today, I love Paula even more. Thanks.

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