Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 14: Hairbrush Homecoming

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 14: Hairbrush Homecoming

Readers of the prior episodes of this series will recall that lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and pretty Patsy Maidenly had been spending a year abroad at a very private finishing school for young ladies in Merrie England. Run by Lorna Jane’s aunt, Agatha Webster, who along with her imperious assistant Miss Frobisher brooked no insubordination, the girls were treated to all manner of discipline in their training to be women of society. In the last installment, Patsy was excused with an early graduation and dispatched to her mother back in America.

Six weeks after pretty Patsy had been given her “Certificate of Special Accomplishment” by Miss Webster and sent home to Indiana, lovely Lorna Jane was awarded a crested parchment certificate proclaiming her a full and successful graduate of Miss Webster’s “Polite Society Preparation Programme.”

Lorna Jane positively glowed with excitement as the impressive certificate was bestowed upon her in a small ceremony held in Birchwell’s magnificent drawing room. Several distinguished guests were present, including Lord Justice Bleary, Lord and Lady Leechmore, the Very Reverend Gerald Goodsoul, Colonel Canewell, O.B.E. (ret.), Basil Warpington (his camera at the ready!), and the omnipresent Miss Frobisher.

Both Miss Webster and Lord Justice Bleary gave speeches congratulating Lorna Jane on her accomplishments, and then a delightful luncheon was served in Birchwell’s grand dining hall. Needless to say, Lorna Jane was walking on air!

For the next two days the girl was occupied with getting her things in order and packing for her Trans-Atlantic trip. Lorna Jane’s mother, Mrs. Welworthy, had sent a first class, Pan American Airways ticket for her darling daughter’s return home. Not a few tears were shed by lovely Lorna Jane as she said her final farewells – and one exquisite “eeeek!” as Lord Justice Bleary administered a final, fond farewell pinch to the girl’s succulent, snugly skirted sitter.

It was a bright Wednesday morning when, Ferretson at the wheel, the ice-blue Bentley majestically pulled out of Birchwell’s long, curving drive. In the back, Lorna Jane sat between Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher. The girl was attired in a form-fitting pink wool suit, sheer tan nylons, glossy white patent leather spike-heeled pumps with matching handbag, little white gloves, and a white pill box hat. The suit top ended snugly at Lorna Jane’s shapely waist, providing – thanks to her tight skirt – an appealing view of one of the girl’s most attractive assets.

Ferretson, looking smart in his chauffeur’s livery, managed the baggage check-in while Lorna Jane exchanged warm farewell hugs and kisses with Agatha Webster and Miss Frobisher. Although the girl had experienced considerable strict discipline during her time at Birchwell, she had come to love and respect both older women – especially her Aunty Agatha, who was truly a remarkable and accomplished woman. Lorna Jane also realized that she had learned things that would serve her throughout life. She was indeed a fortunate girl!

Lorna Jane experienced a memorable thrill as the Boeing 707 jet took off with a mighty roar. The first class cabin was less than half full and the girl received “the royal treatment” from the pretty stewardesses. And later in the flight, the handsome captain left the controls to his co-pilot so he might visit the cabin and have a polite chat with his most attractive passenger.

The wonderful flight terminated, after some seven hours in the air, with a perfect, feather light landing. Lorna Jane was greeted with warm hugs and kisses from her Mother and her Daddy, who were delighted to have their darling daughter back in “the family fold”!

It took Lorna Jane two days to unpack everything and settle in once again to her parents’ imposing and beautifully-appointed home. The girl made a number of telephone calls, three of which were especially important. She contacted Miss Wiley, secretary to Miss MacFarlane, M.Ed., the Dean of Girls at Maydith College, to arrange an appointment with the latter. She also called her dearest girlfriend, Kathy Ann Goodchild and, of course, she contacted her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long, who was so excited to hear her voice he could hardly wait for their Saturday Night date which would occur in just a few days’ time.

Lorna Jane took her “Polite Society Preparation Programme” certificate to her meeting with Miss MacFarlane. The woman was appropriately impressed and gave Lorna Jane warm congratulations. She also told the girl there would be no impediment to her immediately re-commencing classes with the start of the quickly approaching second term at Maydith. Then Lorna Jane visited Kathy Ann in the latter’s private dormitory room, which featured an attractively appointed bedroom, a private bathroom, and a small kitchenette for making coffee, tea, and snacks.

Half an hour after Lorna Jane arrived at Kathy Ann’s accommodations, the two girls were lying on the bed in their form fitting skirt and sweater sets. Lorna Jane was busy showing her dear friend various of the photographs she had acquired during her stay at Birchwell. Suddenly, Kathy Ann put her arm around Lorna Jane and whispered, “Ouuuuhhh, dearest, I’ve missed you so!” Deeply moved, Lorna Jane blinked back a tear and whispered, “Ouuuuhhhh, darling, I dreamt about you when I was in England!”

Soon the two curvaceous lovelies were wearing only their garter belts and stockings and were entwined with a passion that reflected their long months of separation. One hour and seven orgasms later, the two girls lay exhausted in one another’s arms tenderly kissing and exchanging girlish pledges of love and devotion.

Home Is Where the Hairbrush Is

The next day, at about 3:45 in the afternoon, Mrs. Welworthy was checking food supplies in her modern, immaculate kitchen. The good woman’s maid had been given the afternoon off for a routine dental appointment. Lorna Jane was in the spacious living room browsing through a copy of Teen Topics.

“Lorna Jane, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy called out in her clear, contralto tones, “where did you put the chocolate biscuits I asked to you to pick up for my Bridge Club Tea tomorrow afternoon?” Lorna Jane walked into the kitchen. “Mummy?” she enquired, a look of absent puzzlement on her pretty face.

“The chocolate biscuits, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy repeated. “The ones I asked you to pick up for my Bridge Club Tea tomorrow.”

“Oh, Mummy,” Lorna Jane responded in a petulant tone of voice, “I’ve been so busy since returning home I can’t be expected to remember everything.”

Mrs. Welworthy’s handsome features at once darkened. She administered a crisp slap to her darling daughter’s left cheek. The girl’s head rocked back as she burst into tears.

“And I can’t be expected to tolerate backchat, young lady,” Mrs. Welworthy replied in the grave voice of doom. An icy shiver convulsed Lorna Jane’s shapely spine as she realized she had made a terrible, terrible mistake. “It’s obvious you need some discipline, young lady,” Mrs. Welworthy observed in no uncertain terms. “Remove your skirt and underpants at once and place them on yonder chair!”

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Lorna Jane understood that any hesitation would simply result in an even stricter punishment than that which her foolishness had already earned her. Tears trickling down her cheeks, she squirmed out her snug skirt and little pink, nylon panties. Bare from the waist down except for her off-white elastic garter belt, sheer tan nylon stockings, and glossy black, spiked-heeled pumps, the girl reluctantly but obediently proceeded to the designated chair to deposit her neatly folded garments.

“Stand in that corner, young lady,” Mrs. Welworthy now ordered. “Place your hands behind your back, wrists crossed, and bow your head in contrition for your impudence! I will return in due course.”

Mrs. Welworthy went up to her elegantly furnished bedroom and proceeded to her vanity table. Resting on top of the family heirloom table was a pale blue, oval-shaped lucite hairbrush – the same size as the glossy, black wooden brush Mrs. Welworthy traditionally used to spank her darling daughter. On the back of the brush was engraved the name “Addis,” which referred to the world renown company that manufactured these stylish aids to beauty – and discipline! As the saleslady said to Mrs. Welworthy, “These lucite brushes are very fashionable, madam. I’m sure you will be most satisfied.”

Mrs. Welworthy picked up the brush by its smooth handle and returned to the kitchen where she ordered an abjectly sniffling Lorna Jane to turn and face her. “I bought this hairbrush while you were in England, young lady. Let’s see how its disciplinary capabilities compare with Mr. Wooden Hairbrush.”

The good woman now positioned a chrome steel, vinyl-upholstered chair in the middle of the spacious kitchen. “I want you over the back of this chair, little miss,” Mrs. Welworthy now commanded. “Palms flat on the chair seat, those pretty legs of yours pressed tightly together like a properly brought-up girl!”

Tears trickling down her shame-hued cheeks, a repentant Lorna Jane obeyed at once. In the disciplinary position ordered by her mother, Lorna Jane’s girlishly plump, ripely curvaceous bottom was posed in the most delectably vulnerable position imaginable!

After a nerve wracking minute – during which Mrs. Welworthy studied her darling daughter’s derrière and pleasurably contemplated what she was going to do to it – the older woman took careful aim.

SMACKKK! The smooth back of the oval-shaped brush made noisy and stinging contact with the plumpest portion of Lorna Jane’s juicy right buttock. The girl stifled a poignant squeal. “Tell me, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy enquired pleasantly, “does that hurt as much as Mr. Wooden Hairbrush?”

“Ouuuhhhh… y-yes, M-Mummy, y-yes,” Lorna Jane blubbered.

“Very good,” Mrs. Welworthy responded approvingly. “Modern style and efficiency. The best of both worlds, I would say. Let’s see how it feels on the backs of your thighs.”

SMACKKK! CRACKKK! The lucite hairbrush made stinging contact with Lorna Jane’s ripely rounded thigh flesh – where it was deliciously bare above her tautly-suspendered stocking tops. This time the girl’s squeal of anguish could not be stifled. Lorna Jane had exceptionally sensitive thighs, something her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long, had discovered to his considerable delight.

“Ouuuuuh, M-Mummy, it… it h-hurts sooooo!” Lorna Jane managed in a weepy voice.

“Yes, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy replied in an understanding tone. “I’m afraid a spanking has to.”

Poor Lorna Jane spent a quarter hour over the back of the chair. This was because it was Mrs. Welworthy’s practice to administer about six hairbrush smacks a minute – never more than seven. In addition, the good woman would pause from time to time to discuss certain fine points of behavior and discipline with her darling daughter. These “discussions” would also involve questions which Lorna Jane was expected to answer in a satisfactory manner – albeit in a tear choked and quavering voice.

When a girl is put over the back of a chair for a bare bottom spanking, she has two options other than remaining in position. One is standing up. The other is collapsing completely. Both, of course, are far too extreme to even be considered, and would result in additional discipline too dreadful to contemplate! Therefore, Lorna Jane remained obediently in position, squirming and sobbing her way through her richly deserved correction.

Indeed, Lorna Jane committed only one minor breach of spanking procedure. A particularly brisk brush smack to her lovely lower right buttock caused the squealing girl to involuntarily jerk up her pump heel. This earned her a crisp smack to her shapely, stockinged calf and a strict admonition from her mother: “Keep your heels on the floor, young lady. This is a spanking, not a dance!” In response, Lorna Jane pressed her luscious legs together even more tightly.

When it was finally over, Mrs. Welworthy required Lorna Jane to kneel in front of her and kiss the back of the hairbrush. “Make your kisses tender and lingering, young lady,” the voice of maternal authority decreed, “as if Mr. Hairbrush were your nice boyfriend, Mr. Rod Long.” The back of the brush felt smooth and cool against Lorna Jane’s trembling lips as she bestowed kiss after lengthy kiss.

Mrs. Welworthy understood very well that, after a strict spanking, a girl would like to wear a loose skirt without panties, flat shoes, and lie face down on her bed for a nice, long cry. And that is precisely why she issued her next order: “Now, young lady, go to your bedroom, remove your garter belt, put on your pink lycra punishment girdle, hook your stockings up again, and then report back to the kitchen. I don’t want any dawdling!”

Stifling a gasp of horror, a sobbing Lorna Jane went off to her bedroom, her girlishly plump, well-reddened bottom swaying and jiggling very prettily with each reluctant but obedient spike-heeled step. Once her bedroom, Lorna Jane opened her girdle drawer and withdrew the horrid, nearly transparent garment. Her mother had required the girl to buy it with her own money and had specified that the girdle be one size too small.

Lorna Jane removed her garter belt and then squirmed into the oh-so-tight girdle. Fresh tears trickled from her lovely eyes as the powerfully elasticized garment compressed her flesh, packing in the throbbing heat of her spanking. The fact that she was wearing the girdle without panties seemed to make it cling even more. Also, the undersize character of the garment made the reinforced waistband most uncomfortable and also ensured that the bottom band of the girdle cut into the succulent lower curves of Lorna Jane’s punished posterior.

Sniffling poignantly, the girl attached her stocking tops to the girdle’s garter straps and unhappily made her way back to the kitchen. Each spike-heeled step enhanced the mobility of her bottom and augmented the compressing anguish of the horrid girdle. In addition, the slightest movement of her luscious legs caused her stocking tops to tug against the girdle’s garter straps producing additional, unwelcome sensations. Mrs. Welworthy was, of course, fully aware of all this which is precisely why she imposed this post-punishment attire on her naughty daughter.

Back in the kitchen, Lorna Jane was required to take the Betty Crocker Cookbook – a weighty work to be sure – and place it on top of her head, holding it in place with both palms pressed downward. Then she was commanded to walk around the large kitchen in a wide circle, keeping her pretty legs tightly pressed together and placing one foot directly in front of the other, as if she were walking a chalk line.

Sipping a cup of pungent Earl Grey tea, Mrs. Welworthy watched her sobbing, swaying daughter with great interest. An educated woman, Mrs. Welworthy knew that for a girl with Lorna Jane’s delectable dimensions (5’7″ tall, 134 pounds, 37-24-38), each time one of her quarter inch square spike heels came in contact with the floor, it exerted over 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. Given the universal law of action/reaction, this meant that vibrations would travel up Lorna Jane’s lovely legs, culminating in delicious spasms of her well-spanked, tightly girdled buttocks. If Billy Hackmore, the internationally famous reporter and writer of the domestic discipline scene had been asked to record these events, he would have doubtless titled his piece “Pretty Pulchritude’s Prolonged Punishment Parade Penance.”

And it was prolonged! Mrs. Welworthy required her daughter to parade for a full half hour, understanding very well that this experience would ensure Miss Lorna Jane thought twice before ever again committing the impudent act of backtalk!

At long last, Lorna Jane was permitted to retreat to her room, but not until after receiving a strict maternal command to wear her girdle, sheer nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps until bedtime! One final edict was delivered with a light chuckle: “Your father will be home for dinner in a little over an hour. Don’t forget to put your skirt on, dear, before you come down to join us.”

Date Night Delights

A few days later, Lorna Jane found herself getting ready for her regularly approved date with her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long. Lorna Jane had enjoyed one of her “starlet bubble baths” and now, wearing only her spike-heeled fluffy slippers, was contemplating what exciting attire she would don. (One of the benefits of the girl’s time at Birchwell was that Aunty Agatha had written Lorna Jane’s mother a lengthy letter which included advice how Lorna Jane should dress. Happily, Aunty Agatha had written that although Lorna Jane should wear a girdle to church or when attending formal teas with senior ladies, such a garment was not otherwise required. Given her great respect for her sister and, indeed, all things English, Mrs. Welworthy had fully embraced the recommendation.)

Accordingly, Lorna Jane contemplated wearing a black elastic garter belt. Rummaging through one of her vanity drawers she came across the pink lycra girdle that had caused her such distress earlier in the week. Overcome by the sort of innocent perversity that sometimes affects young girls, Lorna Jane impetuously decided to wear the garment (without panties, of course!) for her date with Rod. There was something about wearing the punishment garment to such a pleasurable event that excited her.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Having squirmed into the restrictive girdle, the girl carefully drew on a pair of ultra sheer, “Teen Queen” charcoal-hued nylon stockings. Glossy black patent leather spike heeled pumps and a pretty white bra completed her underpinnings.

Lorna Jane often wore a tight skirt when she was dating Rod, but was always careful to choose one made from a soft fabric to ensure that it could be fairly easily pulled up for ecstatic intimacies. Tonight, however, part of her plan was to wear a tight skirt that would not pull up and would therefore have to be taken off entirely! A gray worsted wool skirt filled the bill perfectly. A tight, short sleeved, button up the front dark blue cashmere sweater completed her ensemble.

Since Lorna Jane had not seen Rod for several months, it was hardly surprising that the couple engaged in the warmest embrace imaginable once they were in the privacy of Rod’s sleek Chevy Bel Aire autocar. The loving couple then proceeded to a most enjoyable movie show and, afterwards, to Lovers’ Leap, the popular trysting place.

After about fifteen minutes, most of Lorna Jane’s lipstick had been kissed off and her beautifully rounded and upstanding breasts were out of her sweater and bra and gleaming in the moonlight from the saliva of Rod’s extended oral adoration. The loving lad then tried to maneuver Lorna Jane’s tight skirt upward. It came to an immutable halt some four inches above her rounded, nyloned knees.

“Oh, my, Rod dearest,” Lorna Jane whispered softly, “I think I’d better take it off.” When the girl had squirmed out of the tight garment, Rod’s eyes almost bugged out of his head when he saw his pantyless darling in her essentially transparent and oh-so-tight girdle!

“Ouuuuhhhh, Rod, dearest,” Lorna Jane murmured, “I’m such a naughty girl. I forgot to wear my p-panties! Please don’t tell my Mummy. She’d give me such a strict s-spanking on my b-bare b-bottom!”

In a voice cracking with excitement, Rod earnestly assured his beloved that her secret was safe with him.

“Ohhhh, thank you, kind sir,” Lorna Jane responded in a breathless voice, placing her arms around Rod’s neck and opening her lovely mouth expectantly. Rod plunged his tongue in deeply, as if he were trying to reach Lorna Jane’s tonsils!

When the dizzying kiss finally ended, Lorna Jane turned her back to Rod and looked back over her shoulder, batting her lovely eyelashes. The lowermost, ripely moulded curves of her peerless posterior were bare and on full display.

“If… if we do it this way, Rod, dearest, I won’t have to take my girdle or stockings off.” Rod gasped but wasted no time unfurling his sturdy, upstanding member and sheathing it with a protective rubber. Lorna Jane’s plump, pink vulval lips were moist and ready. Soon Rod was ecstatically inside her. He reached one of his hands around to lovingly caress his beloved’s breasts while the other hand fondled her clitoris. The ardent young couple tried to hold back to enjoy the thrills that were coursing through their perfect bodies. But it was hopeless. Within four minutes, Rod emitted a prolonged moan of joy while Lorna Jane emitted an ecstatic shriek, these sounds attesting to their mutual consummation.

Afterward, the loving couple kissed and cuddled tenderly but it wasn’t long before young Rod found himself in the mood for a second helping – something lovely Lorna Jane was only too happy to provide!

Rod removed his rubber – the reservoir of which was bulging with his copious and passionate emission – and threw it out the window of his autocar. The well-equipped lad gasped as he felt Lorna Jane’s soft fingers as she oh-so-slowly rolled another rubber down the impressive length of his rock hard thing. Her task completed, the naughty girl once again presented her back to Rod so he could take her from behind!

A few minutes later, having enjoyed Lorna Jane’s exquisite curves to the full, Rod’s thoughts turned to a different type of meat: namely, a succulent burger at Ye Olde Soda Shoppe. As for Lorna Jane, she craved a double fudge ice cream sundae to replace lost energy. En route to the soda shoppe, Lorna Jane snuggled close to her handsome hero. It was simply wonderful being with him again!


Lorna Jane arrived home just five minutes before her curfew deadline. As always, her mother was in the elegantly appointed living room, awaiting her darling daughter – one eye on the mantelpiece carriage clock!

Mrs. Welworthy smiled at Lorna Jane and patted the cushion next to her on the chintz-covered Chippendale sofa. “Sit down next to me, dear,” the older woman invited in a pleasant tone of voice. Lorna Jane obeyed at once. The girl kept her shapely, nyloned legs pressed tightly together and decorously folded her hands in her lap.

“Young Rod must have been… ah, visibly pleased to see you, dear, after such a lengthy separation,” Mrs. Welworthy observed. Lorna Jane stifled a gasp, blushed crimson and managed to acknowledge that he was.

“That’s nice, dear,” Mrs. Welworthy continued, “he’s such a fine, upstanding young man. And so responsible, too, getting you home before your curfew.”

Lorna Jane felt a surge of relief. She had, of course, feared that this conversation with her mother was a prelude to a spanking! Having just enjoyed a “hot date,” the girl realized only too well that Mr. Hairbrush might also enjoy a “hot date” – with her girlishly plump, exquisitely shapely bare bottom!

Mrs. Welworthy now gave her darling daughter a warm hug and a loving maternal kiss. “You better go off and have your beauty sleep, dear,” the older woman suggested. “I expect you need it after what was no doubt an, ah, energetic evening!”

A blushing Lorna Jane scampered off, her spike heels clicking. In the privacy of her modishly appointed bedroom, she carefully hung up her skirt and sweater and – wearing only her bra, girdle, sheer nylon stockings, and high, spike-heeled pumps, went into her private bathroom to perform her ablutions. Then the girl tossed her bra and stockings into the basket so they could be laundered by the family maid and slipped her pretty bare feet into her spike-heeled fluffy slippers. She squirmed out of her pink lycra girdle and put the garment away. Then, naughty girl that she was, she put on only the tops of her baby doll style pajamas and then sat bare bottomed before her vanity mirror to brush her lustrous brunette tresses.

Snuggled under the fresh sheets that adorned her comfy bed, Lorna Jane began to relive her date with Rod. Soon her soft, naughty fingers found the naughty place and, less than three minutes later, the girl had to bury her face in a pillow to stifle a shriek of ecstasy as an orgasm of unprecedented magnitude consumed her entire body.

And so, dear reader, The Birchwell Saga comes to a happy end. We are pleased to report that, in due course, Lorna Jane and Rod walked down the aisle to the tune of wedding bells. Rod became a successful and eminent attorney who was widely regarded as fit material for the Governor’s Mansion! As for Lorna Jane, she became an obedient and dutiful young wife and also made many fine contributions to voluntary charitable work in the community. To be sure, the many lessons she had learned in Miss Webster’s “Polite Society Preparation Programme” stood her in good stead!


About The Author 

Focusing primarily on the 1950s and very early 1960s, Roger Benson writes and illustrates extensively on spanking and related themes during that golden era. From a judicial family background, Mr. Benson has an informed and intimate understanding of the Reformatory System in that bygone time and how, in particular, it was used in connection with naughty teener girls! His morally uplifting tale of luscious Lorna Jane and curvaceous Kathy Ann’s girlishly plump tails is a classic sure to be appreciated by connoisseurs of the genre!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

More Roger Benson spanking illustrations here.

Smiles and Spanks,

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