Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 13: Lorna Jane’s Pointed Posterior Punishment

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 13: Lorna Jane’s Pointed Posterior Punishment

As we saw in the last episode of this series, lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and pretty Patsy Maidenly were strictly disciplined for their foolish behavior in fraternizing with the common serving girls, Shirley Doolittle and Marie Costermonger, and – in so doing – unwittingly assisting the two exceedingly ungrateful maids (and their nefarious boyfriends) to perpetrate the heinous theft of one of Birchwell’s priceless heirlooms.

Thanks to Miss Agatha Webster’s elevated social position and the good offices of her dear friend, Lord Justice Bleary, the naughty maids and wicked Teddy Boys were sentenced to the strictest possible judicial corrections. They would go on to serve many years in the unfriendly confines of reformatories that still subscribed to the birch and cane. Because Miss Webster was Lorna Jane’s aunt, she and Patsy were fortunate enough to be disciplined in a domestic, rather than institutional, setting.

After their fearful time in The Old Mill and the execution before witnesses of their bare bottom strapping sentences, both girls realized they must never again fraternize with common serving girls and must redouble their efforts in Miss Webster’s Polite Society Preparation Programme! Indeed, both girls were re-enforced in their resolve by dreadful dreams in which they were consigned to olden times dungeons and even found themselves – trembling and tearful – before Lord Chief Justice Jeffreys for the sternest sentence imaginable, thanks to Lord Justice Bleary’s learned musings on that great justice of an earlier era!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Over the following two weeks, Lorna Jane and Patsy were on their exquisitely best behavior and studied their lessons with a diligence that pleased even the dour Miss Frobisher. Unknown to the girls, however, was the fact that during this period, Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher had one of their periodic “high level summit meetings” at which they discussed various matters related to Birchwell and The Polite Society Preparation Program.

At this meeting, Miss Webster made it very clear that although she regarded Patsy Maidenly as a lovely and willing girl, there was not a great deal more The Polite Society Preparation Program could accomplish in her case. Miss Webster then showed her compassionate side by saying, “Of course, Miss Frobisher, we shall not send her home empty handed. That would be unkind and I expect her mother would give her the bare bottom hairbrush spanking of her young life. Would you be kind enough to go to that nice engraver in the Wopping Stoat High Street and obtain a ‘certificate of special accomplishment’ for our young lady?”

Miss Frobisher did not agree, but she acceded to the other woman’s request instantly. Although she had an important and influential role at Birchwell, there was never any doubt that the establishment was ruled by Agatha Forsythe Webster, O.B.E.

The ceremony for Patsy was a quiet affair held in Birchwell’s imposing library. In addition to Miss Frobisher, Miss Webster had invited Lord Justice Bleary, who was in an avuncular, bottom-pinching mood, heightened by the sight of the curvaceous Patsy in her form-fitting skirt. Miss Webster had also invited the Most Reverend Gerald Goodsoul – to provide the blessing – and Basil Warpington – who would take the official photographs. Lorna Jane was, of course, also present.

When the ceremony was concluded, tea and cakes were served by the new serving maids, Rosa Bottomly and Lorraine Barnsley. The two pink-cheeked, delectably curvaceous maidservants curtsied and bowed and, overall, behaved with a delicious servility motivated to a significant degree by the lengthy lecture an enthusiastic Miss Frobisher had given the new recruits on the fate of Shirley Doolittle and Marie Costermonger. By the time the older woman was through, the two succulent nineteen-year-olds were visibly trembling and blinking back tears!

After the tea and cakes had been consumed, fond farewells were exchanged. Lord Justice Bleary wished Patsy well in his booming tones and playfully pinched the girl’s tightly skirted lower left buttock, an action that caused Patsy to emit a scrumptious squeal and caused much merriment among the onlookers – with the exception, of course, of Lorna Jane!

As for Basil Warpington, he caused poor Patsy to blush scarlet with a whispered suggestion that they go upstairs so he might take some “more intimate” photographs. As for Lorna Jane, she was permitted one last hug with Patsy and a sisterly kiss. Over their time together at Birchwell, the two girls had become dear friends and had often “consoled” one another. A tear trickled down lovely Lorna Jane’s smooth cheek as she contemplated being alone at Birchwell.

Post-Luncheon Punishment

Despite her sorrow over Patsy’s departure, Lorna Jane continued to apply herself to her studies with alacrity. She had no desire to visit The Caning Chamber or, for that matter, the horrid Old Mill! Alas, however, a behavioral lapse was imminent.

On an authorized shopping trip to pick up some “girlish necessities” in Wopping Stoat, Lorna Jane passed a Newsagent’s Shop and noticed, on the outdoor display rack, the American magazine Starlet Parade. The girl had read the magazine from time to time back in America, and she enjoyed its articles on “starlet bubble baths,” “dressing for boyfriend appeal,” and “tips on dating.” Feeling terribly homesick and missing Patsy, she went into the store and bought the magazine, secreting it at the bottom of her shopping bag.

The next day, Lorna Jane spend an arduous morning studying “The Fine Art of the Thank-you Note” by Miss Eustace Mannerly. At about noon, Miss Frobisher entered the classroom and told Lorna Jane that she could now go to her room and freshen up for lunch. Safely inside her room, Lorna Jane knew that she would have about fifteen minutes before she was expected downstairs where the meal would be served.

Lorna Jane went to her bureau, opened a drawer, and located Starlet Parade – carefully concealed under neatly folded articles of attire. The girl then lay face down on her comfortable bed and began to leaf through the magazine. Her attention was attracted by an article entitled “How I Drive My Boyfriend Crazy!” by Miss Linda Layton, age 22. The editorial “blurb” indicated that the “pretty and curvaceous” Miss Layton had just got her “big break” with a bit part in Lamont Van Renselier’s new drive-in hit, “Reformatory Rumpus”!

Miss Layton described, in gushing prose, how she had seen the movie with her boyfriend and, afterwards, had spent a most rewarding time polishing his vinyl seat covers with her bare bottom! The story reminded dear Lorna Jane of her own dates with her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long, who she missed terribly. Naughty girl that she was, Lorna Jane began to think about young Rod’s sleek, upstanding member on date nights and how, if he only he were present, she would show him how much she loved and admired his enviable equipment!

Lorna Jane was so caught up in her reverie that she utterly failed to hear Miss Frobisher open the door to her bedroom and approach on her rubber-soled shoes. She did, however, feel the crisp SMACK Miss Frobisher administered to the girl’s snugly skirted seat. With a poignant squeal, Lorna Jane turned to see her nemesis!

“What do think you’re up to, girl?” Miss Frobisher’s voice projected a cold anger. “You’re supposed to be at lunch. And what is this you’re reading?” The older woman seized the magazine and flipped through its pages while Lorna Jane whimpered.

“Filth!” Miss Frobisher practically spat out the word. “Get on your feet this instant, Welworthy! I’m taking you to see Miss Webster.”

Blinking back tears, Lorna Jane scrambled to her feet. Miss Frobisher gripped the girl by an earlobe and proceeded to march her out the door and down the hall. “Step lively, Welworthy!” Miss Frobisher emphasized her command by vigorously applying the folded magazine to Lorna Jane’s tightly skirted behind. Squealing and wiggling, the girl stumbled forward – her spike heels clicking.

In a bay-windowed area off Birchwell’s grand library, a circular Georgian table was set with three places for lunch. An apprehensive Rosa Bottomly – looking most appealing in her skin fitting maid’s uniform – hovered nervously in the background. Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher had been seated at the table impatiently awaiting Lorna Jane’s arrival. “Where is that girl?” Miss Webster had enquired, an edge of steel in her cultured voice, directing her assistant to go in search of her. Miss Frobisher returned with a very frightened Lorna Jane in tow. “I found her lying on her bed reading this filth!” The woman hissed the words out with a venom that caused an icy shiver to convulse Lorna Jane’s shapely spine.

Miss Webster took the magazine from Miss Frobisher and proceeded to peruse it. The woman lifted her aristocratic nose in disdain. Then she looked at Lorna Jane with a level stare that would have frozen a tropical lagoon. “Remove your skirt and underpants, Welworthy, and place them over the back of that chair – the chair you were expected to occupy for luncheon.”

A scarlet-faced and tearful Lorna Jane obeyed at once. Then the weeping girl stood before Miss Webster, arms haplessly at her sides. Above the waist, Lorna Jane wore a decorous, mauve-hued silk blouse. Its high neck was trimmed with pretty lace as was its snug waistband and the cuffs of its long sleeves. Below the waist, the girl was humiliatingly exposed in just her off-white elastic garter belt, tautly-suspendered, sheer nylon hosiery, and glossy black patent leather pumps with high spike heels that gleamed in the afternoon light.

“Properly brought up young ladies are not late for luncheon engagements,” Miss Webster sagely observed. “You shall kneel on your palms, forehead pressed to the floor, while Miss Frobisher and I dine. Ensure that your bottom is pointed toward us so we can contemplate its appropriate punishment.”

Lorna Jane assumed the humiliating position and quickly found that her delectably rounded, nyloned knees made a painful impression on her soft palms. The girl sniffled audibly. “Very well, Bottomly. You may serve,” Miss Webster commanded. The trembling maidservant obeyed instantly, desperately eager not to suffer a similar fate.

“This pheasant is rather good,” Miss Webster observed, savoring a morsel followed by a sip of vintage claret.

“Yes, indeed,” Miss Frobisher responded. “I expect Peters has been out on a shoot.” Agatha Webster shrugged at her assistant with aristocratic indifference.

Lorna Jane Gets the Point

After the luncheon was concluded and Rosa Bottomly had cleared away, the maidservant presented herself to Miss Webster for further orders. “Go to Mrs. Cranny, Bottomly,” Miss Webster directed, “and ask her for a length of wrist rope. She’ll know what you mean.”

With a tremulous “Y-Yes, madam” and a servile curtsey, Rosa scurried off to the kitchen. She returned promptly and presented Miss Webster, on a silver tray, a coiled eighteen-inch length of cord. The woman took the offering without comment.

“On your feet, girl,” Miss Webster now commanded. Lorna Jane stood up, flexing her aching palms. “Put your hands behind your back, Welworthy. Wrists crossed.” While Lorna Jane continued to poignantly sob and whimper, Miss Webster tightly bound the girl.

Gripping Lorna Jane by an arm, she turned to Miss Frobisher and announced, “She’s for the East Wing bedroom with the special stool.” Miss Frobisher’s eyes gleamed with pleasure and an unpleasant smile twisted her thin lips.

It was a lengthy and distressing journey for poor Lorna Jane as she was marched to her fate. The East Wing bedroom turned out not to have a bed. The large room was sparsely furnished, containing only a vanity table with a mirror, a wooden bench in front of the vanity, a tall chest of drawers, a wooden stool, and another long, ornately framed mirror attached to a heavy stand so its angle might be adjusted. The room also contained a tall, brine-filled vase in which a number of thin, wickedly pliant willow switches resided.

Lorna Jane was required to sit in front of the vanity with its large, circular mirror. “You have behaved like an irresponsible child, Welworthy,” Miss Webster observed coldly. “Put her hair in pigtails, Miss Frobisher, if you would be so kind.”

“With pleasure, Miss Webster,” the woman responded and set to her task with ill-concealed glee. Soon Lorna Jane’s lovely brunette tresses were styled into two juvenile pigtails, each one ending with a small, red bow.

Hairstyling completed, Miss Frobisher ordered Lorna Jane to her feet and then held the girl in place by an arm. For her part, Agatha Webster now placed the round stool in front of the long, adjustable mirror so that whosoever was seated upon it would have an excellent view of themselves. That “whosoever” was to be Lorna Jane!

Miss Webster then opened the top drawer of the bureau and withdrew a red velvet bag, about eight inches long and closed with a silken drawstring at the top. The woman opened the bag, reached in and proceeded to withdraw pieces of gravel which she carefully arranged on the seat of the stool. Lorna Jane’s tear-filled eyes grew very wide.

Miss Webster then put the bag away and opened the second drawer of the bureau and took out a cuddly little Teddy Bear. “Seat her!” Miss Webster’s command was issued in a tone that brooked no discussion.

“You heard your mistress,” Miss Frobisher hissed in Lorna Jane’s ear. “Get your behind on that stool. Now!”

Whimpering mournfully, Lorna Jane took the most deliciously hesitant steps imaginable toward the stool.

SMACKKK! SMACKKK! Miss Frobisher applied brisk manual encouragement to the ripely rounded backs of Lorna Jane’s thighs, where they were bare above her stocking tops. “Get a move on, girl!” she decreed. Arriving at her destination, Lorna Jane stood – tearful and trembling – with her back to the stool.

“Any more dawdling, Welworthy, and you’ll sit on a caned bottom,” Miss Webster observed in a tone of voice that made poor Lorna Jane’s blood run cold.

With exquisite reluctance, the girl began to lower her girlishly plump, succulently rounded bum toward its dreaded destination. At last contact was made, as verified by Lorna Jane’s squeal of distress. Miss Webster then balanced the Teddy Bear on Lorna Jane’s lap.

“If you try to raise your rump, Welworthy,” Miss Webster didactically explained, “Mr. Bear will fall to the floor. Given that your hands are bound behind your back, you will not be able to put him in back in place. If, when we return, Mr. Bear is not where he is supposed to be, you will be strictly disciplined.”

The imperious woman then walked over to the brine-filled vase and withdrew a well-soaked willow switch. This she sliced through the air with a wispy stroke which caused an ominous hissing noise accompanied by a light spray of brine droplets.

“Specifically, Welworthy,” Miss Webster continued, “you will have your suspender belt removed, your stockings rolled down to your ankles and, with your hands still tied behind your back, you will do a long and painful dance to the tune the switch plays on the backs of those full but shapely legs of yours. From the top of your thighs to the bottoms of your calves and then back again. It would be in your best interests to ensure that Mr. Bear remain on your lap. Open your mouth.”

With trembling lips, a tearful Lorna Jane obeyed. Miss Webster placed the switch at its mid-point in the girl’s pretty mouth. “Clamp down.”

Lorna Jane was left for an hour to contemplate her image (an image of dire distress!) in the mirror. The bits and pieces of gravel were not sharp enough to break the skin but they nonetheless painfully prodded and probed the succulent flesh of Lorna Jane’s bare buttocks, not to mention the backs of her upper thighs.

At one point, the poor girl haplessly tried to raise her bottom a little. Mr. Bear wobbled perilously. Lorna Jane immediately returned her bottom to where it was supposed to be and bit down on the switch in her anguish.

As promised, Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher returned in an hour. Fortunately, for poor Lorna Jane, Mr. Bear was still perched on her lap.

Illustration by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

Miss Webster now addressed the well-punished girl. “You behaved in a childish and self-indulgent way, Welworthy, and that is why you have been corrected in this fashion. Young ladies who are fit for polite society are not late for luncheon engagements. Young ladies who are fit for polite society do not read trashy magazines containing lubricious material. Do you understand?”

Lorna Jane looked up at her strict mistress with tear-filled, pleading eyes. She nodded her head in earnest agreement.

Miss Webster now picked up Mr. Bear and returned him to his drawer. She then removed the switch from Lorna Jane’s mouth.

“You may stand and present your backside to us,” Miss Webster directed.

Most unsteadily, Lorna Jane rose to her feet and presented herself as directed. The girl’s ripely rounded buttocks – normally so exquisitely pale fleshed – were covered with a strict patina of red-hued indentation marks. So were the upper backs of her thighs. One piece of gravel continued to cling to the ripest summit of her left buttock as if it were loathe to end its contact with such delectable flesh. Miss Webster flicked it away with the tip of the switch.

“Now, Welworthy,” Miss Webster’s voice resonated with cold command, “walk around the room in a wide circle. Keep your legs pressed together and take tiny little steps, one pump directly in front of the other – as if you were walking a chalk line. Now, march!”

The combination of having her hands tied behind her back and the commanded mode of locomotion caused Lorna Jane’s prettily marked behind to sway and jiggle in the most exceptional way.

Miss Webster followed, lecturing the girl on various fine points of polite society and discipline – emphasizing her sage observations with periodic light flicks of the switch. Even these stung and produced poignant squeals from Lorna Jane who quickly discovered that the sheer nylon hosiery that snuggled her luscious legs offered no protection whatsoever from the switch’s kisses.

It took twenty tours of the room to satisfy Miss Webster. When it was finally over, she turned to Miss Frobisher and ordered, “Take Welworthy to the West Wing bathroom. You know what to do to her when you get her there. Put a diaper on her afterwards. I want her to have a very clear understanding of how we punish childish behavior at Birchwell.

“As you direct, Miss Webster,” Miss Frobisher responded, her face contorted with a cold smirk. The click of Lorna Jane’s spike heels echoed in the long hallway as she was marched to her fate!

Some may feel that Lorna Jane’s discipline was rather strict. But the fact of the matter is the girl had behaved in a childish and irresponsible manner. To her credit, the disciplinary session made an impression on Lorna Jane’s brain as well as her bottom with the result that she used her lovely nether portions to sit and study and study and study! The result of all this effort, as we shall see in the final chapter of this series, is that dear Lorna Jane successfully graduated from the Polite Society Preparation Programme and returned to a homecoming which was warm in more ways than one!

As for Miss Frobisher, the disciplinary session had been as delightful for her as it had been distressing for poor Lorna Jane. The only thing that would have made the entire affair even more satisfying for Miss Frobisher would have been if she had been given the opportunity to escort Miss Linda Layton to The Caning Chamber where she would show the promiscuous “starlet” that a girl’s bare bottom has other uses besides polishing the vinyl seat covers in her boyfriend’s autocar!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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