Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 8: Uncontrollable Urges

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 8: Uncontrollable Urges

As regular readers of this series know, the distinguished Miss Agatha Webster was undertaking the education and “finishing” of two American girls: her niece, lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy, and a friend’s daughter, pretty Patsy Maidenly. The year was 1962, and both girls were kept extremely busy at Birchwell, Miss Webster’s large Sussex estate, learning their lessons and carrying out all the other duties that were assigned by Miss Webster or her imperious assistant, Miss Frobisher.

Of course, a big, healthy, and highly attractive girl like Lorna Jane had certain natural urges – which back in America she had been able to ecstatically consummate with her adoring boyfriend, Rod Long. But at Birchwell, it was a different story.

Illustrations by Roger Benson. Coloring by StoneKnight.

As for Rod, he faithfully wrote Lorna Jane a lengthy airmail letter every week. As might be expected, a handsome, athletic, and scholastically outstanding lad like Rod would be a great “catch” for any girl. Not a few had intimated that if he asked them out for a date, their answer would be an enthusiastic “yes!”

To his great credit, the highly principled young man remained totally faithful to Lorna Jane and missed her greatly. He yearningly remembered many things about Lorna Jane – in particular their final date before the girl left for Merrie England! A tightly-girdled Lorna Jane had used her pretty mouth in a naughty way which resulted in young Rod fearing he would faint from ecstasy!

Rod’s letters to Lorna Jane were first opened and read by her aunt. As for the girl’s replies, these were also read by Miss Webster before they were sent and, very frequently, the good woman provided her lovely charge with guidance on what to write in her letters home. Lorna Jane’s most recent missive to Rod provides an interesting example:

Dearest Rod,

Golly, Rod dearest, I miss you ever so much! But here at Birchwell I’m learning so many wonderful and useful things about etiquette, polite society, domestic household management and many other things as well! I am ever so grateful to my Maiden Aunty, Miss Agatha Webster, and her personal assistant, Miss Frobisher, for everything they are teaching me.

I do my very best to learn all my lessons but sometimes my performance is deficient and then I have to be disciplined! Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher have many strict and unique ways of punishing a naughty girl, but I just have to admit that I have never received a correction that I didn’t thoroughly deserve! Every time I am corrected, I double my resolve to be the bestest girl ever so I won’t have to be disciplined again!

I am so happy, Rod dearest, that your first year of legal studies is going so well. I just know you will make an ever so successful attorney! And when I have finished learning all my lessons at Birchwell, and return home, I will have many advantages that many girls unfortunately do not have the opportunity to acquire.

Last evening, Miss Webster had a dinner party for some of her friends who are all great leaders in the English society. Patsy and I were allowed to sit at the table in the Grand Dining Hall at Birchwell. We were surely on our very best behavior and only spoke when spoken to! It is a great privilege for a young girl like me to have the opportunity to meet such distinguished people and I am deeply grateful to both my mother and my Aunty, Miss Webster!

I must close now, Rod dearest, because I have ever so much studying to do for a test on etiquette tomorrow and I surely want to do well so I won’t have to bear the humiliation and discomfort of being disciplined on my you-know-what!

With all my love and affection, Lorna Jane

When Rod received this letter, he was of course terribly happy to hear from Lorna Jane, who he loved and cherished. He reflected on how Lorna Jane’s “finishing school” experience would make her a wonderful wife for a young attorney embarking on a promising career. The lad also made several readings of the paragraphs in which Lorna Jane referred to “being disciplined” and, truth to tell, became quite excited as his fertile mind imagined what might be happening to his delectable darling.

In her letters to her mother, Agatha Webster required Lorna Jane to go into rather more detail about her achievements, her errors, and her corrections. When Mrs. Welworthy read about the latter, she naturally felt regret that her darling daughter was – from time to time – experiencing some discomfort. However, wise and experienced woman that she was, she well understood that the pathway to learning and becoming a properly brought up young lady is a pathway that is illuminated by strict but loving discipline.

Indeed, Mrs. Welworthy never felt closer or more loving toward Lorna Jane than when she had the girl bare bottomed over her capable knee, holding her close in a firm but motherly grip. And, when Mr. Hairbrush did his work, Lorna Jane’s poignant sobs, squeals, pleas, and promises made the girl – despite her grown-up nylon stockings and spike-heeled pumps – seem like a large, naughty child in need of love and strict guidance!

And how did Lorna Jane feel about all this? At Birchwell, in the warm privacy of her own bed – frequently wearing only the tops of her baby doll pj’s – the girl often thought about her dates with her beloved boyfriend, Rod Long. Her recollections of his sturdy member, standing hard and gleaming in the moonlight, caused her plumply pink vulval lips to twitch and moisten and her soft, naughty fingers to stray.

Interestingly enough, the girl had the same reaction when she recalled her “Judicial Review” with Mr. Justice Roderick Pimm-Lansing – the strict but wise jurist who had consigned Lorna Jane and her friend Kathy Ann Goodchild to the Greystone Reformatory for Naughty Girls. In particular, Lorna Jane became very excited and moist when she recalled groveling on her lovely nyloned knees in front of the great man, showing her extended and humble respect for the Ultimate Symbol of his judicial authority.

Strangely enough, Lorna Jane experienced similar sensations – combined with a delicious fear – when she was alone bare bottomed in the Spanking Room with an older female disciplinarian. In this situation her lovely eyes were also fastened on something hard and gleaming – namely the glossy black, oval shaped hairbrush that would warm her succulently rounded rear and alleviate her guilt over having been naughty!

Girdle Bound

One Saturday morning at Birchwell, as a result of over-sleeping, both Lorna Jane and Patsy realized that they were going to be late for a special lesson on “Afternoon Garden Parties” which was to be taught by Miss Frobisher. Rapidly, the girls performed their ablutions, dressed, and then raced off to the classroom. In their haste, Lorna Jane bumped into Patsy in the hallway, causing the latter to stumble and fall on her pretty posterior, emitting a high pitched “eeeeeeek!” in the process.

Unfortunately, Miss Frobisher was just coming up the hallway to see where the girls were and, of course, witnessed the entire scene. Lorna Jane and Patsy soon found themselves trembling before Agatha Webster’s imposing desk while Miss Frobisher gave a detailed report.

“Properly brought up young ladies never engage in unseemly haste,” the refined woman observed judiciously. “Proper carriage is always required. Take these two to the classroom, Miss Frobisher, and teach them their Afternoon Garden Party lessons and then, after luncheon, bring them back to the Library – at which time I shall impose an appropriate penalty.”

Not wanting to make an already bad situation worse, Lorna Jane and Patsy studied the Afternoon Garden Party material most energetically and were able to answer Miss Frobisher’s pointed questions to the latter’s grudging approval.

After luncheon, Lorna Jane and Patsy were escorted to their bedrooms by Miss Webster and Miss Frobisher. While Patsy waited apprehensively in her room, the two older women attended to Lorna Jane first. The frightened girl was ordered to strip to her bra, panties, garter belt, sheer nylon hosiery, and spike-heeled pumps. Then she was required to remove her garter belt and replace it with her tightest, off-white girdle. Miss Frobisher then produced some rope and deftly bound Lorna Jane’s wrists behind the girl’s back while Miss Webster looked on with approval.

The now crying twenty-year-old was escorted to Patsy’s bedroom where she was required to watch the hapless girl stripped, girdled, and bound in the same way. Both sniffling miscreants were now marched down two long hallways and ushered into an unused bedroom where they were ordered to lie down on the double bed. Miss Frobisher then promptly bound the girls’ shapely ankles. “Shall I gag them, madam?” she enquired of her employer.

“I don’t think that will be necessary,” the impressive woman replied. Both Lorna Jane and Patsy audibly gulped in gratitude. “I hope, Welworthy and Maidenly,” Miss Webster directly addressed the two bound and girdled girls, “that this little punishment will teach you not to run around in an unseemly fashion with those shapely legs of yours. If you ever do it again, the backs of your legs will feel the willow switch from underbum to ankles!”

Firmly closing the door behind them, the two women left poor Lorna Jane and Patsy to their doleful distress. Because they were not gagged, the two girls began to talk in soft, almost whispered tones.

“Oh, golly,” Lorna Jane sniffled, “this g-girdle is j-just awful….”

“Ouuuhh… so is m-mine,” Patsy responded, warm tears trickling down her soft cheeks. “T-Thank heavens they d-didn’t g-gag us!”

As time passed by, the girls began to tell each other their life stories. It helped a little to take their minds off the horrid girdles and snugly constraining ropes that bound them. Then Patsy put her pretty face very close to Lorna Jane’s. “Ohhh, I’m so fond of you,” she confided.

“I-I think you’re a wonderful person,” Lorna Jane responded. Moments later, the girls were kissing – chastely at first, and then with open mouths and flickering tongues.

As the girls’ excitement mounted, Lorna Jane squirmed around so her back was to Patsy’s front. She reached back with her bound hands and her naughty fingers found that very special part of Patsy’s delicious anatomy.

“Ouuuuuhhhuhhhhhh….” Patsy gasped.

For the next hour the two sex-starved lovelies took turns giving each other multiple orgasms!

Hairbrush Harassment

Agatha Webster and Miss Frobisher returned to the bedroom after four hours. The bed covers were extensively rumpled from the girls’ amorous activities. In addition, their panties and girdles had ridden up so that almost the entire lower half of their succulent bottoms was deliciously bare.

Miss Webster viewed the scene with clinical detachment and then calmly addressed Lorna Jane and Patsy. “I trust you two have learned a good lesson.”

“Ohhhh, yes, m-mistress,” Lorna Jane responded in the most sincere tones imaginable. “I’ll n-never do it again, m-mistress… I promise!”

“And what about you, Maidenly?” the woman now enquired.

“Y-Yes… Ohhh, yes, mistress!” Patsy babbled. “I’ll be a g-good girl. Honest I w-will, mistress!”

“Very good,” Miss Webster smiled thinly. “I can see the two of you repent your unseemly behavior. And now, just to re-enforce the lesson, a little hairbrushing would be most appropriate. Roll over so you are lying face down.”

With poignant little whimpers, Lorna Jane and Patsy immediately obeyed the command. Their stone faced executioner then took the glossy black, oval shaped hairbrush from Miss Frobisher, who had been holding it behind her back.

For the next six minutes, Miss Webster slowly and methodically administered 30 brisk smacks to each girl, concentrating on the bottomflesh exposed by the ridden up panties and girdles and the backs of the girls’ thighs, where they were bare above their tautly suspendered stocking tops. Both Lorna Jane and Patsy squealed and sobbed very appealingly.

When it was finally over, the girls were untied, told to restore their panties and girdles to their proper positions, and then marched back to their bedrooms so they could replace their snug fitting skirts and sweaters.

“You girls will wear your girdles until bedtime,” Miss Webster decreed, knowing only too well how uncomfortably the tight garments would compress prettily spanked bottomflesh!

Lorna Jane was quite exhausted by the time she went to bed – partly from her energetic activities with pretty Patsy and partly from the day’s ordeals which had included being tied up, spanked, and required to wear a horrid girdle. Not surprisingly, the girl rapidly fell into a deep sleep.

In the course of the night, poor Lorna Jane experienced a most distressing dream. She was back at Maydith College and Miss Fairview, the instructress of the Art Appreciation Course, had ordered Lorna Jane to report to the Dean of Girls, bearing a note outlining her deficient performance.

To Lorna Jane’s horrified surprise, the Dean of Girls turned out to be none other than her Maiden Aunty, Miss Agatha Webster! Lorna Jane soon found herself trembling in front of Miss Webster’s desk while the strict-looking woman read and reread the note. Finally, she turned her attention to Lorna Jane. “Remove your skirt and panties, young lady.” The command was issued in a tone of voice that motivated the girl to obey instantaneously.

All too soon, Lorna Jane was standing in front of the desk, bare from her waist down except for her garter belt, sheer nylon stockings, and glossy black patent leather spike-heeled pumps. The girl gulped audibly and the tears that had gathered in her eyes began to flow when Miss Webster opened the upper right drawer of her desk and withdrew a pliant wooden ruler. One look at the dreadful instrument was all Lorna Jane needed to know it would sting awfully!

Miss Webster walked around from behind her desk to face Lorna Jane. “Hold out your right hand, palm up, young lady, and do not dare to move it until I so instruct!”

SMACK! The wickedly pliant ruler stung the soft hand that had so often tenderly and excitingly caressed Rod Long’s sturdy manhood. A sobbing Lorna Jane emitted a squeal of pain. Slowly and methodically, Miss Webster administered five ruler smacks to each girlishly tender hand.

While poor Lorna Jane endured the pain and humiliation of having her hands rulered like a naughty nine-year-old in grade three, her ripely rounded buttocks behaved as if they seemed to possess a mind of their own. Specifically, they quivered and spasmed most prettily while the crawling cold gooseflesh of dire dread and anguished apprehension covered their smooth, pale, girlishly plump surfaces. It was as if they knew their execution was next!

Illustration by Roger Benson.

When the hand rulering was finally over, Agatha Webster gripped the crying girl by an elbow and marched her over to a solid, straight backed, armless chair and ordered Lorna Jane to get over its back. The girl obeyed at once.

Properly positioned, the hapless girl looked back over her shoulder, her tear-filled eyes wide and imploring. “P-Please, M-Mistress Dean… P-P-Please be g-gentle….”

“Eyes front, young lady!” was Agatha Webster’s coldly commanding response.

SMACK! Mr. Ruler made stinging, searing impact with the plumpest part of Lorna Jane’s provocatively projecting posterior. The girl’s anguished outcry awoke her from her dream.

It took Lorna Jane a few moments to realize where she was. Then she reached back to cup her succulently bare bottom cheeks. (Naughty girl that she was, she had worn only the tops of her baby doll pajamas to bed!) To her infinite relief, she discovered that the only sensation in her lovely bottom was a slight, residual tingling from Miss Webster’s hairbrushing.

Lorna Jane continued to cup and fondle her nubile nether curves, becoming quite excited as she did so. It was not long before soft, naughty fingers found the naughty place and Lorna Jane experienced the jolting, prolonged release of orgasmic ecstasy – a prelude to falling back into a deep, dreamless sleep!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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