Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 7: Dinner Duty

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 7: Dinner Duty

Agatha Webster, the imperious woman who was charged with the education of American girls Lorna Jane Welworthy and Patricia Maidenly at her well appointed Sussex estate Birchwell, brooked no insubordination. The year was 1962, and as readers of the June issue of this magazine know, Miss Webster’s hapless maids – Shirley Doolittle and Marie Costermonger – were very strictly disciplined for their Miss Brighton Bikini Context escapade.

After the “Miss Spanked Teenager” festivities were concluded, Agatha Webster invited her distinguished guests to remain for dinner. In an act that reflected her kindly side, she decided that she would relieve Shirley and Marie of their maiding duties until the next day. Instead, lovely Lorna Jane and pretty Patsy would serve for “dinner duty.”

To make the event more interesting, Lorna Jane and Patsy were required to wear black bras, diminutive black g-string panties, black satin-elastic garter belts, sheer charcoal-hued nylon stockings, and glossy white patent leather pumps with high spike heels. Their only other articles of attire consisted of white maid’s caps, tiny white aprons, and little white gloves.

The dinner was held in Birchwell’s opulently appointed, candlelit dining hall. Lorna Jane and Patsy hovered and scurried, desperately anxious not to incur anyone’s displeasure. Their work was rendered more difficult by Mr. Justice Bleary’s well developed proclivity for bottom-pinching. By the time the second course was finished, the pale, girlishly plump flesh of Lorna Jane and Patsy’s g-string bared bottoms bore the reddish residue of many a juicy, judicial pinch. Once, when she squealed just a little too energetically, poor Patsy received a cold glare from Miss Webster that made the hapless girl fear for her precious posterior!

As the meal proceeded, Mr. Justice Bleary snapped his fingers in Patsy’s direction and ordered a condiment not present on the table. Not knowing the location of the item, Patsy desperately whispered to Lorna Jane. Unhappily for poor Lorna Jane, she whispered back.

“Silence!” Justice Bleary thundered, as if he were in his vaulted courtroom.

Miss Webster glared with cold menace at a trembling Patsy and a quivering Lorna Jane. “Go to Cook immediately and ask her to insert the gags,” she directed with icy authority. The girls fled from the room, spike heels clicking. When they returned, in just under five minutes, their pretty mouths were distended by uncomfortable looking red rubber ball gags that had been securely strapped in place.

At one point, Patsy raised her soft hand to the gag strap that was cutting into her girlishly soft cheek. “Keep your hand away from that gag, Maidenly,” Agatha Webster commanded icily, “or I’ll make you wish you hadn’t been born with a bottom!”

After dinner and Lorna Jane and Patsy had completed their clearing away duties, the still-gagged girls were marched to the library by Mrs. Cranny, the cook, and Miss Frobisher, Miss Webster’s iron-willed assistant.

An exceedingly brief trial ensued. Mr. Justice Bleary observed, with the obviously fulsome approval of his companions, that the girls had violated the cardinal rule that “serving wenches are to be seen and not heard!” He went on to comment that when members of society’s elite are gathered at the dinner table to discuss matters of national importance, “interruption by the whispering or tittering of foolish maids will not be tolerated!”

Illustration by Roger Benson.

“As instigator of this disgraceful breach you, Maidenly, are herewith sentenced to a nine stroke caning on those shapely bare buttocks of yours. You, Welworthy, are slightly less culpable. I therefore decree that your Mistress, Miss Agatha Webster, shall employ her own excellent judgement to devise for you an appropriate penalty, said penalty to be executed tomorrow at a time she finds convenient. You will also be required to witness Maidenly’s correction!”

Their eyes filled with tears, Lorna Jane and Patsy uttered poignant “mmmpphhggg’s” in response to His Lordship’s stern words. Both girls were then marched to the Caning Chamber.

Poor Patsy – divested of her tiny apron and little white gloves – was secured to the Caning Chair. “Don’t fret, dear,” Miss Frobisher counseled as she tightened the retraining straps. “I’ll remove the gag momentarily and then you can scream, sob, and plead as much as you like while you’re getting your caning.”

As for screaming, sobbing, and pleading, Patsy did not disappoint as Miss Webster carried out her Executioner’s duties. As was her practice with nine stroke canings, the middle aged matron administered six to Patsy’s succulent buttocks, the remaining three to the backs of the girl’s ripely rounded thighs – where they were bare above her stocking tops

Half way through Patsy’s execution, Lorna Jane required the smelling salts, which Miss Frobisher gleefully administered while cook held the sobbing, terrified girl in a grip of iron.

When Patsy’s caning was finally concluded, the girl was once again gagged and her wrists snugly bound behind her back. She was then required to stand on a small stool in The Caning Chamber, whereupon her shapely ankles were tightly trussed. Basil Warpington proceeded to photograph the tearful, hapless girl from various angles. The results of his handiwork would illustrate an article entitled “Caning Correction for Naughty Maid” which Miss Webster planned to present in the very next issue of her publication, The English Gentlewoman’s Guide to Domestic Discipline.

Lorna Jane Gets the Point

Agatha Webster and the Duchess Helene de la Lotbiniere had been friends for many years. Both were of the same age. During the dark days of the Second World War, Duchess Helene had courageously served in the French Resistance as a key member of a group dedicated to dynamiting Nazi supply trains. Clad in a jaunty beret and a pair of working man’s overalls, the beautiful, then-young woman packed a Colt .45 automatic and knew how to use it! After the war, she was decorated with the Croix de Guerre and took over the management of the palatial family estate at Fontainbleau, where she had entertained her dear friend on numerous occasions.

On one of Miss Webster’s visits, Duchess Helene displayed “la chaise clouté” – in English, “the studded chair.” The aristocratic woman had commented, “Ah, ma chere Agatha, I had it custom-fabricated so that deficient maids might – as I believe you English put it, ‘get the point’! It works wonders on girlishly well-developed French bottoms. Might you find use for such a device at Birchwell?”

Agatha Webster had enthusiastically responded “Yes, indeed!” A month later, the packing crate arrived at Birchwell.

These thoughts passed through Miss Webster’s mind as she sat in her impressive library. The chair had most certainly helped Shirley and Marie to “get the point” on more than one occasion. Now it was time for a girlishly plump, succulently shapely American behind to discover the experience. The imperious matron pressed an intercom button on her desk to summon Miss Frobisher.

Miss Webster’s appointments that particular day included a private lunch with Sir Nigel Portwine, KCMG. (The abbreviation stands for the high honor of Knight Commander of the Mauve Garter. One wag had suggested that it stood for “Kindly Call Me God”!) Sir Nigel, who had held senior ambassador posts for the Foreign Office, now served as Confidential Counsel to the highest levels of government. The tall, patrician, and monocle-wearing nobleman had been one of Agatha Webster’s close friends for many years.

Sir Nigel’s chauffeured Bentley arrived at Birchwell on the stroke of half past noon. With great courtesy, Samuels – the Butler – ushered the distinguished guest into the main Drawing Room, where he was warmly greeted by his hostess. Maid Shirley obsequiously approached with a Georgian silver tray bearing two flutes of vintage Perrier Jouet Champagne. Maid Marie hovered in the background with her silver tray of Beluga Caviar canapes.

“I say, Agatha, dear,” Sir Nigel spoke in the languid drawl of one who had taken a first in Greats at Oxford University, “Birchwell looks in jolly good tick.”

“You are too, kind, Nigel,” Miss Webster responded with a warm smile. “It’s such a lovely day. Shall we stroll out to the terrace?”

The massive terrace enjoyed the seclusion of a high stone wall. Low stone pillars provided foundations for neo-classical planters filled with the exquisitely flowering plants of an English summer. The other decoration of particular note was provided by Lorna Jane. The girl wore only her maid’s cap and a pair of glossy black, spike-heeled pumps. Her wrists were tied to the upper rail of the chair back while her ankles were secured to the bottom of the chair’s back legs with steel manacles. Tears trickled down her shame-red, ball-gagged face.

Illustration by Roger Benson.

Lorna Jane’s ripely rounded rear was arched in the air, revealing the wicked metal points she was so anxious to avoid contact with. The studs were designed to ensure that they could cause no serious damage but, unquestionably, they would be most uncomfortable to sit upon.

Unfortunately, she could only arch her bottom so far in the air. A leather strap, snugly buckled around her shapely waist, was attached to the front of the chair by means of a metal chain that ran – between her gluteal divide – to the front of the chair. Nor could she stand up. Heavy lead balls chained to the front legs of the chair precluded that possibility. One can well imagine the strain on the hapless girl’s full but shapely legs!

“She spoke out of turn at dinner last evening,” Agatha Webster blandly observed. “Lord Justice Bleary was most annoyed.”

“I should jolly well think so,” Sir Nigel observed with a faint but amused smile.

“Shall we go into lunch and leave our naughty maid to her reflections?” the woman now suggested.

“A capital idea,” Sir Nigel responded. “I have some interesting news from Whitehall.”

* * *

Some may feel that Shirley, Marie, Lorna Jane, and Patsy were rather strictly treated. But let us consider the facts.

Shirley and Marie did a very naughty thing by publicly parading their pulchritude in skimpy bikini-style bathing suits, as documented in the last episode. Among other things, they brought discredit to one of Merrie England’s great country estates. Miss Webster would have been entirely within her rights to discharge the girls without a reference. One can imagine the bleak future they would have faced under those circumstances! After their strict but totally appropriate correctional canings, the girls had unquestionably learned an unforgettable lesson and would never again commit such a naughty prank.

As for Lorna Jane and Patsy, both girls had been most carefully instructed by Mrs. Cranny, Birchwell’s esteemed cook, about appropriate behavior for maidservants. In addition, they had the further benefit of two weeks experience in servitude at Birchwell during Shirley and Marie’s absence. Both Lorna Jane and Patsy were fully familiar with the cardinal rule that maidservants on duty speak only when spoken to. Patsy was an exceedingly silly girl when she whispered her query to Lorna Jane. Instead, she should have immediately scampered into the kitchen, obtained the ordered condiment from Mrs. Cranny, and returned to humbly present it – on a silver tray – to Mr. Justice Bleary. Lorna Jane was equally foolish to open her sweetly kissable lips in a whispered reply. In doing so, she condemned her ripely rounded bare behind to a strict and totally deserved correction!

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Smiles and Spanks,

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