Roger Benson, “Bare Bottomed at Birchwell” Chapter 6: Diligent Discipline

Bare Bottomed at Birchwell by Roger Benson, 1962

With selected drawings by Miss Fran

Edited by Mrs. Angie Heart

Published by Bared Affair Publications

Chapter 6: Diligent Discipline

As we saw in the last episode of this series, Agatha Webster, the owner in 1962 of a large country estate in Sussex called Birchwell, had granted her two nineteen-year-old maids, Shirley Coster-monger and Marie Doolittle, two weeks of summer vacation so that lovely Lorna Jane Welworthy and pretty Patsy Maidenly might serve in their places, thereby gaining invaluable first hand experience of the domestic management process.

Both Shirley and Marie had been born “within the sound of Bow Bells,” which means they were from East London and spoke with Cockney accents. Although Miss Frobisher’s diligent efforts at elocution instruction had softened these accents somewhat, any knowledgeable person with a good ear would instantly perceive that the girls had been born into the serving class.

Illustration by Miss Fran.

Both light brown-haired Shirley and the darker brunette Marie were pretty girls, in a common sort of way, and had been blessed with exceptionally shapely bodies that looked very fetching in the skin-fitting maiding uniforms Miss Webster required them to wear. Well aware of the penalties for deficient performance or impudence, both girls did their very best to be good maids and to behave in a pleasingly servile manner.

For their vacation, Shirley and Marie traveled by second class rail coach to Brighton, a lively seaside town in the south of England. Arrangements had been made for the girls to stay with Shirley’s Aunt Addie Toff, a good-natured widow who rented out rooms in her home near the seafront. Fortunately, one of the rooms was unoccupied and this would be available for Shirley and Marie to share. The arrangement would work well, for the girls were very fond of one another.

On the morning after their arrival, Shirley and Marie enjoyed the luxury of rising late and – after performing their ablutions and putting on their prettiest clothes – went off to a nearby Coffee Bar to get a bite of breakfast and enjoy listening to the Juke Box.

Shirley and Marie were friendly girls and soon fell into conversation with two other teenage misses – Jeannie and Brenda – who worked as temporary copy typists when they needed money and enjoyed time-off when they didn’t. Jeannie suggested that the four-some visit the Brighton Pier Fun House on the afternoon of the next day. “They’ve got ever so many rides,” Jeannie confided, “and you can meet ever so many boys!” she added with a giggle.

“Don’t forget to wear full skirts and your prettiest panties and nylons,” Brenda added, also with a giggle.

Within minutes of arriving at the Fun House the next day, Shirley and Marie found out the reason for Brenda’s advice about full skirts and pretty underthings. There was a walkway in the Fun House which was overlooked from a glass cubicle occupied by one Bert Sykes, a balding, middle aged man with an eye for pretty girl flesh. When an attractive target entered his field of vision, he would activate powerful air jets that blew the girl’s skirts well up over her waist, displaying her loveliest assets! Naturally, both Shirley and Marie fell “victim” to Bert’s air jets. Squealing and prancing about, the girls put on quite a show for the boys who congregated around the area.

Teddy Boy Delinquents

Not surprisingly, two or three minutes after their most interesting “Public performance” on the Fun House walkway, Shirley and Marie were approached by two lads in their early twenties whose hairstyles and attire proclaimed that they were “Teddy Boys.” Mr. Justice Bleary of The High Court had gone on record saying, “These Teddy Boy delinquents are a scourge to this Sceptered Isle. Those who appear before my bench shall receive no leniency!” On the same theme, in a lengthy speech in The House of Lords, Lord Leechmore had decried the “Teddy Boy development” and called for a return to the strict capital punishment practices of Judge Jeffreys!

The two youths introduced themselves as Vince and Lenny and were soon squiring Shirley and Marie around the Fun Fair, treating them to the thrilling carnival rides, cotton candy, and other treats! The boys seemed to have plenty of money. Little did Shirley or Marie know that it came from nefarious dealings in the “Juke Box Racket” and fixed wagering at the greyhound dog races!

Vince and Lenny seemed to have unlimited free time and the girls continued to see them every day. Indeed, by Thursday night they were on intimate terms. Vince had parked his Ford Zodiac convertible in a secluded grove near the waterfront. In the front seat, he had Shirley’s skirt up and her panties off. Pantyless but panting, Shirley wrapped her shapely, stockinged legs around Vince as their carnal coupling achieved ecstatic proportions. Meanwhile, in the back seat, young Lenny was delivering on Marie’s murmured plea: “Ouuuuuuhhhhh, Lenny… give it to meeeee!”

The next day, Vince – who was the ringleader in the Vince and Lenny arrangement – suggested the girls compete in the Miss Brighton Bikini Contest coming up on Saturday. He told the girls he “had connections” and their late entry into the affair would present no problems.

And so it came to pass that on a warm and sunny Saturday afternoon, Shirley and Marie found themselves participating in the “Miss Bikini” contest. Both girls wore the skimpy garments Ferretson had given to them, plus their highest glossy patent leather spike heeled pumps. When it was each girl’s turn to parade, she wiggled down the elevated runway – spike heels clicking – while an appreciative audience of middle-aged men offered up wolf whistles and suggestive comments!

Also busy was “Flashbulb Freddy,” the staff photographer with the Brighton Bugle, a sleazy local tabloid. As he pointed his camera at sweet Shirley’s undulating behind, he turned to a colleague from the paper and muttered, “That’s what the public wants – new faces!”

The two week’s vacation passed in a flash for Shirley and Marie and, all too soon, they were bidding passionate farewells to Vince and Lenny at the train station. The return to Birchwell would mean the return to the rigors of work and, although neither girl imagined it at the time, certain experiences they would never, ever forget!

As we know from reading the prior chapter of this saga, Ferretson – Miss Webster’s chauffeur – had given Shirley and Marie skimpy little polka dot bikinis as a “going away present” prior to their summer vacation departure and had even suggested that the girls participate in the “Miss Brighton Bikini Contest.” Needless to say, the pruriently-minded Ferretson had a “hidden agenda.”

As it happens, he had a close friend in Brighton – one Lew Peeker – who frequented such “beauty contests” when he was not operating his “hole in the wall” bookstore on a sleazy Brighton backstreet. The bookstore specialized in “glamour publications” which meant plenty of panties and stocking tops on display. In addition, his establishment – if one could call it that – featured a back room where one could obtain (for outrageous prices) stronger, morally degenerative materials from France.

Although Shirley and Marie only managed to tie for third place in the Miss Brighton Bikini Contest, they – along with the several of the other girls – received generous photographical coverage (or should we say “uncoverage”!) in the Brighton Bugle tabloid! Peeker, who had slobberingly viewed the contest proceedings, sent a copy of the issue of the Bugle in question to his friend Ferretson.

All of this, of course, was far from Shirley and Marie’s minds as they returned to Birchwell by second class rail coach. In fact, the girls were in a good mood. They had each won two pounds sterling at the bikini contest and their holiday luggage had been augmented by various stuffed toys the boys had won for them at various “Fun Fair” events. Each girl, however, was missing a pair of sheer and skimpy panties – these intimate articles having been seized as “trophies” by the opportunistic Vince and Lenny!

The girls would have been considerably less cheery if they knew about developing events at Birchwell! Indeed, on receipt of the tabloid newspaper from Lew Peeker, Ferretson had obsequiously requested an audience with his employer, Miss Webster. Standing before the imperious woman’s imposing desk, Ferretson shuffled his feet and perspired as he handed her the copy of the Brighton Bugle.

Agatha Webster inspected the material with great care. At long last, she looked up at her chauffeur. “You have acted with proper probity, Ferretson,” she announced in a cold voice. “You may be assured I shall get to the bottom of this disgraceful matter. Also, I shall direct Miss Frobisher to see that there is an extra two pounds sterling in your next week’s pay packet.”

As Ferretson tugged his forelock respectfully and made his departure, Miss Webster was in little doubt that the man would have gladly forfeited an entire week’s wages to witness what was going to happen to poor Shirley and misfortunate Marie!

A Disciplinary Contest at Birchwell

And so it came to pass that, just two days after Ferretson’s report to Miss Webster, a very special luncheon was held at Birchwell. Apart from Agatha Webster and the omnipresent Miss Frobisher, the event was attended by Mr. Justice Bleary, Lady Leechmore, and Basil Warpington. The luncheon service was provided by Shirley and Marie. After the meal was concluded, the maids were ordered to serve coffee in the library and, after completing the post-luncheon clean-up, to report to the assembled group.

Half an hour later, Shirley and Marie arrived at the library and stood nervously, arms at their sides, before the severe looking quartet of Webster, Bleary, Leechmore, and Warpington.

“Tell me,” Miss Webster enquired with a wickedly arched eyebrow, “did you girls have an enjoyable time in Brighton?”

“Y-Yes, M-Madam…” Shirley and Marie stammered simultaneously. They already sensed that something was very, very wrong!

“Yes, I’d say you did,” Miss Webster responded curtly, producing the copy of the Brighton Bugle that would condemn Shirley and Marie to exceptionally painful bottom justice! Their employer leafed through the tabloid, her patrician nose wrinkled in disgust. “Yes, and I’d say a number of male personages had an enjoyable time as well – feasting their eyes on your exposed flesh!”

Shirley and Marie felt as if their pretty mouths were stuffed with cotton wool while their prettily rounded knees were suddenly very, very watery.

“Harumph, to be sure!” Mr. Justice Bleary added with appropriate gravity. The expression in Lady Leechmore’s ice cold eyes suggested she would like to see both girls consigned to the gallows. As for Basil Warpington, his smirking countenance made it clear he could hardly contain his ecstatic delight.

“Would you be kind enough, Miss Frobisher,” Miss Webster now directed, “to march these two miscreants to see Mrs. Cranny in the kitchen. Cook has been fully briefed on what has happened, and what is going to happen!”

What was “going to happen” was that Shirley and Marie were going to be prepared for the strictest punishment session they had ever undergone at Birchwell. Mrs. Cranny was not only an accomplished cook, she was a disciplinarian of the old school. She was going to have the pleasure of assuming responsibility for the first phase of Shirley and Marie’s correction. Not only was the good woman – who had been in Agatha Webster’s service for many, many years – pleased to comply with her employer’s directives, Miss Frobisher had strongly hinted that Mrs. Cranny would see a most welcome bonus in her forthcoming pay packet. A welcome reward for her performing these “additional duties”!

These “additional duties” commenced with Mrs. Cranny ordering the two naughty maids to walk ahead of her into an ante-room adjoining the large and well-equipped kitchen. This ante-room, apart from a strong overhead light and a sturdy, armless wooden chair, was sparsely furnished.

While Miss Frobisher looked on with ill-concealed glee, Mrs. Cranny issued her first order to Shirley and Marie: “Remove your aprons, girls, and then roll your skirts up around your waist – very tightly – both in front and back!”

Blinking back tears, the frightened girls complied at once and were soon standing – quivering in their spike-heeled pumps – with their little black nylon panties, off-white elastic garter belts, and tautly suspendered, sheer charcoal-hued nylon stockings on shaming display.

A physically commanding woman, Mr. Cranny’s favorite disciplinary procedure with naughty maids was to take them over her capable knee and let their girlishly plump bare bottoms feel her hard, matronly palm. She understood very well just how humiliating such childish punishment was for the older teenage girl.

Shirley was the first to get it while a tearful and trembling Marie was required to watch. Mrs. Cranny’s slowly spaced, briskly administered slaps soon had poor Shirley squealing, sobbing and writhing. A total of fifty smacks left the girl’s curvaceous bottom and backs of her upper thighs – where they were bare above her stocking tops – a very pretty shade of red. Then it was poor Marie’s turn!

When the spankings had been concluded, Miss Frobisher and Mrs. Cranny marched a sobbing Shirley and mewling Marie up to their bedrooms in the servants’ wing of sprawling Birchwell. The hapless girls were required to make the lengthy journey without their panties, holding their tightly rolled skirts up with their hands behind their backs. Marie was sent to her room to wait while Miss Frobisher and Mrs. Cranny dealt with Shirley. The girl was required to strip naked and then put on the skimpy polka dot bikini and glossy white patent spike-heeled pumps that had adorned her succulent body at the “Miss Bikini Contest”. After Marie had been dealt with in the same way, both girls were marched down to an ante-room located off the Ballroom – which, as we will recall from an earlier episode in this series, is the huge room where pretty Patsy and lovely Lorna Jane were required “to walk the line” in horribly tight girdles and ultra-high spike-heeled pumps.

Agatha Webster – inspired by an illustration for a Discipline Digest article entitled “The Miss Spanked Teenager Contest” – had directed that the number “3” be pinned to the back of Marie’s bikini top while the number “4” was fastened to Shirley’s top.

Earlier in the day, Lorna Jane and Patsy had been told to go to their bedrooms and remain there. Leaving Shirley and Marie locked in the ante-room, Miss Frobisher and Mrs. Cranny now proceeded to Patsy’s room. The duo entered without knocking. Patsy immediately jumped to her feet and stood submissively with her arms at her sides.

“Alright, Maidenly,” Miss Frobisher commanded, “get your skirt and underpants off!” Patsy’s eyes grew wide with fear and her pretty mouth opened in shock. She stood paralyzed. Miss Frobisher stepped up to the girl and gave her two hard slaps in the face. Patsy burst into tears but the slaps had the desired effect of galvanizing the now sobbing girl into action.

The next stop was Lorna Jane’s bedroom where Miss Frobisher issued the same curt order. “P- Please…m-madam,” Lorna Jane stammered haplessly. “I-I h-haven’t done anything w-wrong.”

“Let me correct you there, Welworthy,” Miss Frobisher spoke in her most didactic tone of voice. “Failure to immediately obey the command of a superior at Birchwell is wrong. It is very, VERY wrong. And it is, of course, very strictly punished.”

Well before Miss Frobisher had concluded her little speech, Lorna Jane was desperately undoing the hook and eye and zipper fastenings at the side of her skirt and squirming out of the revealingly tight garment. Her little flowered panties followed promptly. After a long and humiliating march, Lorna Jane and Patsy found themselves in the ante-room with Shirley and Marie.

“If you trollops so much as whisper to one another, you’ll wear the rubber ball gags for six hours!” Miss Frobisher warned direly.

Mrs. Cranny, following Agatha Webster’s orders, now used safety pins to attach the number “1” to the back of Lorna Jane’s tight, short-sleeved sweater. Patsy was outfitted with the number “2”.

Task complete, Mrs. Cranny now seated herself on the sturdy, armless wooden chair that was the sole item of furniture in the ante-room. She pointed at Lorna Jane and spoke in a motherly tone of voice: “Get over my knee, young lady. You’re going to be one of the participants in a spanked girls contest and we have to give the judges something to look at!”

Lorna Jane squealed and sobbed very convincingly as a dozen smacks from Mrs. Cranny’s hard palm turned her succulent bottom and the backs of her upper thighs – where they were bare above her stockings tops – a delightfully vibrant shade of pink. Then pretty Patsy’s posterior pulchritude received the same treatment. Finally, the already well-smacked Shirley and Marie were ordered to remove their bikini bottoms. All four girls were now prepared to parade!

Miss Frobisher glanced at her watch. The time passed in silence except for the sniffling of the unhappy girls. Then Miss Frobisher announced, “It’s time”, and opened the door to The Ballroom. The girls were ushered in single file: Lorna Jane, Patsy, Marie and Shirley.

Peters, Birchwell’s groundsman, had been enlisted to install a long, narrow wooden walkway that practically ran the entire sixty feet of the Ballroom’s length. Beside this walkway, at about the mid-point, an imposing rectangular table had been positioned. Behind this table sat the judges: Mr. Justice Bleary, Agatha Webster, and Lady Leechmore. Basil Warpington hovered in the background, his camera at the ready.

Miss Webster rang a bell and announced in a commanding voice, “Let the Miss Spanked Teenager Contest begin!”

Miss Frobisher hissed in Lorna Jane’s shell pink ear, “Get up on that walkway, Welworthy, and parade the full length back and forth until you are told to stop!” She punctuated her command with a smart smack to Lorna Jane’s lower right buttock. The girl emitted a poignant squeal of pain and shame and promptly scampered up the three steps to the elevated walk-way.

Tears dripping from her quivering chin, Lorna Jane began to walk – her arms haplessly at her sides, as directed, to provide an unrestricted view of her delectable frontal and nether nudity.

Lady Leechmore’s cold eyes fixed on Lorna Jane’s undulating, vibrantly pink bum. She emitted a low hiss of disgust at the mildness of the spanking. In the high-born woman’s opinion, Lorna Jane should have received the tawse – at minimum, a 36-stroke appointment between supple Scottish leather and girlishly plump American curves!

As for poor Lorna Jane, the girl’s tear-wet facial cheeks were redder than her bottom as her clicking spike heels transported down the walkway and back.

“Back and forth again, girly,” Mr. Justice Bleary commanded, leaning forward so as to miss nothing of the delightful scene. Meanwhile, Basil Warpington – a notable bulge at the front of his trousers – jumped around in the background, photographing the proceedings from every angle.

All of the girls were required to complete six back and forth tours. Then they were ordered to stand side by side, their bare spanked buttocks presented to the judges while the latter conferred.

At long last, Mr. Justice Bleary made his pronouncement. “Harumph! I decree two first prize winners – number 3 and number 4.” Marie and Shirley, who wore those numbers, squirmed visibly.

“Oh, my,” Miss Webster exclaimed in an ingenuous tone of voice that was utterly false. “Whatever are we to do?”

“Why they shall both have first prize!” declared Justice Bleary. “A ten stroke caning!” Marie and Shirley gasped audibly, their shapely knees almost buckling.

To their enormous relief, both Lorna Jane and Patsy were permitted to return to their rooms. Shirley and Marie were marched to the Caning Chamber for their execution!

In the Caning Chamber, a sobbing, almost fainting Shirley was required to watch as Marie hysterically cried and wriggled her way through a caning that testified to Miss Webster’s disciplinary expertise. Then it was Shirley’s turn to be secured to the Caning Chair. “P-p-please, M-Madam…” she blubbered haplessly.

“You are quite welcome, girl,” Miss Webster replied in an icy tone.

Shirley’s soprano screams were music to Basil Warpington’s ears as he diligently documented the strict correction with his 35mm Leica camera.

After their strict canings, poor Shirley and Marie – sobbing as if their teenage hearts would break – were required to put their bikini bottoms back on and pull the skimpy garments into their deep gluteal divides so that the stripes on their bare buttocks would be fully visible.

Then, Basil Warpington took another series of photographs which would be sent to the editor of The Brighton Bugle with an accompanying story entitled “Curvaceous Contest Cuties Correctively Caned!” The reason for replacing the bikini bottoms was that, back in 1962, even the sleaziest British tabloid had to observe certain rules about nudity. Ironically, a girl’s bare bottom cheeks could be shown when they were the result of a ridden-up or pulled-up panty or bikini bottom. As far as poor Shirley and Marie were concerned, the end result (no pun intended!) was total public humiliation!

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